Novartis Institutes For Biomedical Research Jobs

A total of 184 Novartis Institutes For Biomedical Research jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $83,958
Salary Range: $37,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Medical Director1$255kNA
Director Oncology Clinical Research Physician1$217kNA
Senior Pathologist Veterinary Discovery Pathology1$187kNA
Associate Director Clinical Research Physician1$185kNA
Senior Research Investigator I Chemistry1$183kNA
Ts Strategic Project Leader1$162kNA
Global Lead Of Operations Research Project Managem1$160kNA
Director Of Special Projects1$154kNA
Business Analyst1$141kNA
Sharepoint Manager1$135kNA
Senior IT Project Manager1$132kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$132kNA
Ad Senior IT Project Manager1$132kNA
Head Education Office2$132k
Senior Investigator I Biomarker Development1$130kNA
Associate Director Outsourcing3$130k
Finance Manager Global Business Planning And Anal1$129kNA
Translational Medicine Operational Head1$129kNA
Clinical Trial Head2$129k
Principal Statistical Analyst1$129kNA
Natural Sciences Manager3$127k
Senior Database Administrator2$127kNA
Lab Head Analytics1$125kNA
Investigator III1$125kNA
Clinical Pharmacology Principal Scientist1$124kNA
Senior Research Investigator I1$123kNA
Senior Manager Portfolio Management1$123kNA
Treasurers Controller And Chief Financial Officer1$121kNA
Computational Chemist1$121kNA
Process Science Production Lab Head Formulation1$120kNA
Clinical Research Physician1$120kNA
Time II Discovery1$119kNA
Investigator II Cvm1$119kNA
Clinical Trial Leader II2$118k
Director Internal Communications1$118kNA
Biomarker Clinical Associate Director1$117kNA
Senior Principle Biostatistician2$116kNA
Scientific Technical Lead I In Vivo Pharmacology1$116kNA
Manager Program Office Education1$116kNA
Training And Development Manager1$116kNA
Investigator II Center For Proteomic Chemistry1$116kNA
Manager Stategy Reporting1$116kNA
Senior Modeler Modeling Simulation3$115kNA
Middleware Administrator1$115kNA
Bochemists And Biophysicists1$115kNA
System Consultant Business1$113kNA
Scientific Education Manager Chemistry2$112kNA
Knowledge Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Modeler Pharmacometrics1$110kNA
Fellow Biological Modeling Simulation1$110kNA
Senior Clinical Pharmacology Scientist1$110kNA
Senior Informatics Architect1$109kNA
Fellow Modeling And Simulation1$109kNA
Investigator II22$108k
Research Investigator II9$106k
Senior Modeler1$106kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists16$105k
Finance Manager Global Bpa1$105kNA
Principal Biometrician1$105kNA
Principal Biostatistician1$105kNA
Senior Data Manager1$105kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$104kNA
Research Investigator I Biology1$104kNA
Senior Principal Biostatistician1$104kNA
Research Investigator I Lab Head1$104kNA
Research Scientist I2$104k
Research Investigator I Chemistry5$102k
Research Investigator I Oncology Translational Me1$102kNA
Biostatistician II1$102kNA
Senior Scientist II3$102k
Clinical Research Scientist Oncology1$102kNA
Automation Engineer II2$101k
Principal Scientist Cpp1$101kNA
Manager Knowledge Center1$100kNA
Scientist II In Vivo Pharmacology Cvm Da1$100kNA
Research Investigator I Chemg Medchem1$100kNA
Senior Scientist Clinical Pk Pd1$100kNA
Medicinal Synthetic Organic Chemist2$100kNA
Investigator I3$100kNA
Senior Biostatistician7$100k
Research Investigator I27$99k
Research Project Manager1$97kNA
Research Invesitgator I1$97kNA
Bmd Senior Expert1$97kNA
Mass Spectrometry Scientist1$96kNA
Genetic Analyst1$96kNA
Bmd Expert1$96kNA
Clinical Trial Leader1$96kNA
Senior Programming Specialist2$96k
Manager Global Business Planning And Analysis1$95kNA
Senior Scientist Modeler1$95kNA
Senior Scientist Vector Analytics1$95kNA
Business Analyst Programmer2$95kNA
Bioinformatics Software Developer1$95kNA
Senior Automation Engineer1$94kNA
Investigator Bioinformatics1$92kNA
Senior Scientist Molecular Diagnostics1$91kNA
Senior Software Development Specialist3$91k
Scientist I Formulations1$90kNA
Research Investigator1$90kNA
Senior Scientist Expert Modeler1$90kNA
Senior Scientist10$90k
Senior Scientist Clinical Pharmacokinetics1$89kNA
Scientist II24$88k
Senior Programming Specialist Bioinformatics1$88kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists28$88k
Operations Research Analyst1$86kNA
Programmer System Developer II1$85kNA
Scientist I Global Discovery Chemistry1$84kNA
Information Security Analyst Web Developer And Computer Network Architect1$83kNA
Human Factors Senior Specialist1$83kNA
Senior Business Planning Analyst2$83k
Computational Adme Scientist2$82k
Investigator Computational System Biology1$82kNA
Scientist I Chemistry1$82kNA
Medical Scientist4$81k
Scientist I52$80k
Senior Specialist Strategic Alliance1$80kNA
Lab Technician1$78kNA
Software Developer Application1$78kNA
Scientific Associate Chemistry1$77kNA
Supervisor Lab Animal Services1$77kNA
Scientific Associate II Early Discovery Chemistr2$76kNA
Senior Specialist System Support3$76k
Biochemist Biophysicists2$75k
Scientifica Associate II1$74kNA
Scientific Associate II Infectious Diseases1$74kNA
Scientific Associate II Protein Science Group Cpc1$74kNA
Scientific Associate II Protein Biochemistry1$72kNA
Scientific Associate II Epigenetics1$72kNA
Scientist I Bioinformatics2$72kNA
Scientific Associate II Chemistry1$72kNA
Scientist Molecular Diagnostics1$71kNA
Scientific Associate II113$71k
Protein Biochemistry Research Associate1$70kNA
Clinical Project Associate2$70kNA
Pathways Research Associate1$70kNA
Associate Controller2$69k
Associate Scientist II1$68kNA
Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry Scientist II1$68kNA
Research Associate Mri1$68kNA
Scientific Associate II Biology6$68k
Programmer System Develooper II1$67kNA
Biological Scientist All Others1$67kNA
Biological Technician3$67k
Scientific Associate3$67k
Associate Scientist I2$67kNA
Scientific Associate I Medicinal Chemistry1$67kNA
Specialist Research Project Management1$66kNA
Scientific Associate II Analytical Chemistry1$66kNA
Software System Analysis Specialist1$65kNA
Software Developer1$65kNA
Research Scientist II1$65kNA
Capital Analyst1$65kNA
Financial Analyst1$65kNA
Research Associate I2$65k
Chemistry Associate1$64kNA
Scientific Associate I37$64k
Scientific Associate I II1$63kNA
Financial Specialists All Other1$63kNA
Accounting Analyst3$62k
Associate Scientist6$62k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow2$61k
Rsearch Associate Bioanalyt Chemistry1$60kNA
User Interface Design Developer1$60kNA
Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow39$57k
Postdoctoral Fellow18$55k
Presidential Postdoctoral Appointment1$55kNA
Postdoctoral Scholar1$55kNA
Project Coordinator Novartis Venture Fund1$55kNA
Presidential Postdoctoral Fllow1$55kNA
Scientific Associate I Pharmacology1$54kNA
Presidential Postodoctoral Fellow1$51kNA
Human Resources Coordinator1$48kNA
Operations Associate1$48kNA
Hs E Administrator1$37kNA