New York University Hospitals Center Jobs

A total of 188 New York University Hospitals Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $68,336
Salary Range: $24,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Assistant Professor Radiology1$340kNA
Director Of Emergency Preparedness1$150kNA
Manager Information Management1$145kNA
Lead Developer1$140kNA
Lead Engineer Tech Engineering1$135kNA
Assistant Professor1$130kNA
Visiting Professor1$130kNA
Lead Business Intelligence Specialist1$130kNA
Clinical Research Fellow1$118kNA
Senior Epic Analyst I1$118kNA
Senior Manager1$115kNA
Epic Analyst II1$112kNA
Network Engineer Technical Specialist1$110kNA
Business Manager2$106k
Senior System Engineer1$105kNA
Sourcing Leader1$105kNA
Senior II Engineer1$100kNA
Senior Sharepoint Developer1$100kNA
Nurse Practitioner1$98kNA
House Staff Pgy V Safety Quality Fellow1$95kNA
Epic Adt Prelude Senior Analyst1$94kNA
Peoplesoft Application Specialist2$93k
Data Warehouse Developer1$93kNA
IT Senior Application Analyst1$90kNA
Interface Analyst1$90kNA
Revenue Cycle System Analyst1$89kNA
Equipment Planning Manager2$87k
Staff Pharmacist1$87kNA
Software Developer Application1$86kNA
Registered Nurse1$85kNA
Clinical System Analyst1$85kNA
Clinical Specialist1$85kNA
Senior Revenue Cycle System Analyst1$85kNA
Computer System Analyst2$85kNA
Internal Audit Analyst1$85kNA
Project Manager1$85kNA
Reports Analyst2$83k
Revenue Cycle Management Analyst1$80kNA
Senior Clinical Data Analyst1$80kNA
Pgy VIII House Staff Clinical Fellow1$77kNA
House Staff Pgy VIII3$77kNA
Pgy VIII Clinical Fellow2$76k
Financial Operations Analyst3$76k
Pgy VII House Staff2$76kNA
House Staff Pgy VII3$76kNA
Senior Contract Analyst2$76k
House Staff Pgy VII Clinical Fellow3$76k
Pgy V Clinical Fellow Orthopedic Surgery1$75kNA
Pgy VIII Clinical Fellow Orthopedic Surgery1$75kNA
System Analyst2$75k
House Staff Pgy V Clinical Fellow1$75kNA
Pgy VII Clinical Fellow2$75k
Research Scientist1$73kNA
Neuro Radiology Fellow Pgy VII1$73kNA
Developer II Solutions Development1$72kNA
Pgy VI Clinical Fellow House Staff1$72kNA
Pgy VI House Staff1$72kNA
Pgy VI House Staff Clincal Fellow1$72kNA
Pgy VI Clinical Fellow4$72kNA
Pgy VI House Staff Clinical Fellow2$72kNA
House Staff Pgy VI Clinical Fellow1$72kNA
House Staff Pgy VI4$72k
Pgy VII Orthopedic Surgery Sports Medicine Clinical2$72kNA
Pgy VII2$72kNA
Neuroradiology Fellowship Pgy VII2$72kNA
Senior Physical Therapist2$71k
House Staff Pgy Im Pulmonary Disease Critical Car11$71k
Pgy V Clinical Fellow2$71kNA
Pgy V House Staff Clinical Fellow2$71kNA
House Staff Pgy V2$71kNA
House Staff Pgy V Forensic Fellow4$71kNA
Clinical Resident Pgy VIII1$71kNA
Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellow1$70kNA
Pgy6 Clinical Fellow1$70kNA
Pgy VI Clinical Fellow Spine Surgery1$70kNA
Pgy VI Clinical Resident2$70kNA
Pulmonary Critical Care Pgy VI Clinical Fellow1$70kNA
Pgy VI Resident1$70kNA
Resident Pgy VIII7$70k
Analyst II Solutions Development1$70kNA
Compensation Analyst1$70kNA
Senior Occupational Therapist3$70k
Clinical Resident Pgy VII2$69kNA
Pgy IV Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology1$69kNA
Vascular Fellowship Pgy VII1$69kNA
Pgy IV Clinical Resident5$69k
Pgy IV Clinical Fellow House Staff2$69kNA
Pgy IV House Staff Clincal Fellow1$69kNA
Pgy IV House Staff Clinical Fellow1$69kNA
Pgy IV House Staff Clinical Resident1$69kNA
Pgy IV1$69kNA
Pgy4 Clinical Resident1$69kNA
Pgy Clinical Fellow1$69kNA
House Staff Pgy Nephrology1$69kNA
Housr Staff Pgy1$69kNA
Pgy V Clinical Resident1$69kNA
Clinical Fellow Pain Medicine Pgy5 Resident1$69kNA
House Staff Pgy IV Clinical Fellow5$68k
Pgy IV Clinical Fellow4$68k
Pgy IV House Staff3$68k
House Staff Pgy29$68k
Staff Speech Language Pathologist1$68kNA
House Staff Pgy IV2$68k
Pgy IV Clinical Fellow Hematology And Oncology1$67kNA
Pgy4 Clinical Fellow1$67kNA
Pgy V Clinical Fellowship2$67kNA
Management Analyst2$67k
Pgy III House Staff2$66kNA
Clinical Resident Pgy VI4$66kNA
Pgy VI Spine Surgery Fellowship1$66kNA
Staff Occupational Therapist2$66k
Contract Analyst1$65kNA
Data Analyst Biostatistician1$65kNA
House Staff Clinical Resident2$65k
Pgy IV Fellow2$65k
House Staff Fellow1$65kNA
Gyn Pathology Fellow Pgy V1$65kNA
Pgy V Fellow1$65kNA
Pgy III Resident2$65kNA
Pgy II Clinical Fellow2$64k
Clinical Resident Pgy V2$64k
Pgy IV Nephrology Fellow1$63kNA
Neonatal Fellow Pgy IV1$63kNA
Fellow Pediatric Pg Y IV1$63kNA
Clinical Resident Pgy IV3$63kNA
Pgy V Resident1$63kNA
House Staff Pgy Internal Medicine3$63k
Resident Pgy VII3$62k
Clinical Fellow Pgy V1$62kNA
Pgy II House Staff1$62kNA
Pgy II House Staff Clinical Fellow1$62kNA
Pgy II House Staff Clinical Resident3$62kNA
Pgy II Clinical Resident2$62kNA
House Staff Pgy II Resident2$62kNA
House Staff Pgy II4$62kNA
House Staff Pgy IV Resident1$62kNA
Pgy III1$61kNA
Staff Physical Therapist6$61k
Resident Pgy VI5$61k
Physical Therapist4$60k
Pgy IV Resident8$60k
Associate Compensation Analyst1$60kNA
Research Coordinator1$60kNA
Database Administrator1$60kNA
Iom Associate1$60kNA
House Staff Pgy I Resident3$60k
Pgy I House Staff Clinical Resident4$59kNA
Pgy I House Staff Clincal Resident1$59kNA
Clinical Research Fellow Pgy VIII1$59kNA
Staff Psychologist3$59k
Pgy II Resident3$58k
Pgy II2$58kNA
Clinical Resident Pgy I6$58k
Pgy I Clinical Resident7$58k
Clinical Engineer Inventory Coordinator1$58kNA
Pgy VI1$58kNA
Senior Nuclear Medical Technologist1$57kNA
Resident Pgy42$57k
Resident Pgy V4$56k
Resident Pgy V Pathology1$56kNA
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Program1$56kNA
Manager Logistics3$56k
Financial Analyst3$55k
Technician I Technology Management Support1$55kNA
Resident Pgy IV3$55k
Orthopedic Surgery Resident1$54kNA
Pgy I1$54kNA
Pgy I Dermatopharmacology Fellow2$54kNA
Resident Pgy III3$53k
Pgy I Resident9$52k
Resident Pgy II10$51k
Senior Research Technician1$50kNA
Data Analyst1$50kNA
Resident Pgy II Dermatology1$49kNA
Laboratory Technologist1$48kNA
Resident Pgy I6$47k
Resident Pgy11$47kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow1$46kNA
Creative Arts Therapist3$45k
Research Technician3$43k
Hr Project Coordinator1$42kNA
Pharmacy Intern2$40kNA
Psychology Assistant1$36kNA
Psychology Resident1$35kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow1$24kNA