North Dakota State University Jobs

A total of 259 North Dakota State University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $51,819
Salary Range: $24,125

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Department Head Health Nutrition Exercise Science1$100kNA
Assistant Professor Of Finance8$94k
Assistant Professor Of Accounting6$94k
Assistant Professor Of Marketing5$92k
Assitant Professor Of Management1$90kNA
Assistant Professor Of Management4$83k
Assistant Professor Of Electrical And Computer Engineer1$83kNA
Associate Professor Of Plant Pathology1$80kNA
Economics Teacher Postsecondary2$79k
Assistant Professor Of Business Management2$78k
Associate Professor Of Plant Sciences1$77kNA
Assistant Professor Mis1$76kNA
Associate Professor Of Industrial Manuf Engineer1$75kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pharmacy Practice2$75kNA
Associate Professor Of Computer Science2$75kNA
Assisant Professor Of Pharmacy Practice1$75kNA
Assistant Profeessor2$75k
University Researcher In Transportation Engineerin1$75kNA
Engineering Teacher Postsecondary3$75k
Assistant Prof Of Mngmt Marketing Finance1$74kNA
Senior Research Scientist1$72kNA
Assistant Professor Of Agriculture1$71kNA
Business Teacher Postsecondary2$70k
Licensing Associate2$70k
Assistant Professor Computer Science1$70kNA
Tenure Track Assistant Professor4$69k
Assistant Professor Of Comupter Science1$68kNA
Research Scientist Center Nanoscale Science Engi1$67kNA
Vocational Education Teacher Postsecondary1$67kNA
Assistant Professor Of Computer Science16$66k
Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering1$66kNA
Associate Professor Of Mechanical Eng1$66kNA
University Instructor College Of Business1$65kNA
Assistant Professor Of Electrical Computer Engin1$65kNA
Research Scientist Center For Nanoscale Energy1$65kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pharmaceutical1$65kNA
Assitant Professor Mechanical Engineering1$63kNA
Assistant Professor Plant Science1$63kNA
Assistant Professor Of Plant Science5$63k
Assistant Professor Plant Sciences1$63kNA
Assistant Professor Of Mechanical Engineering1$63kNA
Assistant Professor Of Plant Sciences2$63kNA
Assistant Professor Coatings Polymeric Materials1$63kNA
Assistant Professor Electrical Computer Engin1$63kNA
Assitant Professor Of Plant Sciences2$63k
Assistant Professor Of Plant Path1$63kNA
Assistant Professor Of Plant Pathology4$63k
Research Agronomist2$63k
Assistant Professor38$62k
Assistant Professor Of Hospitality And Mangement1$62kNA
Assistant Professor Of Hospitality And Tourism Mgm2$62kNA
Assistant Professor Of Hospitality And Tourism Man1$62kNA
Research Scientist7$60k
Assitant Professor Of Civil Engineering1$60kNA
Plant Pathologist1$60kNA
Research Scientist Center Surface Protection1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Of Agribusiness1$60kNA
Visiting Scientist1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Of Applied Economics1$60kNA
Software Developer Application Non R D1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Of Chemistry9$60k
Assistant Professor Of Hospitality Tourism Managemen1$59kNA
Assistant Professor Of Soil Sciences2$59k
Social Sciences Teacher Postsecondary All Other1$59kNA
Assistant Professor Veterinary Microbiological1$58kNA
Mathematical Science Teacher Postsecondary3$58k
Visiting Assistant Professor Of Statistics1$58kNA
Associate Professor1$57kNA
Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering1$57kNA
Assistant Professor Of Electrical Engineering8$57k
Associate Professor Of Practice1$57kNA
Assistant Professor Of Hnes2$57k
Assitant Professor1$57kNA
Assistant Professor Of Apparel And Textiles1$57kNA
Assistant Professsor2$57kNA
Associate Professor Construction Mngmt Eng1$57kNA
Assistant Professor Of Communications1$56kNA
Assistant Professor Of Engineering1$56kNA
Software Engineer2$56k
Assistant Professor Industrial Manuf Eng1$55kNA
Research Associate Chemical Engineering1$55kNA
Technical Director Northern Crops Institute1$55kNA
Research Scientist Chemical Engineering1$55kNA
Crop Untilization Director1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Of Microbiological Sciences1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Of Ime1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Communications1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Construction Engineering1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Construction Management1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Of Education1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Hospitality Tourism Management1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Industrial Manufacturing Eng2$55kNA
Assistant Professor Of Electrical Engineerin1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Of Industrial Manufacturing Engine1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Of Veterinary Science1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Of Veterinary Diagnostic Servi1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Of Industrial Engineering2$55kNA
Assistant Professor Of Civil Engineering11$55k
Assistant Professor Electrical Computer Engineering1$55kNA
Research Associate Cnse2$55k
Associate Professor Of Mathematics2$55k
University Lecturer In Computer Science1$54kNA
Assistant Professor Of Construction Mngmt Engg1$54kNA
University Researcher Upper Great Plains Transport1$54kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pharmaceutical Sciences2$53k
Assistant Professor Of Statistics7$53k
Soil And Plant Scientist1$53kNA
Assistant Professor Of Communication3$52k
Universtiy Researcher1$52kNA
Assistant Professor Statistics2$52k
Database Administrator1$52kNA
Assistant Professor Of Mechanical Eng1$52kNA
Senior Lecturer2$51k
Assistant Professor Of Interior Design3$51k
Assistant Professor Of Mathematics5$51k
Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering2$51k
Staff Scientist Researcher Chemistry Dept1$50kNA
Assistant Professor Of Anthropology2$50kNA
Crop Protection Specialist1$50kNA
University Researcher In Mechanical Engineering2$50kNA
Assistant Professor Of Emergency Management1$50kNA
University Scientist Teacher1$50kNA
University Teacher Staff Scientist1$50kNA
Assistant Professor Of Hospitality Tourism1$50kNA
Programmer Analyst3$50k
Assistant Professor Of Physics3$50k
Assistant Porfessor1$50kNA
University Researcher In Chemistry3$49k
Associate Research Fellow1$49kNA
University Researcher Ugpti1$49kNA
Assistant Professor Of Psychology4$49k
Assistant Professor Of Geosciences1$48kNA
Researcher Center Engineer1$48kNA
Assistant Professor Of Cme1$48kNA
University Researcher In Agribusiness1$47kNA
Computer Programmer4$47k
Computer Programmer Data Analyst1$47kNA
Web Application Developer2$47k
University Lecturer Architecture Department1$46kNA
Database Design And Web Design Specialist1$46kNA
Research Assistant Professor9$46k
Research Assistant Professor Department Of Plant S1$46kNA
Research Scientist Department Of Plant Sciences1$46kNA
Assistant Professor Of Political Science1$45kNA
Reearch Associate1$45kNA
Extension Area Specialist1$45kNA
Research Associate Coatings Polymeric Mat2$45kNA
Visiting Professor Of Mathematics1$45kNA
Assistant Professor Apparel Design Facility Mng1$45kNA
Assistant Professor Or Geosciences1$45kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Of Mathematics1$45kNA
Forage Agronomist1$45kNA
Computer System Engineer1$45kNA
Assistant Professor Of Apparel Design1$45kNA
University Researcher In Coatings Polymeric Mate1$44kNA
Assistant Professor Of Architecture4$44k
Research Associate Agribusiness Dept1$44kNA
Labratory Database Administrator1$44kNA
Laboratory Database Administrator1$44kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Of Physics1$43kNA
Research Engineer Chemical Engineering1$43kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Biochemistry1$43kNA
Research Assistant Professor Plant Sciences Dept1$43kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate4$42k
University Researcher Entomology Dept1$42kNA
University Researcher7$42k
Multimedia Interactive Designer1$42kNA
Junior Program Analyst1$42kNA
Research Associate31$41k
Research Assistant Comp Support Specialist1$41kNA
Crop Quality Specialist4$41k
Extension Center Research Sceintist2$41k
Staff Scientist2$40k
Assistant Professor Of English1$40kNA
Pharamcy Practice Resident1$40kNA
Research Associate Polymer Chemistry1$40kNA
University Research Associate In Entomology1$40kNA
Research Associate Coatings Polymeric Material1$40kNA
Postdoctoral Researcher11$40k
Research Associate Psychology Dept1$39kNA
University Mathematics Teacher1$39kNA
Application Developer Admin Its1$39kNA
Application Developer Administrator Its1$39kNA
Computer Application Developer Administrator1$39kNA
Pharmacy Practice Resident3$38k
Research Assistant Computer Support1$38kNA
Food Scientist1$38kNA
University Researcher Teacher1$38kNA
Assistant Professor Of Mechanical Engineer1$37kNA
University Researcher In Microbiology1$36kNA
Food Technology Specialist2$36k
Coordinator Marketing Graphic Services1$36kNA
Coordinator Marketing Graphics Services1$36kNA
Plant Sciences Researcher1$36kNA
University Researcher In Plant Sciences1$36kNA
Researcher Of Plant Sciences1$36kNA
Associate Researcher1$35kNA
Research Specialist Animal Range Sciences1$35kNA
Research Assistant Plant Sciences1$35kNA
University Researcher In Chemistry Biochemistry1$35kNA
Graphic Artist1$35kNA
University Researcher In Plant Sciences Dept1$35kNA
University Researcher In Plant Pathology3$35kNA
Food Technology Research Analyst1$35kNA
Research Associate Plant Sciences2$35k
Research Associate Mechanical Engineering1$35kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow3$34k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Plant Sci1$34kNA
University Researcher Plant Sciences3$34k
Reseach Associate Mechanical Engineering1$34kNA
Extension Center Researcher1$34kNA
Researcher Biological Sciences Dept1$34kNA
Research Associate Plant Sciences Dept1$34kNA
Commodity Quality Specialist1$34kNA
Research Associate In Plant Pathology1$34kNA
Research Specialist2$34k
Research Assisant1$33kNA
Researcher Department Of Entomology1$33kNA
Researcher Plant Sciences1$33kNA
Research Assistant Plant Sciences Dept1$33kNA
Research Fellow1$33kNA
Research Associate Pharmaceutical Sciences1$33kNA
Researcher Entomology Department1$33kNA
University Mathematics Lecturer1$33kNA
University Extension Agent1$33kNA
University Researcher Plant Sciences Dept1$33kNA
Researcher Plant Sciences Department1$32kNA
Research Assistant12$32k
Food Technologist3$32k
Instructor Accounting Department1$32kNA
Researcher Food Microbiologist1$31kNA
Food Science Technician1$31kNA
Academic Researcher1$31kNA
Physics Researcher1$30kNA
Researcher Department Of Physics1$30kNA
Assistant Professor Apparel Design1$30kNA
University Lecturer Computer Science1$30kNA
Research Specialist Agricultural Engineerin1$30kNA
Research Scientist Dept Of Mech Engineeerin1$30kNA
Research Associate In Physics1$30kNA
College Mathematics Instructor1$29kNA
Researcher In Plant Pathology Department1$29kNA
Research Associate Chemistry Dept1$27kNA
Research Associate Chemistry Department1$27kNA
University Researcher Molecular Biology1$27kNA
Reearch Associate Mechanical Engineering1$27kNA
Research Associate In Chemistry1$27kNA
Research Associate Chemistry Deparmten1$27kNA
Chemistry Researcher8$27k
Research Technician1$26kNA
Reseach Assistant In Chemistry Department1$26kNA
Researcher Assistant1$26kNA
Research Assistant Pharmaceutical Sciences1$25kNA
Researcher Plant Pathology Department1$24kNA