Netflix Jobs

A total of 140 Netflix jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $171,983
Salary Range: $57,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Director Of Advertising Europe1$560kNA
General And Operations Manager1$535kNA
Director Digital Marketing Latin America1$425kNA
Director Original Series1$375kNA
Research Engineering Manager1$370kNA
Senior Performance Architect1$350kNA
Director Content Acquisition1$300kNA
Senior Software Engineer Video System1$300kNA
Director Content Acquistion European Markets1$300kNA
Technical Lead Cross Platform Ui Engineering1$300kNA
Engineering Manager1$270kNA
Senior Developer Data Science And Engineering1$260kNA
Senior Sw Architect1$260kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$260kNA
Senior Data Engineer2$255k
Computer And Information System Manager5$250k
Financial Analyst1$250kNA
Director Of Content Strategy Planning Analysis1$250kNA
Senior Manager Product Innovation1$250kNA
Senior Software Engineer Architect Big Data Pla1$250kNA
Engineering Manager Metadata System1$250kNA
Senior Sw Engineer Media Cloud Engineering1$240kNA
Senior Full Stack Engineer1$240kNA
Senior Platform Engineer Architect1$240kNA
Manager Hr Application1$230kNA
Senior Site Reliability Engineer1$230kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$225kNA
Senior Analytics Engineer1$220kNA
Software Automation Development Expert1$220kNA
Director Of Operations Engineering Finance2$216k
Market Research Analyst And Marketing Specialists1$210kNA
Sdk Support Engineer1$210kNA
Manager Pd Algorithm Analytics1$203kNA
Content Delivery Partner Manager1$203kNA
Marketing Strategy Manager1$200kNA
Enterprise Platforms Full Stack Developer1$200kNA
Engineering Manager IT Development1$193kNA
Software Developer System Software8$193k
Manager Hris System2$192k
Information Security Analyst Web Developer And Computer Network Architect1$190kNA
Software Developer Application42$189k
Senior Reporting Administrator1$185kNA
Software Software Engineer Application1$185kNA
Senior Data Architect5$184k
Senior Data Analyst4$182k
Senior Manager International Content Marketing1$180kNA
Manager Instant Streaming1$180kNA
Senior System Engineer1$180kNA
Senior User Interface Engineer7$178k
Director Content Planning Analysis1$176kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software3$173k
Data Architect2$172k
Senior Software Engineer In Test9$172k
Senior Developer Data Science Engineering1$170kNA
Senior Software Engineer In Test Tv Platforms1$170kNA
Senior Data Scientist5$170k
Computer System Analyst9$167k
Database Administrator4$167k
Senior User Interface Engineer Tv Platforms2$166k
Senior Production Support Engineer1$165kNA
Senior Sdk Application Engineer1$165kNA
Senior Development Engineer In Test Certification1$165kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application18$164k
VP Of Content Strategy Planning Ana1$162kNA
Senior Manager International Content Planning1$162kNA
Senior Business Intelligence Architect Data Scienc1$160kNA
Supply Chain Engineering Manager1$160kNA
Senior Data Analyst Supply Chain Tools1$160kNA
Senior Software Engineer58$159k
Localization Engineer2$156k
Interpreters And Translator1$155kNA
Senior Marketing Manager1$153kNA
IT Application Engineer2$153k
Senior Web Ui Engineer Architect2$152k
Data Scientist1$150kNA
Support Release Engineer1$150kNA
Senior Software Engineer Personalization Algorit1$150kNA
Senior Oracle Database Administrator1$145kNA
Senior Software Test Engineer1$145kNA
Senior Business Analyst3$144k
Microstrategy Administrator1$140kNA
Software Engineer In Test1$140kNA
Business Intelligence Developer Product Developm1$140kNA
Senior Manager Data Analysis1$140kNA
Senior Business System Analyst3$140k
Senior Software Developer1$138kNA
Senior Sfotware Developer1$138kNA
Certification Engineer2$138k
Senior Software Engineer In Test Security1$136kNA
Senior Research Engineer1$135kNA
Business Intelligence Developer1$133kNA
Qa Engineer1$133kNA
Senior Ui Engineer Tv Platform1$133kNA
Data Etl Architect1$133kNA
Business Intelligence Senior Developer1$133kNA
Senior Web Ui Engineer4$131k
Software Engineer6$130k
Computer Sofwtare Engineer Application1$130kNA
Software Engineer In Test Tv Platforms1$130kNA
Senior Architect Data Science And Engineering1$130kNA
Senior Business Software Engineer2$130k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$130kNA
Senior Statistical Analyst1$129kNA
Senior Manager Consumer Insights1$125kNA
Localization Marketing Specialist Latin America1$125kNA
Senior Oracle E Business Engineer1$125kNA
Streaming Server Qa Engineer1$121kNA
Encoding Tools Engineer1$120kNA
Graphic Designer1$120kNA
Senior Software Engineer Erp1$120kNA
Senior Analyst1$120kNA
Business Intelligence Engineer1$120kNA
Senior Dba1$120kNA
Senior Support Engineer2$115k
Data Science Engineer Customer Analytics1$113kNA
Technical Project Manager Financial Application1$113kNA
Senior Information Security Engineer1$113kNA
Senior Unix System Administrator1$113kNA
Software Engineer Test3$110k
Senior Interactive Designer1$110kNA
Business System Analyst1$110kNA
Associate Programmatic Buying North America1$110kNA
Data Integration Specialist1$109kNA
Senior Software Qa Engineer2$106k
Manager Content Financial Planning Analysis1$105kNA
Market Research Analyst1$105kNA
Content Accountant1$105kNA
Statistical Analyst1$104kNA
Marketing Analyst1$104kNA
S W Application Engineer1$101kNA
Analyst Financial Planning And Analysis1$100kNA
Test Engineer1$99kNA
Senior Marketing Manager Search1$93kNA
Senior Database Marketing Manager1$90kNA
Senior Web Engineer Art Director1$90kNA
Software Application Engineer1$87kNA
Graphic Designer Visual Web Designer1$85kNA
Content Marketing Specialist Digital1$67kNA
Manager Content Acquisition1$57kNA