Novartis Pharmaceuticals Jobs

A total of 363 Novartis Pharmaceuticals jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $107,165
Salary Range: $36,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Head Latin America2$291k
Executive Director Clinical Research Physician2$260kNA
Executive Director1$260kNA
V P Global Medical Affairs1$257kNA
VP Global Medical Affairs1$256kNA
Chief Executive Transplantation Immunology2$250kNA
Business Unit Head1$250kNA
Executive Director Lead Brand Safety Leader1$247kNA
Senior Director Clinical Research Physician4$242k
Global Medical Brand Director1$235kNA
Senior Medical Director1$230kNA
Global Medical Affairs Director2$229k
Oncology Senior Director Clinical Research Physician1$228kNA
Senior Director Clinical Research1$220kNA
U S Head Of Oncology Project Management2$220kNA
Executive Director Clinical Data Management1$215kNA
Clinical Indication Leader1$210kNA
International Project Team Leader1$205kNA
Director Arthritis Bone Grp Clin Rsearch Phys1$196kNA
Brand Physician Senior Director1$190kNA
Oncology Director Clinical Research Physician1$190kNA
Associate Director Pathology1$188kNA
Senior Clinical Research Physician2$185k
Global Process Lead1$184kNA
Director Quality Assurance2$183kNA
Senior Medical Specialist2$183k
Director Clinical Research Physician13$183k
Director Dermatology1$180kNA
Pharmacovigilance Leader II1$180kNA
Product Director2$178kNA
Executive Director Ms Bpa1$176kNA
Executive Director Ms Business Unit1$176kNA
Chief Executive1$175kNA
Director Drug Regulatory Affairs2$172k
Director Customer Marketing1$171kNA
Executive Director Organization Leadership Dev1$168kNA
Executive Director Organization Leadership Deve1$168kNA
Project Leader Director2$168kNA
Director Project Management Regulatory Documenta1$167kNA
Director Insights Innovation1$165kNA
Senior Investigator1$162kNA
Clinical Research Scientist8$161k
Worldwide Health Outcomes Value And Access Lead1$160kNA
Exec Director Organization Leadership Developmen1$160kNA
Medical Sceintific Expert Md1$160kNA
Imaging Physician1$158kNA
Senior Pathologist2$158k
Associate Director Pathology Cp1$157kNA
Natural Sciences Manager12$154k
Director Operations Analysis Planning Oncology1$154kNA
Associate Director Us Clinical Development Medi1$153kNA
Financial Manager2$153k
Director Health Economics Pricing1$152kNA
Associate Director Clinical Pharmacology Statisti1$151kNA
Director Business Process Analysis1$151kNA
Head Of Operations Global Integrated Selling Oper1$150kNA
Director Global Talent Management2$148k
Global Program Team Director1$147kNA
Global Brand Director Anti Infectives1$146kNA
Associate Medical Director1$143kNA
Associate Director Product Management3$143k
IT Project Lead Advance Program1$143kNA
Senior Product Manager Us Oncology Marketing1$141kNA
Head Global Hr IT Branch Office1$140kNA
Senior Director Imaging Operations Scientist1$140kNA
Director Human Resources Business Partner1$140kNA
Market Research Analyst And Specialists1$140kNA
Talent Management Director1$140kNA
Associate Director Marketing Science Oncology1$140kNA
Director Business Process And Analysis1$140kNA
Marketing Manager2$139k
Associate Direct Product Management1$138kNA
Senior Associate Director Biostatistics1$138kNA
Director Clinical Operations Neuroscience1$138kNA
Associate Director Clinical Research Epo1$135kNA
Director Finance Primary Care Business Unit1$135kNA
Ad Senior Application Architecture2$135kNA
Associate Director Biostatistics1$134kNA
Management Analyst3$133k
Associate Director Health Economics Outcomes Re3$132k
Director Business Planning Analysis1$132kNA
Associate Director Sic Cdma1$131kNA
Director Of Clinical Operations Neuroscience1$130kNA
Dir Clinical Operations Neuroscience1$130kNA
Senior Manager Marketing Analyst1$130kNA
Medical Scientific Expert1$130kNA
Associate Director Regional Strategy1$130kNA
Pathologist Animal Scientist1$130kNA
Associate Director Clinical Research1$130kNA
Associate Director Obu Regional Market Access1$130kNA
Associate Director Marketing Science1$129kNA
Quality Control Manager Gmo1$129kNA
Senior Principal Statistical Scientist1$128kNA
Regional Manager Business Planning Analysis1$128kNA
Associate Director Business Information Managemen1$128kNA
Director Organizational Development1$128kNA
Senior Database Administrator1$127kNA
Associate Director Application Manager1$127kNA
Project Office Manager Information Technology2$126k
Associate Director He And Or1$125kNA
Treasurers Controller And Chief Financial Officer1$125kNA
Expert Medical Writer2$125kNA
Finance Director Northeast Operating Unit1$125kNA
Gmo Functional Excellence Quality Control Manager1$125kNA
Clinical Operations Leader Neuroscience1$125kNA
Senior Principal Statistical Programmer1$124kNA
Associate Director Bpa Corporate Planning1$124kNA
Clinical Pharmacology Expert2$124k
Expert Modeler1$123kNA
Human Resources Business Partner Global Functions1$123kNA
Associate Director Strategic Sourcing2$120k
Associate Director Strategy Development2$120k
Global Head Of Clinical And Safety System1$120kNA
Associate Director Diovan1$120kNA
Associate Director Innovation Quality And Product1$120kNA
Associate Director Global Heor1$120kNA
Manager Global Commercial Dev1$119kNA
Associate Director Health Economics And Outcomes2$119k
Associate Director Business Process1$119kNA
Software Developer Application2$118k
Associate Director5$117k
Principal Biometrician Neuroscience1$117kNA
Web System Analysis1$117kNA
Application Architect3$116k
Senoir Principal Biostatistician1$116kNA
Training And Development Manager1$116kNA
System Consultant1$116kNA
Director Talent Management Organization Develop1$116kNA
Regional Scientific Associate Director2$115kNA
Associate Director Of Service Level Management IT1$115kNA
Assistant Director Outcomes Research1$115kNA
Fellow Pharmacokinetics1$115kNA
Associate Director Service Level Management IT1$115kNA
Departmental Project Leader2$115kNA
Manager Oncology Clinical Development Quality Con1$115kNA
Principal Programmer5$115k
Expert Modeler Modeling And Simulation1$115kNA
Manager Accounting1$114kNA
Mba Fldp Associate2$114k
Senior Fellow Clinical Pharmacokinetics2$114k
Senior Principal Biostatistician Neuroscience1$113kNA
Manager Marketing Research1$113kNA
Senior Data Manager Outsourced Clinical Trials1$113kNA
Senior Scientist Clinical Pharmacokineticist1$113kNA
Clinical Research Manager2$113k
Global Trial Leader1$112kNA
Senior Principal Biostatistician20$112k
Senior Principal Biostatistican1$112kNA
Clinical Trial Leader Oncology Clinical1$111kNA
Marketing Ldp Associate2$111k
Manager Finance Business Planning1$111kNA
Application Manager2$111k
Director Operations Planning1$110kNA
Commercial Adp Manager1$110kNA
IT Project Manager1$110kNA
Statistical Methodologist1$110kNA
Senior Brand Manager Global Marketing1$110kNA
Commercial Ldp Manager1$110kNA
Product Manager1$110kNA
Commercial Development Mba Associate1$110kNA
Commercial And Access Manager1$110kNA
Associate Director Leadership Development Program2$109k
Senior Principle Biostatistician2$109k
Principal Statistical Programmer3$109k
Medical Scientist Except Epidiomologists1$109kNA
Project Manager3$109k
Mba Marketing Associate3$108k
Senior IT Business Analyst1$108kNA
Senior Business Analyst Ctm1$108kNA
Statistician Established Medicine1$108kNA
Study Manager II Oncology Clinical Imaging1$108kNA
Operations Research Analyst5$108k
Principal Biometrician4$107k
Manager Health Economics Outcomes Research1$107kNA
Fellow Chemistry1$107kNA
Manager Marketing Science6$106k
Manager Business Tools Technology1$106kNA
Eprocurement Project Manager Strategic Sourcing1$106kNA
Eprocure Proj Managr Strat Sourc1$106kNA
Principal Biostatistician1$105kNA
Marketing Research Manager1$105kNA
Associate Director Hrp D Global Oncology1$105kNA
Associate Director Business Planning Analysis1$104kNA
Training Development Manager1$104kNA
Associate Director Sales Training1$104kNA
Fellow Clinical Pharmacokinetics5$104k
Human Resources Manager All Other1$104kNA
Manager Hr Business Operations1$104kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$103kNA
Senior Technologist System Support1$103kNA
Brand Safety Leader1$103kNA
Senior Principal Biostatistician Biometrics And D1$102kNA
Clinical Trial Leader II1$102kNA
Senior Principal Biostatistician Cp Statistics B1$102kNA
Senior Web Developer1$102kNA
Principal Scientist14$101k
Strategic Sourcing Operations Manager1$101kNA
Project Leader System Development3$101k
Senior Programming Specialist Oncology Cddr1$101kNA
Senior Technologist Enterprise Architect1$101kNA
Senior Sas Programmer2$101k
Senior Technologist System Development6$100k
Project Leader IT1$100kNA
Senior Pharmacovigilance Scientist1$100kNA
Regional Scientific Manager1$100kNA
Senior Modeler1$100kNA
Business Planning And Analysis Manager1$100kNA
Senior Product Manager Marketing1$100kNA
Expert Ecrf Developer1$99kNA
Application Manager Crm Application1$99kNA
Investigator II1$99kNA
Database Analyst1$99kNA
System Analyst II1$99kNA
Senior Scientist III1$98kNA
Senior Biostatistician67$98k
Manager Business Planning4$97k
Senior Clinical Trial Manager1$97kNA
Manager Clinical Research2$97kNA
Medical And Health Services Manager1$97kNA
Senior Epidemiologist1$97kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists14$97k
Expert Clinical Manager2$97k
Senior Engineer II1$96kNA
Global Epidemiologist1$96kNA
Financial Analyst2$96k
Senior Clinical Pharmacology Scientist3$95k
Senior Scientist Clinical Pharmacology1$95kNA
E Cfr Development Senior Specialist1$95kNA
Senior Auditor1$95kNA
Senior Scientist Dmpk Bioanalytics Pharmacokineti1$95kNA
Senior Ta Statistician1$95kNA
Senior Programmer1$95kNA
Senior Database Developer1$95kNA
Senior Programming Specialist17$95k
Senior System Analyst1$95kNA
Senior Programming Specialist Cdrr1$95kNA
Senior Clinical Manager8$94k
Senior Programming Specialist Onc Bu1$94kNA
Regl Scientific Manager Director Neuroscience1$94kNA
Senior Scientist Clinical Pharmacokinetics4$94k
Manager Outcomes Research2$94k
Associate Clinical Trial Leader3$93k
Senior Clinical Research Scientist5$92k
Pharmacovigilance Expert1$92kNA
Computer And Information System Manager2$92k
Senior Programming Specialist Bdm1$91kNA
Senior Sourcing Specialist1$91kNA
Senior Statistical Programmer Cdr R1$91kNA
Senior Data Manager5$91k
Scientist I3$91k
Senior Scientist Pharmaceutical Analytical R D1$91kNA
Senior Scientist Exploratory Development1$90kNA
Associate Director Human Resources Business Partn1$90kNA
Business Management Associate3$90kNA
Senior Technologist System Development Siebel Ops1$90kNA
Development Engineer III1$90kNA
Manager Internal Communications1$90kNA
Pat Senior Scientist2$90k
Statistical Analyst Business Application1$89kNA
Senior Specialist Ecrf Development2$89k
Engineering Manager1$89kNA
Senior Analyst Marketing Science2$89k
Senior Scientist Molecular Diagnostics1$88kNA
Clinical Safety Scientist1$88kNA
Scientist I Dmpk Ddi1$88kNA
Computer System Analyst3$87k
Project Manager Bpo Graduate1$87kNA
Senior Statistical Programmer1$87kNA
Senior Specialist IT1$87kNA
Lead Clinical Data Manager1$86kNA
Senior International Auditor Compliance Specialist1$86kNA
Clinical Data Manager1$86kNA
Manager Financial System2$86k
Senior Clinical Data Manager2$85k
Industrial Engineer1$85kNA
Senior Manager Drug Reg Affairs3$85k
Business Process Team Leader1$85kNA
System Analyst1$85kNA
Senior Programming Analyst1$85kNA
Manager Staffing2$85kNA
Internal Auditor Corporate1$85kNA
Eprocurement Project Manager1$85kNA
Visiting Scientist1$85kNA
Web System Analyst1$85kNA
Senior Clinical Programmer Oncology1$85kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application2$84k
Fellow Clinical Pahrmacokineticist1$84kNA
Lead Data Manager1$84kNA
Senior Scientist39$84k
Senior Application Support Analyst5$83k
Senior Ecrf Development Specialist1$83kNA
Medical Scientist5$82k
Biochemist And Biophysicists4$82k
Finance Manager Government Forecasting Contract1$82kNA
Project Manager Neuroscience Management Science1$82kNA
Senior Scientist Formulation1$81kNA
System Operations Specialist Strategic Sourcin1$81kNA
Programming Specialist9$81k
Senior Quality Control Associate I1$81kNA
Manager Contract Analyst1$80kNA
Senior Ecrf Developer2$80kNA
Marketing Intelligence Fra Analyst1$80kNA
Ecrf Development Senior Specialist1$80kNA
Ops Project Manager1$79kNA
Senior Software Development Specialist2$78kNA
System Analyst Business Apps2$78k
Engineering Associate2$78k
Electrical Engineer1$77kNA
Senior Package Automation Engineer2$77kNA
Senior Package Automation Engineer Pharmops IT Aut1$77kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$77kNA
Clinical Trial Leader I Translational Medicine1$77kNA
Hr Specialist Training And Development Manager1$76kNA
Statistical Programmer9$76k
Business Analyst Strategic Sourcing1$76kNA
Statistical Programmer Analyst Oncology2$75kNA
Clinical Coding Specialist1$75kNA
Dsm Trial Manager1$72kNA
System Analyst Business Application2$72k
Software System Analyst1$71kNA
System Operations Specialist Strategic Sourcing1$71kNA
Senior Scientist II1$69kNA
Data Manager4$68k
Service Specialist1$68kNA
Application Support Analyst3$68kNA
Scientific Associate II1$67kNA
Mathematical Technician1$67kNA
Application Support Specialist4$66k
E Cfr Development Associate3$65k
Electronic Submission Specialist1$65kNA
Controls Instrumentation Engineer1$65kNA
E Crf Development Associate1$63kNA
Clinical Trial Assistant1$62kNA
Scientist II2$62k
Administrative Services Manager1$62kNA
Senior Executive Administrative Assistant2$62kNA
Sales Consultant1$62kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiology1$61kNA
Senior Associate Scientist11$61k
Postdoctoral Fellow1$60kNA
Procurement Services Specialist1$60kNA
IT Sap Training Coordinator1$60kNA
Regional Sales Manager3$59k
Sales Representative2$58k
Scientific Associate I1$58kNA
Associate Scientist11$56k
Clinical Project Analyst1$54kNA
Sales Representative Pharmaceuticals1$53kNA
Pharmaceuticals Sales Representative1$53kNA
Pharmaceutical Sales Manager1$53kNA
Associate Scientst1$52kNA
Clinical Laboratory Technician2$37k