National Oilwell Varco Jobs

A total of 316 National Oilwell Varco jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $71,570
Salary Range: $29,162

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Apl President1$160kNA
Managing Director Apl1$160kNA
Manager Marine Analysis1$157kNA
Product Line Director E Tools1$153kNA
General And Operations Manager1$153kNA
VP And General Manager1$142kNA
VP Product Line Management1$139kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager1$133kNA
Software Engineering Manager1$130kNA
Engineering Manager5$129k
Regional Sales Engineering Manager1$125kNA
Internationalregional Sales Manager1$125kNA
Business Development Manager3$123k
Advanced Drilling Solutions Us Land Manager1$122kNA
Product Line Director Drilling Tools Group1$120kNA
Hcm Project Manager1$120kNA
Senior Software Engineer Technical Lead1$120kNA
Advanced Drilling Solutions U S Land Manager2$120kNA
Manager System Infrastructure2$120kNA
Director Of Operations Western Hemisphere2$118k
VP Of Business Development1$116kNA
Marine Analysis Manager2$112k
Software Developer System Software1$111kNA
Advanced Drilling Solutions Manager1$111kNA
Senior Data Warehouse Architect3$108k
Drilling Solutions Engineer III Optimization Spe1$106kNA
North And South America Operations Manager1$105kNA
Marine Engineer1$104kNA
Engineering Project Manager2$103k
Senior Petroleum Engineer1$102kNA
Petroleum Engineer1$102kNA
Sales Manager3$100k
Business Intelligence Specialist1$100kNA
Account Representative1$100kNA
Ip Manager1$100kNA
Training Technologies Manager1$99kNA
Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing Leader1$99kNA
Product Engineer III2$98kNA
Manager Manufacturing System And Supply Chain2$96k
Strategic Project Engineer1$96kNA
Senior Engineer2$96k
Lead Engineer Software Controls1$95kNA
Senior Marine Analysis Engineer1$95kNA
Engineer III1$95kNA
Senior Infrastructure Manager1$95kNA
Senior Bw Developer4$95k
Rental Engineering Manager2$92k
Regional Manager Latin America1$92kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$91kNA
Senior Mechanical Engineer2$91k
Software Project Leader II1$91kNA
Senior Software Engineer3$90k
Engineering Instruction Coordinator Rig Solution1$90kNA
Paralegal And Legal Assistant1$90kNA
Programmer Analyst1$90kNA
System Specialist Senior1$89kNA
Analyst Programmer1$89kNA
Sql Developer1$88kNA
Product Line Development Manager1$88kNA
Oracle Apps Developer1$87kNA
Cet Computer System Analyst2$86k
Civil Engineer1$85kNA
Embedded Control System Engineer2$85k
Evaluation Engineer III1$85kNA
Internal Audit Manager IT Audit Manager1$85kNA
Drilling Equipment Service Engineer1$85kNA
Manager Manufacturing System Supply Chain1$85kNA
Senior Polymer Chemist3$85k
Application Development Manager1$84kNA
Software Developer Application3$84k
Senior Tax Accountant1$84kNA
Industrial Production Manager1$83kNA
Mdm Business Analyst1$83kNA
Computer System Analyst7$83k
Marine Analysis Engineer3$83k
Senior Electrical Engineer2$82k
Director Of Manufacturing Operations1$82kNA
Senior Project Engineer3$82k
Application Analyst1$82kNA
Application Analyst III1$82kNA
Project Electrical Engineer2$82k
Manager Global Manufacturing Assets1$81kNA
Senior Business Analyst2$81k
Motors Product Line Engineering Manager1$80kNA
Kronos System Administrator1$80kNA
Business Intelligence Analyst2$80k
Kronos Administrator1$80kNA
Application Software Developer II1$80kNA
Rentals Operations Supervisor1$80kNA
Senior Plm Analyst1$80kNA
Amphion Cyberbase Training Engineer1$80kNA
Global Service Quality Leader1$79kNA
Product Engineer I2$79kNA
Commercialization Analyst1$78kNA
Project Manager New Product Introductions1$78kNA
Senior Sap Bw Programmer Analyst1$78kNA
Data Warehouse Specialist2$78k
Non Destructive Testing1$77kNA
Application Developer3$77k
Product Champion Manager1$77kNA
Assistant Product Technical Manager Offshore1$77kNA
Sales Engineer Fishing Ict1$77kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$77kNA
IT Programmer Analyst3$76k
Senior Developer1$76kNA
Advanced Drilling Solutions Engineer1$76kNA
Senior Project Engineer Fe Analyst1$76kNA
Materials Engineer1$76kNA
Senior Software Engineer System Analyst1$75kNA
Business Analyst9$75k
Programmer Application1$75kNA
Senior Engineer Fluid Dynamics1$75kNA
Market Research Analyst And Marketing Specialists1$75kNA
Regional Specialist1$75kNA
Purchasing Manager3$74k
Environmental Manager1$74kNA
Pipeline Integrity Engineer1$74kNA
Operations Process Engineer1$74kNA
Global Manufacturing Asset Manager1$74kNA
Accountant And Auditor1$74kNA
Transportation Storage And Distribution Manager2$73k
Mechanical Engineer17$73k
Erp Project Manager2$73k
Sap Technical Analyst1$72kNA
Senior Solutions Architect1$72kNA
Product Line Engineer II1$72kNA
Procurement Supervisor1$72kNA
International Contract Specialist2$71k
Structural Designer3$71k
Senior Auditor1$70kNA
Supply Chain Engineer1$70kNA
Senior Data Analyst1$70kNA
Corporate Hse Organizational Effectiveness Special1$70kNA
Assistant Product Line Manager1$70kNA
Manager Strategic Planning And Budgeting1$70kNA
Cnc Programming Engineer1$70kNA
Regional Sales Manager1$70kNA
Engineer Supplier Development1$70kNA
Training Analyst1$70kNA
Payroll System Analyst1$70kNA
Industrial And Operations Engineer1$70kNA
System Analyst Glovia Erp1$70kNA
I C Software Engineer1$70kNA
Senior Computer System Analyst2$70k
Structural Engineer5$69k
Electrical Engineer12$69k
Ultrasonic Data Analyst Computer System Analyst1$68kNA
Software Engineer8$68k
Process Engineer Manager1$68kNA
Industrial Engineering Supply Chain Manager1$68kNA
Process Engineer4$68k
Technology Resources Team Support Engineer1$67kNA
Process Improvement Engineer6$67k
Design Engineer5$67k
Mechanical Design Engineer4$67k
Application Engineer6$67k
Associate Drilling Optimization Engineer2$67k
Project Engineer17$66k
Assistant Product Technical Manager1$66kNA
Business Development Manager Advanced Drilling S1$66kNA
Geomatics Engineer1$66kNA
Manufacturing Engineer7$66k
Application Developer II1$66kNA
Product Reliability Engineer3$66k
Controls Engineer2$66k
Industrial Engineer15$65k
Industrial Engineering Supervisor1$65kNA
Momentum Engineer1$65kNA
Manufacturing Process Engineer1$65kNA
Mechanical Engineer Fluid Dynamics1$65kNA
Product Development Engineer1$65kNA
Engineering Analyst Erp1$65kNA
Manager Vehicle Operations Hse Processes2$65kNA
Latin America Sales Engineer1$65kNA
Product Engineer3$64k
Electrical Software Engineer1$64kNA
Strategic Projects Engineer1$64kNA
Application Developer III1$64kNA
Technical Sales Engineer1$64kNA
Product Line Manager2$64kNA
Process Improvement Coordinator Industrial Eng1$63kNA
Commercialization Product Portfolio Analyst1$63kNA
Electrical Engineer Next Generation Program1$63kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer3$62k
Quality Analyst1$62kNA
Sap Financial Controlling Functional Analyst1$62kNA
Controls Software Engineer1$62kNA
Metallurgical Engineer1$62kNA
International Contracts Specialist1$62kNA
Electronics Engineer1$62kNA
Evaluation Engineer2$61k
Global Planning Forecasting Manager1$61kNA
Clink Process Engineer1$61kNA
Corrision Process Engineer1$61kNA
Corrosion Process Engineer1$61kNA
Project Manager Process Improvement1$61kNA
Materials Manager1$61kNA
Commissioning Engineer1$61kNA
Engineer I2$61kNA
Drilling Equipment Service Representative1$60kNA
Automated Manufacturing Process Programmer1$60kNA
Engineer II1$60kNA
Rigstore Accountant1$60kNA
Operations Process Planner1$60kNA
Drilling Solutions Engineer I1$60kNA
Material Coordinator1$60kNA
International Hr Specialist1$60kNA
Supply Development Engineer1$60kNA
Demand Coordinator1$60kNA
Supply Chain Champion1$60kNA
Mechanical Engineer Next Generation Program3$59k
Buyer Planner Financial Analyst1$58kNA
Manager Buyer Planner1$58kNA
Industrial Engineer Next Generation Program1$58kNA
Safety Engineer1$58kNA
Project Manager2$58k
Global Financial Analyst1$57kNA
Mechanical Engineer I1$57kNA
Electro Mechanical Technician1$57kNA
Design Draftsman1$57kNA
Wellhead Design Engineer1$57kNA
Assistant Controller1$57kNA
Associate Design Engineer1$57kNA
Environmental Engineer2$57k
Materials Engineer Next Generation1$57kNA
Global Sourcing Team Leader Analyst1$57kNA
Supply Chain Specialist Buyer Planner1$56kNA
Training Specialist1$56kNA
Etl Developer2$56k
Deputy Project Manager1$55kNA
Evaluation Engineer I1$55kNA
Cost Accountant3$55k
Installation And Commissioning Engineer2$55k
Electrical Product Project Engineer1$55kNA
Junior Engineer1$55kNA
Root Cause Analysis Engineer1$55kNA
Graphical User Interface Designer1$55kNA
Software Developer1$55kNA
Computer Science Specialist Building IT Program1$55kNA
Commissioning Installation Engineer1$55kNA
Forecast Analyst2$55k
Next Gen Accountant2$55kNA
Market Development Engineer1$54kNA
Junior Electrical Engineer1$54kNA
Engineer Next Generation1$54kNA
Application System Analyst Net2$53k
Junior Engineer Well Site Services2$53kNA
Operations System Associate1$53kNA
Database Administrator1$53kNA
Manager Of Reporting Strategic Planning1$53kNA
Assistant Project Manager1$52kNA
Application And Support Maintenance Analyst1$52kNA
Mechanical Engineer Next Generation2$52kNA
Next Generation Engineer1$52kNA
Field Service Technician1$52kNA
Market Analyst1$52kNA
Junior Industrial Engineer Next Generation Program8$51k
Operations Support Representative1$50kNA
Junior Mechanical Engineer Next Generation Program2$50k
Business Analyst Operations1$50kNA
Engineering Project Coordinator3$50kNA
Plant Accountant1$50kNA
Accountant Next Generation Program2$49k
Oracle Hris Specialist2$49k
Management Analyst Next Generation1$49kNA
Application Support Maintenance Analyst1$49kNA
Fixed Asset Accountant2$49k
Computer System Engineer Next Generation Progra1$48kNA
Junior Materials Engineer Next Generation Program1$48kNA
Finance Budget Analyst Next Generation Program1$48kNA
Associate Quality Engineer1$48kNA
Hse Process Specialist1$48kNA
Technologist Next Generation Program1$48kNA
Computer System Analyst Next Generation Program1$48kNA
Application Engineer Trainee2$48kNA
Project Manager Oracle Time Labor Oracle Hcm3$48k
Financial Budget Analyst Next Generation Program1$48kNA
Manufacturing Support Finance Brandt1$48kNA
Business Application Developer1$47kNA
Application Support Analyst1$47kNA
Idp Associate1$47kNA
Junior Electrical Engineer Next Generation Program3$47k
Global Sourcing Team Leader1$47kNA
Field Specialist Lead Senior1$46kNA
Buyer Planner1$46kNA
Financial Analyst3$46k
Incident Response Analyst1$46kNA
E Content Specialist1$45kNA
Accounting Analyst Next Generation Program1$45kNA
Next Generation Industrial Engineer1$45kNA
Inventory Manager1$45kNA
Junior Software Developer1$45kNA
Supply Chain Management Intern1$45kNA
Business Development Specialist1$45kNA
Business Analyst Next Generation Program4$45k
Hse Inspector Auditor1$44kNA
Development Corrosion Testing Engineer1$44kNA
Hr Representative2$44k
Senior Service Technician1$44kNA
Proposals Engineer1$42kNA
Analyst Supply Chain Management Development Prog2$42k
Health Safety Environment Specialist Engineer1$42kNA
Marketing Analyst1$40kNA
Business Development Representative Nextgen Prog1$39kNA
Business Development Representative Nextgen Pro1$39kNA
Computer System Specialist Next Generation Prog1$38kNA
Human Resources Representative1$37kNA
Management Analyst Next Generation Program1$36kNA
Sap Business Analyst1$35kNA
Personnel Coordinator1$29kNA