Nexius Jobs

A total of 87 Nexius jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $81,789
Salary Range: $45,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Project Lead1$200kNA
Senior Director Technology Development1$160kNA
Technical Account Manager1$152kNA
Technical Delivery Manager1$152kNA
Technology Strategy Consultant3$150kNA
Cdma Evdo Design Optimization Engineer1$120kNA
Sgsn Support Engineer1$114kNA
Bi Architect1$110kNA
Backend Developer Configuration Management1$110kNA
Software Manager1$110kNA
Backend Developer1$110kNA
Senior Software Engineer3$110kNA
Engineering Services Manager1$108kNA
Senior Software Designer1$105kNA
Umts Engineer5$102k
Senior Consultant1$101kNA
Umts Subject Matter Expert1$100kNA
Telecom Engineer17$99k
Team Lead Application Support2$96k
Senior Software Developer1$95kNA
Gprs Rf Engineer1$95kNA
Software Architect2$95kNA
Principal Rf Engineer7$94k
Principal Engineer3$90k
Sgsn Sme1$90kNA
Umts Rf Optimization Lead2$90kNA
System Analyst1$90kNA
Oss Nms C Senior Developer1$89kNA
Business Analyst3$87k
Database Application Developer1$85kNA
Senior Principal Staff Engineer3$85kNA
Team Lead Product Support1$85kNA
Umts Rf Engineer2$85k
Telecomm Engineer48$84k
Senior Umts Engineer1$84kNA
Senior Rf Engineer Pm1$84kNA
Software Application Engineer2$83k
Application Support Engineer2$83k
Senior Rf Engineer83$81k
Senior Developer1$80kNA
Enterprise Sla Engineer1$80kNA
Data Application Engineer1$80kNA
Junior Rf Engineer Sme1$80kNA
Senior Gui Web Designer1$80kNA
Technology Consultant1$80kNA
Gprs Esla Engineer1$80kNA
Senior Gui Web Developer1$80kNA
Rf Telecomm Engineer2$79k
Senior Microwave Engineer4$79k
Oss Engineer2$79k
Senior Engineer10$78k
Qa Analyst6$78k
Rf Engineer111$77k
Software Engineer12$77k
Quality Assurance Analyst1$76kNA
Telecomm Enigneer1$76kNA
System Integration Engineer2$75kNA
Network Enginer1$75kNA
Senior Oss Engineer1$75kNA
Senior Design Engineer2$75k
Ip Support Engineer2$74k
Microwave Design Engineer4$74k
Network Engineer11$73k
System Analysis3$73k
Lac Support1$72kNA
Senior Bss Engineer5$72k
Application Rf Engineer1$70kNA
In Building Pm2$70kNA
Application Engineer1$70kNA
Project Lead Engineer1$70kNA
Compliance Support Engineer1$70kNA
Senior Traffic Engineer1$70kNA
Computer System Analyst1$70kNA
Rf Data Entry3$67k
Umts Kpi Engineer1$66kNA
Bss Engineer2$66k
Traffic Engineer3$65kNA
Software Developer1$65kNA
Microwave Engineer3$63kNA
Telecommunications Engineer2$63k
Customer Support Engineer1$60kNA
Software Designer2$60kNA
Associate Rf Engineer1$60kNA
Mapping Analyst7$59k
Business Intelligence Tech Lead1$57kNA
Core Implementation Engineer1$55kNA