Newt Global Consulting Jobs

A total of 61 Newt Global Consulting jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $63,967
Salary Range: $36,500

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Marketing Analyst1$572kNA
Computer Programer Senior Java Developer1$115kNA
Software Engineer Management Analyst1$110kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$104kNA
Software Developer Application3$102k
Senior Supply Chain Consultant1$100kNA
Software Architect Microsoft Technologies1$100kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$99kNA
Computer Software Engineer2$96kNA
Computer Programmer Weblogic Administrator2$95k
Computer System Analyst Cloud Engineer1$90kNA
Computer System Analyst15$86k
Computer Programmer Android Developer1$85kNA
Senior Net Developer4$79kNA
Technical Market Research Analyst1$75kNA
Senior Market Analyst1$74kNA
Computer System Analyst Java Developer1$73kNA
Computer System Analyst Qa Analyst2$72k
System Analyst Java Technologies1$72kNA
System Analyst Java Developer1$71kNA
Computer Programmer Web Administrator2$70k
Software Developer Software Engineer1$70kNA
Qa Engineer1$68kNA
J2ee Programmer1$65kNA
Oracle Weblogic Administrator2$65k
H 1b1$65kNA
Technical Project Manager1$64kNA
Software Enginner1$64kNA
Software Engineer17$63k
System Analyst7$62k
Computer Programmer Senior Quality Assurance Analyst1$62kNA
Computer Programmer Senior Net Developer1$62kNA
Database Consultant4$61k
Oracle Database Developer Database Administrator3$60k
Market Research Analyst8$60k
Computer Programmer Java Technologies2$60k
System Administrator3$58k
Computer Programmer Qa Analyst1$58kNA
Oracle Database Developer And Database Administrat1$58kNA
Database Developer4$57k
Senior Software System Engineer2$55k
Business Analyst2$55kNA
Database Developer And Database Administrator1$55kNA
Computer Programmer Java Developer1$54kNA
Computer Programmer78$53k
Programmer Analyst2$51k
Software Programmer6$51k
J2ee Programmer Computer Programmer1$51kNA
Net Consultant Computer Programmer1$51kNA
Software Programmer Computer Programmer1$51kNA
Senior Integration Engineer3$51k
Junior Quality Assurance Engineer4$51k
Database Administrator5$50k
Quality Assurance Engineer1$50kNA
Junior Qa Engineer2$50kNA
Database Developer Database Administrator1$50kNA
Database Administrator Developer1$48kNA
Database Network Programmer1$45kNA
Oracle Database Analyst Developer1$44kNA
Market Analyst1$41kNA