Oak Hill Salary, OH

A total of 127 real salary data found within 20 miles of Oak Hill, OH.

Salary Average: $124,364
Salary Range: $26,624

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
AnesthesiologistAnesthesia Associates Of Southern Ohio$245kPortsmouth, OH (06/2003)
PhysicianSomc Medical Care Foundation$150kPortsmouth, OH (08/2003)
PsychiatristSomc Medical Care Foundation$120kPortsmouth, OH (01/2004)
SurgeonSouthern Ohio Surgical Associates$170kPortsmouth, OH (03/2004)
Assistant Professor Dept Of MathematicsShawnee State University$37kPortsmouth, OH (06/2004)
HospitalistSomc Medical Care Foundation$142kPortsmouth, OH (07/2004)
Emergency Medicine PhysicianEpmg Of Ohio Pa$227kPortsmouth, OH (11/2004)
AnesthesiologistAnesthesia Associates Of Southern Ohio$300kPortsmouth, OH (12/2004)
Physician PulmonologistPulmonary Critical Care$170kPortsmouth, OH (01/2005)
PhysicianSriharsha Velury Md Psc$150kPortsmouth, OH (03/2005)
AccountantShawnee State University$40kPortsmouth, OH (03/2005)
PulmonologistPulmonary Critical Care$250kPortsmouth, OH (04/2005)
Medical Oncologist HematologistSomc Medical Care Foundation$250kPortsmouth, OH (05/2005)
Physician OncologistSomc Medical Care Foundation$250kPortsmouth, OH (05/2005)
Physician Internal MedicineScioto Valley Cardiology$150kPortsmouth, OH (05/2005)
Assistant Professor Of EnglishShawnee State University$37kPortsmouth, OH (05/2005)
NeurologistSomc Medical Care Foundation$150kPortsmouth, OH (06/2005)
PhysicianSomc Medical Care Foundation$155kPortsmouth, OH (06/2005)
PulmonologistPulmonary Critical Care$150kPortsmouth, OH (08/2005)
PulmonologistPulmonary Critical Care$170kPortsmouth, OH (08/2005)