Mycom North America Jobs

A total of 69 Mycom North America jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $64,329
Salary Range: $35,094

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Country Director1$150kNA
Group Chief Operating Officer2$150kNA
Regional Project Manager1$130kNA
Dir Tech Wireless Comm Network Rf Eng1$125kNA
Base Station Controller Bsc Engineer1$125kNA
Network System Analyst1$122kNA
Engineering Manager1$112kNA
Rf Engineering Manager3$106k
Rf Manager3$104k
Radio Subsystems Rss Competency Manager1$100kNA
Rf Engineer III3$96k
Manager Of System Planning And Control Group1$90kNA
Senior Nss Engineer7$87k
Project Manager1$87kNA
Senior Radio Frequency Engineer1$85kNA
System Application Engineer1$85kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer6$83k
Director Commercial Operations1$80kNA
Electrical Engineer2$80k
Principal Engineer2$78k
Nss Engineering1$77kNA
Manager Wireless Device Testing1$76kNA
Nms Engineer6$76k
Nss Engineer II1$76kNA
Bs Engineer1$75kNA
Technical Sales Support Manager1$74kNA
Pressure Vessels Department Manager1$74kNA
Bts Engineering Supervisor1$73kNA
Network Switching System Engineer3$72k
Rf Engineer II4$70k
Senior Rf Engineer29$70k
Network Switching Services Nss Engineer1$70kNA
Base Station Controller Engineer1$70kNA
Senior Principal Rf Engineer1$70kNA
Bsc Engineer12$70k
Nss Planning Engineer1$67kNA
Rf Engineer I1$66kNA
Bts Field Manager3$66k
Network Switching System Nss Engineer7$66k
Field Service Engineer4$65k
Nss Engineer19$65k
Rf Telecom Engineer1$64kNA
Rf Engineer82$63k
Base Tranceiver Station Bts Field Manager1$61kNA
Radio Frequency Rf Engineer5$61k
Associate Rf Engineer1$60kNA
Civil Engineer1$60kNA
Nms 2000 Engineer2$60kNA
Network Switching System Planning Engineer1$60kNA
Principal Rf Engineer5$58k
Bsc Engineer I1$57kNA
Radio Frequency Engineer2$56k
Technical Marketing Manager1$55kNA
Deployment Support Engineer II1$55kNA
System Planning Engineer1$52kNA
Rf Engineering Technician2$50k
Umts Engineer1$50kNA
Financial Analyst1$50kNA
Bts Field Engineer14$50k
Bts Engineer51$48k
Field Engineer II1$48kNA
Accountant And Auditor1$47kNA
Base Transceiver Station Engineer3$44k
Bts Engineer II2$43k
Bts Field Engineer II3$42k
Bts Field Engineer I5$39k
Bts Engineer I1$39kNA
Base Transceiver Station Bts Engineer5$39k
Base Transceiver Station1$38kNA