Navistar Jobs

A total of 187 Navistar jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $81,388
Salary Range: $43,347

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Information System Manager Senior1$143kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$137kNA
Chief Technical Engineer Aerodynamics1$132kNA
Manager Engineering1$130kNA
Senior Manager Internal Audit And Sox Compliance1$128kNA
Sox Compliance Director1$125kNA
Purchasing Manager Global Sourcing1$120kNA
Purchasing Manager1$120kNA
Senior Product Marketing Manager1$118kNA
Ptecs Senior Manager Airpath Controls1$116kNA
Engineering Manager Global Body Engineering1$116kNA
Chief Engineer2$115k
Embedded Software Engineer1$115kNA
Sales Engineer1$114kNA
Business Segment Manager1$114kNA
Product Lifecycle Manager2$114kNA
Oracle Erp Application Analyst Lead1$114kNA
Commodity Team Manager3$113k
Engineering Group Lead4$113k
Product Manager4$110k
Enterprise Application Technical Business Analyst1$110kNA
General Manager China Engines Business1$109kNA
Engineering Manager9$107k
Software Developer System Software2$107k
Application Analyst Lead6$106k
Global Sourcing Manager1$106kNA
Manager Of Information Solutions1$106kNA
Manager Information Solutions2$105k
Senior Operations Engineer Mwm Liaison1$105kNA
Business Strategy Manager1$105kNA
Commodity Team Supervisor1$104kNA
Purchasing Project Manager1$104kNA
Erp Analyst Lead Senior1$103kNA
Engineer Group Lead1$102kNA
Supply Chain Manager V1$102kNA
Commodity Manager Steel1$100kNA
Engineering Project Leader Cae1$100kNA
Strength And Durability Analysis Manager Senior1$100kNA
Business Development Manager Russia3$100k
Technical Specialist Senior3$100k
Lead Technical Analyst2$99k
Senior Technical Analyst1$98kNA
Engineering Manager Senior1$97kNA
Chief Engineer Vehicle Acoustics1$97kNA
Technical Specialist 745 Integration1$97kNA
Product Development Engineer Senior Team Lead Vehicle1$97kNA
Engineering Group Leader1$97kNA
Engineering Project Leader4$96k
Supply Chain Professional IV1$96kNA
Technical Analyst Lead5$96k
Obd Development Product Manager1$95kNA
Customer Application Technical Business Analyst2$95kNA
Regional Parts Manager1$95kNA
Technical Specialist14$94k
Product Development Engineer Senior Team Lead Vehicl1$94kNA
Engineering Project Lead1$94kNA
Global Truck Technical Specialist1$94kNA
Senior Technical Specialist2$93k
Product Engineer4$93k
Senior Application Engineer1$93kNA
System Support Process Improvement Manager1$92kNA
Warranty Production Improvement Engineering Mana1$91kNA
Warranty Product Improvement Engineering Manager1$91kNA
Purchasing Supply Manager1$91kNA
Product Development Engineer Senior Team Lead Vehic1$91kNA
Product Development Engineer Senior Team Lead Conc1$91kNA
Chief Engineer Vehicle Structural Nvh Analysis1$91kNA
Strength And Durability Analysis Manager1$90kNA
Internal Audit Sox Compliance Manager3$90k
Supplier Quality Manager1$90kNA
Product Development Engineer Senior Team Lead Vehi1$90kNA
Senior Business Analyst Business Development1$90kNA
Erp Implementation Support Lead1$90kNA
Egr System Engineer1$90kNA
Computer System Analyst6$90k
Product Development Engineer Senior Team Lead34$90k
Program Manager Engine Business Development1$90kNA
Ergonomics Engineer Senior1$89kNA
Lead Lean Practitioner5$89k
Computer Software Engineer Application1$88kNA
Lean Practitioner1$88kNA
Supply Sourcing Manager4$86k
Supply Manager3$85k
Project Engineer Engine System2$85kNA
Senior Business Analyst Pim1$85kNA
Business Development Manager3$85k
Reliability Program Manager1$85kNA
Project Engineer Software Integration1$85kNA
Nvh Engineer1$85kNA
Market Intelligence Manager1$84kNA
Purchasing Program Manager1$84kNA
Senior Project Engineer15$84k
Senior Development Engineer1$84kNA
Senior Supply Quality Manager1$83kNA
Reliability Engineer IV1$83kNA
Supplier Development Manager1$83kNA
Enterprise Architect Lead1$83kNA
Electrical Engineer4$82k
Product Development Engineer Team Lead62$82k
Senior Ergonomics Engineer1$82kNA
Project Engineer Vee Engine Design2$81k
Warranty Product Improvement Engineer2$81k
Senior Reliability Engineer I6$80k
Development Engineer1$80kNA
Associate Development Engineer Powertrain Chass2$80kNA
Engineering Project Manager1$80kNA
Product Development Engineer Team Lead Inline C2$80kNA
Reliability Engineer II2$79k
Senior Application Analyst2$79k
Senior Analyst Internal Audit Sox Compliance1$79kNA
Project Engineer39$79k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer6$78k
Obd Development Engineer1$78kNA
Senior Quality Engineer1$78kNA
Business Analyst Business Development3$78k
Product Development Engineer Senior Cae7$77k
Senior Financial Analyst4$77k
Application Analyst Senior1$76kNA
Product Engineer Team Lead1$75kNA
Product Development Engineer Team Lead Cae2$75kNA
Territory Bus Service Manager1$75kNA
Senior Aftertreatment Engineer1$75kNA
Key Global Fleet Manager1$75kNA
Manufacturing Quality Engineer Global Liaison2$75k
Mechanical Engineer42$75k
Ergo Engineer Senior2$75k
Product Development Engineer Senior Attribute Inte2$75k
IT Senior Sox Analyst1$74kNA
Senior Product Development Engineer1$74kNA
Industrial Engineer12$74k
Project Engineer Application1$73kNA
Application System Analyst Programmer1$73kNA
Project Engineer Embedded Software Validation1$73kNA
Electronic Engineer Except Computer1$73kNA
Process Engineer Paint1$73kNA
Materials Engineer1$73kNA
Senior Engineer26$72k
Senior Engineering Analyst2$72k
Senior Manufacturing Engineer And Quality Planner1$72kNA
Senior Application System Analyst1$72kNA
Senior Product Development Engineer Obd Developme1$72kNA
Senior Sox Analyst3$72k
Associate Development Engineer1$72kNA
Senior Manufacturing Engineer1$71kNA
Manufacturing Engineer Quality Planning1$71kNA
Supplier Quality Engineer5$70k
Plant Resident Engineer1$70kNA
Senior Supplier Quality Engineering Manager1$70kNA
Steel Commodity Manager1$70kNA
Combustion Development Engineer1$70kNA
Manufacturing Product Engineer1$69kNA
Product Development Engineering Team Lead1$69kNA
Quality Engineer II1$69kNA
Project Development Engineer Team Lead1$69kNA
Territory Service Manager1$69kNA
Test Engineer Strength And Durability1$69kNA
Controls Engineer1$69kNA
Strategic Technology Consultant2$69k
Materials Team Leader1$69kNA
Project Engineer Advanced Engine Controls1$69kNA
Engineering Analyst5$69k
Configuration Manager1$69kNA
Project Program Manager1$68kNA
Technical Analyst Senior2$68k
Product Development Engineer Senior49$68k
Chemical Engineer1$67kNA
Sox Auditor1$65kNA
Associate Aerothermal Engineer1$65kNA
Service Information Specialist1$64kNA
IT Sox Auditor2$64k
Production Development Engineer Software Valid1$63kNA
Patent Engineer3$62k
Marketing Analyst II Commercial Bus1$62kNA
Control System Engineer1$62kNA
Associate Engineer2$61k
Product Development Engineer21$61k
Application Developer2$58kNA
Production Planner1$57kNA
Program Cost Manager2$55k
Technical Writer1$52kNA
Track Typical Analyst3$49k
Design Engineer1$48kNA
Warranty Customer Support Specialist1$47kNA
Paint Process Engineer1$45kNA