Nomura Securities International Jobs

A total of 216 Nomura Securities International jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $118,318
Salary Range: $35,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Managing Director Head Of Latam Trading Americas1$400kNA
Executive Director Head Of Iberian Flow Rates Prod1$322kNA
Executive Director Investment Banker1$275kNA
Financial Manager Branch Or Department1$275kNA
Executive Director Trader1$275kNA
Executive Director Latin America Trader1$275kNA
Executive Director Credit Valuation Adjustment Tr2$263k
Executive Director Australia Equity Specialist1$250kNA
Financial Manager8$238k
Executive Director12$233k
Executive Director Credit Trader1$225kNA
Executive Director Latam Local Market Rates Tra1$225kNA
Executive Director Economist2$225kNA
Executive Director Foreign Exchange Sales1$225kNA
Executive Director Trading Desk Analyst1$219kNA
Managing Director Global Economist1$200kNA
Sales Trader Executive Director1$200kNA
Vp New Product Development Structure Solutions1$200kNA
Exec Director Senior Securitised Product Trader1$200kNA
Executive Director Senior Mortage Researcher1$200kNA
Associate Fx Research Analyst1$200kNA
VP Rates Trader1$200kNA
VP Investment Banker2$193k
VP Exotics Rates Trading1$190kNA
Credit Research Analyst1$185kNA
VP Equity Linked Origination Group1$180kNA
VP Regional Head Of Trading Algorithms1$175kNA
VP Quant Research Specialist1$175kNA
VP Quants Research1$175kNA
Executive Director Senior Swaps Trader1$175kNA
VP Equity Sales Futures Sales Trader1$175kNA
VP Technical Architect1$165kNA
VP Senior Principal Developer1$165kNA
VP Sales Trader1$155kNA
VP Securitized Products1$155kNA
VP Fx Lantam Trader2$155kNA
VP Asian Equities1$150kNA
VP Equity Derivatives1$150kNA
VP Fx E Commerce1$150kNA
VP America Debt Capital Markets1$150kNA
VP Stock Lending Support Analyst1$150kNA
Director Senior Japanese Hedge Fund Sales Mgr2$150kNA
VP Senior Credit Research Analyst1$150kNA
VP Technical Lead1$150kNA
Associate Equity Sales1$150kNA
VP Mortgage Researcher1$150kNA
VP Quants Specialist1$150kNA
Financial Analyst25$144k
VP Analyst1$140kNA
VP Derivative Sales1$140kNA
Quantitative Researcher1$140kNA
Associate Quantitative Prime Services Product Man1$140kNA
Nomura Securities International Inc1$140kNA
Associate Senior Analyst Equity Finance Technolo1$135kNA
Associate Investment Banking10$135k
VP Credit Strategist2$133k
VP Trader3$130k
VP Equities Software Developer1$130kNA
Sales Agents Securities And Commodities3$130k
Operations Research Analyst4$125k
Technical Lead1$125kNA
VP Equities1$125kNA
Vice Presidnet1$125kNA
Mortage Reseacher1$125kNA
Quantitative Equity Research Analyst1$125kNA
Head Of Credit Group Technology Vp2$125kNA
Associate Fixed Income Developer1$125kNA
VP Mortgage Sales1$125kNA
Associate Lead Developer1$125kNA
VP Fixed Income1$125kNA
VP Product Manager1$125kNA
VP Quantitative Strategist1$125kNA
Associate Securitized Products Modeler1$125kNA
Associate Securitized Products Researcher1$125kNA
VP Senior Developer Equity Technology1$125kNA
Associate Structurer1$125kNA
VP Structured Credit Trading1$125kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application3$123k
VP Risk Technology2$123k
Associate Investment Banking Analyst1$123kNA
Associate Principal Production Services2$122kNA
Financial Specialists All Other3$122k
Associate Research Analyst4$121k
Vp Financial Programmer1$120kNA
Associate Fx Trader1$120kNA
VP Trading Analyst1$120kNA
Senior Associate Trading Analyst1$120kNA
Avp Fixed Income Compliance1$115kNA
Vp Mergers Acquisitions1$115kNA
Associate Quantitative Research Analyst1$115kNA
VP Quantitative Credit Strategist1$115kNA
Associate Interest Rate Derivative Trader1$115kNA
Associate Senior Developer1$115kNA
Associate Junior Structurer2$113k
Avp Mbs Developer1$112kNA
Associate Quantitative Equity Services1$110kNA
Associate Senior Support Analyst1$110kNA
Senior Associate Qunatitative Trading Equity Services1$105kNA
VP Quantitative Equity Trading1$105kNA
Senior Associate Quantitative Equity Trading1$105kNA
Computer System Developer1$105kNA
Associate Research2$105k
Associate System Analyst1$105kNA
Associate Investment Banker5$104k
Associate Mortgage Pass Thru Trader1$104kNA
VP M A2$103k
Quantitative Research Analyst2$100k
Associate Wholesale Strategy1$100kNA
Associate Product Support Specialist1$100kNA
Associate Fixed Income2$100kNA
Avp Fixed Income Sales1$100kNA
Associate Trader1$100kNA
Rates Trading Desk Analyst1$100kNA
Associate Rates Trading2$100kNA
Credit Trader1$100kNA
Associate Emerging Markets1$100kNA
Associate Credit Trading1$100kNA
Quantitative Associate2$100k
Associate Bank Strategist1$100kNA
Associate Accounting Policy Analyst1$100kNA
Associate Derivative Sales1$100kNA
Associate Production Support Analyst1$100kNA
VP New Product Developer1$100kNA
Market Research Analyst2$99k
Quantitative Analyst2$98k
Associate Financial Examiner1$96kNA
Senior Developer2$95k
Database Administrator1$95kNA
Analyst Fixed Income1$95kNA
Junior Quantitative Associate1$95kNA
Associate Quantitative Equity Trading Services1$95kNA
Vp Investment Banking1$92kNA
Finanical Examiner1$90kNA
Associate Portfolio Manager1$90kNA
Business Manager Us Fixed Income1$90kNA
Vp Associate M A1$90kNA
VP Mortgage Structurer1$90kNA
Financial Examiners1$90kNA
Analyst Credit Trading Desk1$90kNA
Associate Institutional Equity Sales2$86k
Financial Specialist All Other1$86kNA
Avp Associate M A1$85kNA
Associate Research Associate Analyst1$85kNA
Associate M A1$85kNA
Assistant VP1$85kNA
Analyst Foreign Exchange Research1$85kNA
Investment Banking Analyst3$85k
Junior Associate1$85kNA
Analyst Institutional Client Development1$85kNA
Financial Specialist1$82kNA
Avp Programmer Analyst1$82kNA
Financial Programmer5$81k
Programmer Analyst3$81k
Associate Finance Requlatory Reporting1$81kNA
Senior Analyst10$81k
Analyst Research1$80kNA
Futures And Operations Specialist2$80kNA
Analyst Private Placements Group2$80k
Analyst Equity Derivatives And Structured Trading1$80kNA
Market Risk Analyst1$80kNA
Business Analyst Project Manager1$80kNA
Analyst System Products Management1$80kNA
Business Analyst1$80kNA
Avp Operations Business Analyst1$78kNA
Analyst Investment Banking9$77k
Analyst Equity Research1$75kNA
Senior Analyst Global Markets1$75kNA
Analyst Rates Research1$75kNA
Avp Internal Auditor1$75kNA
Financial Analyst Equity Sales1$75kNA
Operations Business Analyst3$75k
Associate Legal Liaison2$73k
Production Coordinator Manager1$73kNA
Analyst Investment Banking Division1$73kNA
Rates Sales Analyst Asia Japan Markets1$70kNA
Analyst Investment Banker4$70k
Analyst Client Developer1$70kNA
Business Development Operations Analyst1$70kNA
Global Markets Analyst1$70kNA
Business Develpoment Operations Analyst1$70kNA
Senior Accountant2$70k
Analyst Global Markets Division1$70kNA
Analyst Client Development1$70kNA
Analyst Equities1$70kNA
Avp Special Events Coordinator1$70kNA
Avp Research Assistant1$68kNA
Analyst Global Markets1$68kNA
Analyst Abs Financing1$67kNA
Associate Institutional Sales1$60kNA
Associate Programmer Analyst1$60kNA
Associate International Equity Sales1$55kNA
System Analyst1$55kNA
Analyst M A1$55kNA
Asian Region Futures Representative3$54k
Junior Equity Research Analyst4$50k
Publishing Manager1$50kNA
Fund Analyst1$50kNA
Research Associate2$50k
Equity Sales Coordinator1$47kNA
Research Assistant5$45k
Technical Translator Analyst1$45kNA
Junior Sales Marketing Analyst1$45kNA
Investor Relations Coordinator1$43kNA
Junior Research Analyst2$42k
Junior Financial Analyst1$40kNA
Expatriate Administrator1$40kNA
Sales Research Assistant1$38kNA
Operations Analyst1$38kNA
Research Editor2$37k
Special Events Coordinator1$35kNA