Oak Ridge Salary, NJ

A total of 733 real salary data found within 10 miles of Oak Ridge, NJ.

Salary Average: $67,478
Salary Range: $15,100

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Computer System Analyst ProgParagon Data Services$74kMountain Lakes, NJ (02/2009)
System EngineerElangeni Consulting$105kMountain Lakes, NJ (07/2009)
System EngineerElangeni Consulting$105kMountain Lakes, NJ (07/2009)
Programmer AnalystParagon Data Services$76kMountain Lakes, NJ (05/2009)
Marketing ManagerMidas Pharmaceuticals$181kMountain Lakes, NJ (04/2010)
Network Computer System AdministratorElangeni Consulting$125kMountain Lakes, NJ (04/2010)
Programmer AnalystParagon Data Services$68kMountain Lakes, NJ (10/2011)
Project AnalystZoko$110kMountain Lakes, NJ (03/2011)
Pharmacy InternLakeland Pharmacy$40kNetcong, NJ (03/2009)
Food Service ManagerC M S J$66kNetcong, NJ (12/2011)
Software EngineerPrc Laser$79kLanding, NJ (08/2004)
Software EngineerPrc Laser$87kLanding, NJ (07/2007)
StatisticianBerlex Laboratories$89kMontville, NJ (02/2003)
StatisticianBerlex Laboratories$89kMontville, NJ (02/2003)
Medical Coding SpecialistBerlex Laboratories$86kMontville, NJ (02/2003)
International Product ManagerBerlex Laboratories$125kMontville, NJ (06/2003)
Associate Director Clinical DevelopmentBerlex Laboratories$130kMontville, NJ (07/2003)
Associate Director Us Clinical Dev OutsourcingBerlex Laboratories$93kMontville, NJ (08/2003)
Clinical Trial AuditorBerlex Laboratories$70kMontville, NJ (09/2003)
Programmer AnalystMagna Infotech$47kMontville, NJ (01/2004)