Nomura America Services Jobs

A total of 81 Nomura America Services jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $115,405
Salary Range: $18,500

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Executive Director Global Head Of Risk IT Analyti2$200kNA
VP Team Leader1$185kNA
Executive Director Compliance Officer1$182kNA
VP Analytics Middleware Lead Developer1$175kNA
VP Analytics Platform Developer1$175kNA
Software Developer System Software1$175kNA
VP Mortgage Analytics Developer1$165kNA
VP Senior Principal Developer3$158k
Computer And Information System Manager1$150kNA
VP Senior Business Analyst1$150kNA
VP Credit And Risk Technology Services1$150kNA
VP Us Head Of Voice Technologies2$150kNA
VP Senior Principal Project Mgr Bus1$150kNA
VP Application Development1$145kNA
Associate Project Manager1$145kNA
VP Senior Developer5$144k
VP Principal Developer5$143k
VP Senior Programmer Analyst1$140kNA
Associate System Analyst1$140kNA
VP Principlal Developer1$136kNA
VP Senior Principal Development Mana1$135kNA
Associate Senior Java Developer1$135kNA
Software Developer Application13$133k
Computer Software Engineer Application12$132k
Associate Us Technical Support Analyst1$130kNA
Associate Trading System Developer1$130kNA
VP Ny Project Manager2$130kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$130kNA
Associate Developer12$126k
Associate Fixed Income Developer1$125kNA
Computer System Analyst8$122k
Associate Support Analyst1$120kNA
Associate Developer Lead1$120kNA
Senior Associate Trading Analyst1$120kNA
Associate Senior Business Analyst2$118k
Associate Senior Developer13$115k
Associate Income Analytics Developer1$115kNA
Software Engineer2$115k
Associate Us Rates Information Technology Analys1$115kNA
Senior Software Developer1$115kNA
Associate Lead Support Analyst3$112k
Analyst Support Analyst1$110kNA
Associate Analytics Developer1$110kNA
Database Administrator2$110k
Associate Senior Support Analyst1$110kNA
Associate Business Analyst4$105k
Business Intelligence Programmer1$105kNA
Qa Analyst1$105kNA
Associate Systms Developer1$105kNA
Associate Lead Developer11$103k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$103kNA
Senior Quality Analyst1$100kNA
Associate Programmer1$100kNA
Associate Software Engineer1$100kNA
Associate Principal Developer4$96k
Associate Metrics Manager1$95kNA
Associate Fx Support1$95kNA
Senior Software Engineer Service Managment1$95kNA
Associate Lead Quality Analyst1$92kNA
Analyst Developer7$92k
Analyst Senior Developer1$90kNA
Analyst Programmer1$90kNA
Programmer Analyst3$90k
Associate Operations Analyst1$90kNA
Business Analyst2$88k
Sales Agents Securities And Commodities1$86kNA
Associate Software Developer3$86k
Associate Fx Product Control1$85kNA
System Analyst3$84k
Technology Analyst4$83k
Analyst Technology3$80kNA
Analyst Business Analyst1$80kNA
Operations Analyst3$72k
Analyst Information Technology8$72k
IT Analyst1$60kNA
Trade Support Analyst1$50kNA