Montefiore Medical Center Jobs

A total of 226 Montefiore Medical Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $81,627
Salary Range: $25,854

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Orthopaedic Surgeon1$425kNA
Attending Physician Critical Care Medicine1$350kNA
Director Of Minimally Invasive Surgery2$325kNA
Pediatric Surgeon Assistant Professor1$300kNA
Medical Doctor Anesthesilogist2$295kNA
Transplant Surgeon2$263k
Attending Anesthesiologist1$250kNA
Emergency Room Physician Toxicologist1$250kNA
Attending Emergency Physician1$242kNA
Attending Department Of Pediatrics1$220kNA
Senior Physicist In Radiation Oncology2$188k
Palliative Care Physician1$180kNA
Obstetricians And Gynecologists1$180kNA
Attending Neonatologist Ass T Professor1$175kNA
Attending Neonatologist1$175kNA
Attending Surgeon1$175kNA
Senior Physicist Physicist III1$166kNA
Chief Of Psychiatric Oncology Service1$165kNA
29 10691$165kNA
Radiation Oncology Physicist2$163k
Hospitalist Attending Physician1$160kNA
Senior Physicist1$160kNA
Internist General14$151k
Physician Child Neurologist1$150kNA
Ivf Laboratory Director Embryologist2$150kNA
Attending Physician32$146k
Attending Physician Obgyn2$145k
Medical Genetics Physician1$145kNA
Primary Care Physician1$145kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other4$143k
Allergist And Immunologist1$140kNA
Attending Physician Hospitalist2$138k
Physicist II3$136k
Attending Cariologist Assistant Professor1$135kNA
Attending Cardiologist Assistant Professor3$135kNA
Medical And Health Services Manager1$133kNA
Financial Contract Administrator Manager1$133kNA
Nicu Nbn Hospitalist1$130kNA
Pediatrician General1$127kNA
Child Neurologist1$125kNA
Pediatric Critical Care Hospitalist1$122kNA
Attending Physician Pediatrician1$122kNA
Director Of Embryology1$115kNA
Physician Internist1$115kNA
Assistant Professor1$110kNA
Pediatric Infectious Disease Physician1$108kNA
Management Analyst1$107kNA
Physicist I1$105kNA
Health Diagnosing And Treating Practitioners All Other2$104k
Junior Physicist2$102k
Senior Healthcare Performance Engineer1$102kNA
Attending Internal Medicine Physician1$100kNA
Internal Medicine Physician1$100kNA
Management Engineer2$94k
Senior Surgical Physician Assistant1$93kNA
Clinical Pharmacy Manager Critical Care1$92kNA
Healthcare Performance Engineer2$90kNA
Senior Health Care Business Process Architect1$90kNA
Process Improvement Engineer Bis Operations Consul1$88kNA
Senior System Analyst13$85k
Senior Computer System Analyst1$83kNA
Lead Technical Analyst1$82kNA
Surgical Physician Assistant1$81kNA
Physician Assistant26$78k
Supervisor Biostatistics1$77kNA
Architect Except Landscape And Naval1$75kNA
Clinical Instructor1$72kNA
Medical And Clinical Laboratory Technologist1$71kNA
Program Manager2$70kNA
Senior Biostatistician1$70kNA
Laboratory Supervisor Hematology1$70kNA
Staff Physical Therapist2$70k
Programmer Analyst3$69k
Cardiothoracic Resident Physician1$69kNA
Physical Therapist15$67k
Physician In Post Graduate Program2$66k
Speech Language Pathologist1$65kNA
Clinical Counseling And School Psychologist1$65kNA
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Progam7$65k
Sas Software Programmer1$64kNA
Physician In A Post Graduate Training4$63k
Occupational Therapist5$62k
Patient Care System Analyst1$62kNA
Medical Resident Postgraduate Year Six1$62kNA
House Officer Pgy VII1$62kNA
Medical Resident Postgraduate Year Five3$61k
Cardiology Fellow3$61k
Biostatistician I2$61k
Physician In Post Graduate Training Pgy51$60kNA
Physician In A Post Graduate Fellowship Program1$60kNA
System Analyst1$60kNA
Neuroscience Research Assistant1$60kNA
Bio Statistician3$59k
Registered Dietician2$59k
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Program258$59k
Clinical Laboratory Technologist4$59k
Neurophysiology Fellow1$59kNA
Dietitians And Nutritionists3$58k
Computer System Analyst3$58k
Resident Physician Pgy IV1$58kNA
Physician Fellow In Pediatrics Genetics1$58kNA
Medical Fellow1$58kNA
Fellow Physician In Post Graduate Program1$58kNA
Physician In Post Graduate Program Pgy IV1$58kNA
Medical Resident Resident Physician1$58kNA
Medical Resident Postgraduate Year Four2$58kNA
Dentist In A Post Graduate Training Program11$57k
Project Supervisor7$57k
Database Project Manager2$57k
Clinical Research Fellow1$57kNA
Registered Dietitian Registered Dietitian Eligible4$56k
Physician Post Graduate Training1$56kNA
Physician In A Postgraduate Training Program1$56kNA
Endocrinolgy Fellow1$56kNA
Physician In Post Graduate Training Program10$56k
Assistant Supervisor1$56kNA
Medical Resident Postgraduate Year Three2$56kNA
Chief Resident Postgraduate Year Three2$56kNA
Physician Clinical Fellow4$56k
Podiatrist In A Post Graduate Training Program2$56k
Fellow In Surgical Pathology1$56kNA
Clinical Research Scholar1$55kNA
Staff Occupational Therapist2$55kNA
Physician In Post Graduate1$55kNA
Physician Pgy Iiii1$55kNA
Resident Family Practitioner1$55kNA
Pgy IV Cardiology Fellow1$55kNA
Endocrinolgy Fellow Physician1$55kNA
Study Coordinator Research Associate1$55kNA
Post Graduate Fellow Physician1$55kNA
Residency Program Administrator1$55kNA
Research Project Coordinator1$55kNA
Manager Patient Support Services1$55kNA
Study Coordinator Research Assistant1$55kNA
Medical Lab Technologist1$55kNA
Physician In Post Graduate Training5$54k
Physician In Postgraduate Training1$54kNA
Registered Dietitian6$53k
Medical Resident Postgraduate Year Two2$53kNA
Pgy II Resident1$53kNA
Senior Application Analyst3$52k
Gastroenterology Fellow1$52kNA
Doctor Of Internal Medicine1$52kNA
Pgy IV Fellow1$52kNA
Medical Resident Post Graduate Year One1$52kNA
Clinical Lab Technologist2$51k
Post Graduate Physician Assistant Intern4$51k
Physician Post Graduate1$51kNA
Dental Resident1$51kNA
Phyisician In A Post Graduate Training Program1$51kNA
Resident Physician II1$51kNA
Nutritionist Dietitian1$51kNA
Resident In Dental Public Health Training Program1$51kNA
Resident Of Internal Medicine1$50kNA
Medical Resident Pgy I1$50kNA
House Officer Department Of General Surgery1$50kNA
Medical Resident Postgraduate Year One2$50kNA
Research Associate13$50k
Resident Intern1$50kNA
Physician In Post Graduate Training Pgy II IV1$50kNA
Physician Nuclear Medicine1$50kNA
Resident Physician4$50k
Lab Research Associate1$50kNA
Surgical Intern2$50k
House Officer1$49kNA
Pgy I Medical Resident Family Medicine1$49kNA
Medical Resident Pgy1 Internal Medicine1$49kNA
Resident Physician Pgy I1$49kNA
House Officer Internal Medicine Pgy1 III1$49kNA
Research Fellow4$49k
Resident Physician IX Pgy I1$49kNA
Second Year Medical Resident1$49kNA
Medical Resident Physician2$49k
Physician In Post Graduate Training Pgy I5$48k
Physician In Postgraduate Training Prog1$48kNA
A Physician In A Post Graduate Training Program1$48kNA
Medical Resident2$48kNA
Physician In A Postragraduate Training Program1$48kNA
Biological Scientist Instructor Of Medicine1$47kNA
Physician Resident2$47kNA
Dentist In Post Graduate Training Program1$47kNA
Pgy I In The Department Of General Surgery1$46kNA
Interventional Radiology Fellow1$46kNA
Physician Of A Post Graduate Training Program1$46kNA
First Year Resident4$45k
Pediatric Resident Dentist1$45kNA
Data Analyst1$45kNA
Radiologic Technologist1$44kNA
Program Coordinator Healing Arts1$44kNA
Medical Laboratory Technologist3$43k
Research Clinical Fellow1$43kNA
Sleep Technician1$42kNA
Patient Anayst1$42kNA
Heart Failure Research Fellow1$40kNA
Postdoctorate Fellow1$37kNA
Entry Level Researcher1$37kNA
Research Associate In Life Sciences1$37kNA
Assistant Martketing Director1$37kNA
Assistant Marketing Director1$37kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow1$36kNA
Fellow In Psychology2$36k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow1$33kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists1$32kNA
Medical Technologist1$26kNA