Monsanto Jobs

A total of 279 Monsanto jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $73,396
Salary Range: $30,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Bioinformatics And Scientific Management Lead1$131kNA
Bioinformatics Manager1$129kNA
Nw Regional Operations Manager1$128kNA
Software Developer Application1$116kNA
Bioinformatics Programmer Analyst2$116k
Product Management Market Analysis Lead1$112kNA
Biotechnology Ontology Lead1$112kNA
Plant Ecologist1$109kNA
Business Analyst Senior1$109kNA
Compensation And Benefits Manager1$108kNA
Compensation Manager1$108kNA
Continuous Improvement Lead1$104kNA
Project Lead1$102kNA
Mobile Development IT Lead Breeding1$102kNA
Global Irm For Crw Lead1$100kNA
Engagement Manager2$99k
Team Lead Hemipteran Control1$99kNA
Mode Of Action Lead1$99kNA
Business Analyst Sales Operations1$99kNA
Plant Physiology Scientist2$98kNA
Corn Pathology Lead2$98k
Senior Java Developer1$98kNA
E I Maintenance Engineer1$98kNA
Business Analyst Quality Management1$97kNA
Canola Mode Of Action Lead1$96kNA
Internal Sap Consultant2$96k
Senior Grain Analytics Chemist1$96kNA
Corn Pathology Scientist1$96kNA
Pc13 Area Lead1$95kNA
Pcl3 Area Lead1$95kNA
Competitive Intelligence Analyst1$95kNA
Corn Fingerprinting Application Scientist1$95kNA
Sap Bi Bw Technical Analyst1$95kNA
Cotton Breeding Western Regional Lead1$95kNA
Trait Integration Breeder2$95k
Technical Lead3$94k
Global Predictive Analytics Data Scientist2$94k
Principal Process Engineer1$94kNA
Business Architect1$93kNA
Senior Developer2$93k
Global Product Assessment Scientist1$93kNA
Trait Geneticist1$92kNA
Canola Sorghum Trait Genomics Scientist1$92kNA
Esh Gts Business Analyst1$91kNA
Ecommerce Technical Services B2b Analyst1$91kNA
Commercial Breeder4$90k
Protein Biochemist1$90kNA
Data Mining Lead1$90kNA
Sap Business Analyst2$90k
Strategy Analyst1$90kNA
Strategic Model Analyst1$90kNA
Strategic Scientist Quantitative Modeling1$90kNA
Facilities Maintenance Manager1$90kNA
Senior Sap Security Developer1$90kNA
Line Development Breeder10$90k
Discovery Breeder3$89k
Statistical Geneticist7$89k
Plant Chemist1$89kNA
Patent Scientist3$89k
Research Scientist Microscopist1$88kNA
Industrial Engineer1$88kNA
Research Statistician1$88kNA
Herbicide System Research Scientist2$88k
Strategic Modeling Analyst2$88kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$88kNA
Senior Application Developer2$88k
Entomology Bioassay Lead1$88kNA
Trait Characterization Scientist1$87kNA
Crop Protection Research Scientist1$87kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$87kNA
Southern Field Pathologist Corn Breeding1$87kNA
Imaging Application Engineer1$87kNA
Specialty Crop Quantitative Geneticist1$87kNA
Strategic Trait Breeder1$87kNA
Advanced Imaging Scientist1$86kNA
Knowledge Transfer Agronomist1$86kNA
Strategic Trait Cotton Breeder1$86kNA
Gi Slurry Area Lead1$86kNA
Analytical Chemist Seed Enhancement Analytical Te1$86kNA
Marketing Manager1$86kNA
Bioinformatics Scientist4$85k
Mba Associate1$85kNA
Cotton Discovery Breeder1$85kNA
Lan Corn Breeding And Data Marker Manager1$85kNA
Market Research Analyst1$85kNA
Production Research Scientist1$85kNA
Global Business Analyst Finance1$85kNA
Project Lead Drought Tolerant Corn For Africa1$84kNA
Exploratory Trait Scientist1$84kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists2$84k
Soybean Breeder2$84k
Genetic Modeling Analyst2$83k
Analytical Chemist2$83k
Herbicides System Research Scientist1$83kNA
U S Seeds And Traits Portal Business Analyst1$83kNA
Research Scientist11$82k
Commercial Corn Breeder2$82k
Senior Business Analyst Technology Finance1$82kNA
Budget Analyst2$82k
Winter Canola Breeder1$82kNA
Data Curator1$82kNA
Crop Physiology Research Scientist1$82kNA
Mining Geological Engineer1$82kNA
Lead Financial Auditor1$82kNA
Management Analyst2$81k
Analytical Chemist Scientist1$81kNA
Crop Scientist1$80kNA
Sap Business Analyst Apo1$80kNA
Cotton Breeder1$80kNA
Imaging Scientist1$80kNA
Dh Optimization Research Scientist1$80kNA
Soy Discovery Breeder1$80kNA
Statistical Scientist1$80kNA
Strategic Sourcing Manager1$80kNA
Business Analyst8$79k
Seed Curator1$79kNA
Seed Treatment Scientist2$79k
Cotton Process Engineer1$77kNA
Automation Tester1$77kNA
Human Resources Generalist2$77k
License Commercial Breeder4$77k
Qa Seed Analytics Scientist1$76kNA
Domino Developer1$76kNA
Operations Supervisor II3$75kNA
Postdoctoral Researcher1$75kNA
Herbicide System Research Lead1$75kNA
Cotton Pipeline Tool Developer1$75kNA
Sap Basis Database Administrator2$74k
Local Field Advisor1$74kNA
Data Manager1$74kNA
Research Associate Statistical Genetics1$73kNA
Technology Development Representative14$73k
Ag Labs Six Sigma Black Belt1$73kNA
Technology Integration Specialist1$73kNA
Soil And Plant Scientist52$73k
System Analyst Application Dev Supt Analyst2$73kNA
Manufacturing Area Leader1$73kNA
Mechanical Engineer3$72k
Application Developer4$72k
Global Planner Roots And Bulbs1$72kNA
Product Assessment Scientist1$72kNA
Field Research Entomologist1$72kNA
Product Assessment Researcher1$72kNA
Breeding Application Support Specialist1$72kNA
Network Support Engineer2$72k
Sharepoint Administrator1$71kNA
Regional Product Manager Tomato1$71kNA
Cost Accounting Lead1$71kNA
Senior Capital Analyst1$71kNA
Chemical Engineer2$71k
Scientific Business Analyst7$71k
Process Engineer6$71k
Electrical Engineer2$70k
Junior Software Architect1$70kNA
IT Technical Lead1$70kNA
Lan International Accountant1$70kNA
Automation Engineer1$70kNA
Branded Business Analyst1$70kNA
Technology Development Representative Associate8$69k
Intermediate Application Developer1$69kNA
Accountant And Auditor2$69k
Computer Software Engineer Application3$68k
Technology Development Associate1$68kNA
Apm Marketing Manager1$68kNA
Process And Production Engineer1$68kNA
Research Associate III1$67kNA
Seed Cost Analyst1$67kNA
Natural Sciences Manager1$66kNA
U S Soybean Prefoundation Cost Analyst1$66kNA
Software Engineer1$65kNA
Pipeline Process Analyst1$65kNA
Environmental Engineer1$65kNA
Line Development Breeder Postdoctoral1$65kNA
Civil Structural Engineer1$65kNA
Agronomic Research Manager2$65kNA
Global Chemistry Financial Analyst1$65kNA
Vegetable Crop Analyst2$65k
Mechanical Robotics Engineer1$65kNA
Global Crop Analyst1$64kNA
Computer System Analyst3$64k
Technology Development Assistant1$64kNA
Icb Coordinator1$64kNA
IT Project Manager1$64kNA
Corn Parent Seed Coordinator1$64kNA
Functional Architect3$63k
Trait Integration Manager3$63k
Molecular Biology Research Associate1$63kNA
Operations Supervisor Prefoundation Associate2$62k
Trait Deployment Coordinator1$62kNA
Computer Software Engineer Apps1$62kNA
Global Payables Services Business System Analyst1$62kNA
Staff Auditor1$62kNA
Application Database Administrator1$62kNA
Manager All Other1$62kNA
Test Coordinator R D Application Software Testin1$61kNA
IT Analyst1$61kNA
Conversion Center Field Processing Associate1$61kNA
Regulatory Agronomy Manager2$61k
Double Haploid1$60kNA
Pi Developer1$60kNA
Business System Analyst1$60kNA
Data Analysis Scientist1$60kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$60kNA
Category Manager1$60kNA
Java Developer2$59k
Its Administrator1$59kNA
Business Analyst Support1$59kNA
Sustainable Yield Economic Communications Analyst1$59kNA
Field Research Associate4$59k
Senior Research Associate1$59kNA
Research Associate30$59k
Financial Auditor1$59kNA
Science Software Application Support Specialist1$58kNA
Technology Development Trainee1$58kNA
Economic Research Specialist1$58kNA
Project Manager2$58k
Manufacturing IT Business Analyst1$57kNA
Molecular Biologist1$57kNA
Financial Analyst1$57kNA
Quality Management Business Analyst1$57kNA
Dh Laboratory Optimization Research Associate1$57kNA
Lab Research Associate1$57kNA
Solution Manager Business Analyst1$57kNA
Global Sourcing And Procurement Buyer3$57k
Global Sourcing And Procurement Specialist3$57k
Associate Research Statistician1$57kNA
Deployment Research Associate1$56kNA
Research Associate II3$56k
Portfolio Team Specialist1$56kNA
Dairy Business Representative1$56kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$55kNA
Staff Financial Auditor1$55kNA
Area Market Manager1$55kNA
Web Management Administrator1$55kNA
Application Support Specialist1$55kNA
Financial Manager1$55kNA
Field Reserach Associate1$54kNA
Us Seed Cost Analyst Specialty Crops1$54kNA
IT Technical Analyst3$53k
Operations Supervisor I1$53kNA
Postdoctoral Research Scientist1$53kNA
Seeds Operations Supervisor I1$53kNA
Electrical Process Engineer1$53kNA
Nursery And Greenhouse Manager2$53k
Hr Generalist2$53k
Process Control Engineer1$52kNA
Credit Analyst1$52kNA
Soybean Pathologist1$52kNA
Intercompany Analyst1$52kNA
General Ledger Accountant1$52kNA
International Accountant Argentina1$52kNA
Fixed Asset Accountant1$52kNA
International Accountant2$52k
Seed Quality Supervisor3$51k
Postdoctoral Scientist3$51k
Research Operations Assistant2$51k
Research Assistant9$51k
Greenhouse Manager1$50kNA
Intermediate Cost Accountant1$50kNA
Research Associate I1$50kNA
Research Associate Insectary1$50kNA
Cost Analyst7$49k
Field Research Assistant1$46kNA
Molecular Analyst1$45kNA
Postdoctoral Animal Scientist1$45kNA
Sample Preparation Analyst1$41kNA
Research Assistant II1$40kNA