Mountain View Salary, CA

A total of 136,628 real salary data found within 10 miles of Mountain View, CA.

Salary Average: $91,027
Salary Range: $10,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Database AdministratorApple$124kCupertino, CA (09/2013)
Electronics Engineer Except ComputerApple$168kCupertino, CA (09/2013)
Software Developer ApplicationApple$191kCupertino, CA (09/2013)
Operations Research AnalystCourse Hero$105kRedwood City, CA (09/2013)
Software Developer ApplicationFacebook$125kMenlo Park, CA (09/2013)
Computer System AnalystValiantica$84kSan Jose, CA (09/2013)
Computer System AnalystSuper Micro Computer$84kSan Jose, CA (09/2013)
Electronics Engineer Except ComputerSynopsys$115kMountain View, CA (09/2013)
Software Developer ApplicationInformatica$130kRedwood City, CA (09/2013)
Software Developer ApplicationInformatica$112kRedwood City, CA (09/2013)
Materials EngineerLam Research$111kFremont, CA (09/2013)
Software Developer System SoftwarePmc Sierra Us$111kSunnyvale, CA (09/2013)
Software Developer ApplicationVmware$110kPalo Alto, CA (09/2013)
Software Developer ApplicationVmware$101kPalo Alto, CA (09/2013)
Software Developer ApplicationVmware$115kPalo Alto, CA (09/2013)
Software Developer ApplicationVmware$103kPalo Alto, CA (09/2013)
Computer System AnalystGoogle$120kMountain View, CA (09/2013)
Software Developer System SoftwareGoogle$113kMountain View, CA (09/2013)
Software Developer ApplicationGoogle$131kMountain View, CA (09/2013)
Software Developer ApplicationGoogle$204kMountain View, CA (09/2013)