New Vernon Salary, NJ

A total of 27,757 real salary data found within 10 miles of New Vernon, NJ.

Salary Average: $73,630
Salary Range: $13,930

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Associate Medical Director CardiovascularPharmacia$140kPeapack, NJ (03/2003)
Director Global Business ResearchPharmacia$130kPeapack, NJ (04/2003)
Product Manager Hospital Critical Care ProductsPharmacia$113kPeapack, NJ (04/2003)
Research ScientistPharmacia$72kPeapack, NJ (04/2003)
Senior System ArchitectCdi Professional Services$45kPeapack, NJ (03/2004)
Programmer AnalystNexgen Infosys$50kPeapack, NJ (05/2004)
Special Education TeacherMatheny School Hospital$40kPeapack, NJ (10/2004)
Programmer AnalystBramha Infotech$50kPeapack, NJ (12/2004)
ConsultantIbm$91kPeapack, NJ (12/2004)
Programmer AnalystSoftwareart$50kPeapack, NJ (01/2005)
Global Pricing AssociatePfizer$94kPeapack, NJ (02/2005)
Project LeaderPfizer$104kPeapack, NJ (03/2005)
Senior System AnalystCdi Business Solutions A Division Of Cdi$53kPeapack, NJ (05/2005)
Computer System AnalystHidef Technologies$36kPeapack, NJ (05/2005)
Senior Maps ConsultantNewton Solutions$96kPeapack, NJ (06/2005)
Programmer AnalystDyna Consulting Services$55kPeapack, NJ (07/2005)
Erp Subject Matter ExpertVictrix$79kPeapack, NJ (07/2005)
Programmer AnalystPeople Com Consultants$80kPeapack, NJ (08/2005)
Computer System AnalystTechnology Consultants$45kPeapack, NJ (06/2006)
Senior System AnalystCdi$60kPeapack, NJ (06/2006)