New York University Jobs

A total of 130 New York University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $84,933
Salary Range: $24,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Professor And Associate Dean For Academic Affrs1$209kNA
Global Distinguished Professor5$207k
Philosophy And Religion Teacher Postsecondary1$200kNA
Professor Associate Dean For Faculty Affairs2$190kNA
Professor Associate Dean For Academic Affairs1$190kNA
Professor And Director Of Ireland House3$182k
Project Director1$180kNA
Professor And Director Of Irish Studies2$170k
History Teacher Postsecondary1$170kNA
Professor And Director1$166kNA
Professor Director1$165kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Of Finance1$160kNA
Business Teacher Postsecondary25$160k
Managing Director1$150kNA
Visiting Professor3$143k
Assistant Professor Of Info Ops Management1$133kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor18$133k
Economics Teacher Postsecondary14$123k
Research Scientist Deputy Director1$121kNA
Senior Research Scientist Deputy Director1$121kNA
Master Teacher Associate Director For Digital Hum1$120kNA
Health Specialties Teacher Postsecondary9$116k
Senior Research Scholar6$115k
Adjunct Assistant Professor Of Clinical Law Research Di1$115kNA
Assistant Professor254$113k
Area Ethnic And Cultural Studies Teacher Postsecondary3$111k
Political Science Teacher Postsecondary2$108k
Visiting Clinical Instructor2$106k
Assistant Professor Electrical And Computer Engine1$105kNA
Clinical Associate Professor9$103k
Clinical Professor3$101k
Nursing Instructor And Teacher Postsecondary1$100kNA
Digital Library Program Head2$100kNA
Instructor Of Nursing1$100kNA
Associate Professor46$98k
Biological Science Teacher Postsecondary4$97k
Visiting Associate Professor2$97k
Physics Teacher Postsecondary2$95kNA
Chemistry Teacher Postsecondary1$94kNA
Anthropology And Archeology Teacher Postsecondary2$93k
Research Professor1$90kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor Director1$90kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor28$86k
Psychology Teacher Postsecondary2$85kNA
Development Officer Shanghai1$85kNA
Visiting Assistant Arts Professor1$84kNA
Associate Training Specialist Project Director2$83k
Associate Director King Juan Carlos I Of Spain Ctr1$81kNA
Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor2$80kNA
Associate Training Specialist2$78k
Research Analyst Associate Director1$77kNA
Sociology Teacher Postsecondary2$77k
Distinguished Writer In Residence2$75k
Discovery Digital Access Librarian1$75kNA
Director Writing In The Disciplines1$74kNA
Master Teacher Director1$73kNA
Senior Financial Analyst2$73k
Clinical Professor Of Yiddish1$72kNA
Software Engineer1$72kNA
Operational Analyst1$71kNA
Finance And Operations Analyst1$71kNA
Financial And Operational Analyst2$71k
Assistant Arts Professor1$70kNA
Education Teacher Postsecondary1$70kNA
Research Director1$70kNA
Music Assistant Professor1$69kNA
Music Assistant Profesor1$69kNA
Financial Operational Analyst1$69kNA
Industry Assistant Professor1$68kNA
Assistant Research Scholar4$66k
Research Scientist Director Of Operations1$65kNA
Research Assistant Professor3$63k
Foreign Language And Literature Teacher Postsecondary7$63k
Master Teacher3$63k
English Language And Literature Teacher Postsecondary3$63k
Senior Research Scientist6$62k
Clinical Instructor1$60kNA
Research Scientist Mathematical Modeler2$60kNA
Self Enrichment Education Teacher1$60kNA
E Communities Research Writing Instructor1$60kNA
Master Teacher Of Humanities4$60k
Associate Research Schol Assistant Dir1$59kNA
Associate Research Scientist Assistant Director2$59kNA
Associate Research Scholar Assistant Director3$59kNA
Assistant Professor Courant Instructor13$59k
Senior Language Lecturer3$56k
Master Teacher Of Writing1$56kNA
Research Scholar22$56k
Associate Research Scientist35$56k
Research Scholar Furman Fellow1$55kNA
Faculty Fellow Assistant Professor1$54kNA
Assistant Professor Fellow1$54kNA
Associate Director4$54k
Postdoctoral Associate26$54k
Research Scientist29$54k
Foreign Language Literature Teacher Postsecondary4$53k
Assistant Professor Faculty Fellow13$53k
Research Fellow2$53k
Instructional Design Librarian5$52k
Research Scientitst1$52kNA
Courant Instructor Assistant Professor1$52kNA
Assistant Professor Associate Chair1$50kNA
Junior Research Fellow1$50kNA
Research Scientist Instructor1$50kNA
Assisant Professor Courant Instructor2$50k
Postdoctoral Scholar1$49kNA
Adjunct Associate Professor1$48kNA
Language Lecturer33$48k
Associate Research Scholar4$48k
Assistant Research Scientist174$47k
Postdoctoral Fellow10$46k
Faculty Fellow1$46kNA
Career Development Counselor1$45kNA
Residence Hall Director1$44kNA
Assistant Research Scientist Project Associate1$44kNA
Research Associate2$43k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow5$43k
Junior Research Scientist64$42k
Chinese Language Lecturer1$41kNA
Community Development Educator1$39kNA
Japanese Language Lecturer1$38kNA
Laboratory Technician1$32kNA
Research Assistant1$24kNA