Microsoft Salary

A total of 41,705 real salary data listed for Microsoft.

Salary Average: $98,710
Salary Range: $23,296

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Program Manager IIMicrosoft$1,075kRedmond, WA (03/2008)
Lead Software Development EngneerMicrosoft$1,036kRedmond, WA (07/2006)
Support Escalation EngineerMicrosoft$1,034kIrving, TX (01/2008)
Software Development EngineerMicrosoft$889kRedmond, WA (11/2009)
Software Development Engineer In TestMicrosoft$881kRedmond, WA (02/2008)
Software Design EngineerMicrosoft$880kRedmond, WA (03/2004)
Premier Field EngineerMicrosoft$870kCharlotte, NC (06/2008)
Software Development EngineerMicrosoft$836kRedmond, WA (03/2009)
Program ManagerMicrosoft$825kRedmond, WA (05/2007)
Software Design Engineer In TestMicrosoft$789kRedmond, WA (09/2007)
Software Development EngineerMicrosoft$766kRedmond, WA (05/2005)
Software Development Engineer TestMicrosoft$755kRedmond, WA (03/2006)
Software Localization EngineerMicrosoft$753kRedmond, WA (02/2006)
Software Development EngineerMicrosoft$635kBoston, MA (07/2006)
Software Development Engineer In TestMicrosoft$576kRedmond, WA (05/2006)
Director Isv Dev ExperienceMicrosoft$347kRedmond, WA (11/2009)
Corporate VPMicrosoft$305kRedmond, WA (11/2009)
Corporate VP Cfo Online ServicesMicrosoft$290kRedmond, WA (03/2009)
Senior Financial AnalystMicrosoft$282kRedmond, WA (03/2006)
VP 80Microsoft$275kRedmond, WA (11/2003)