Michigan Technological University Jobs

A total of 61 Michigan Technological University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $63,263
Salary Range: $29,993

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Provost And VP For Academic Affairs1$200kNA
Business Teacher Postsecondary6$110k
Political Science Teacher Postsecondary1$89kNA
Engineering Teacher Postsecondary8$81k
Assistant Profesor1$80kNA
Research Associate Professor1$80kNA
Research Assistant Professor Assistant Professor1$77kNA
Atmospheric Earth Marine And Space Sciences Teacher Postsecondary1$76kNA
Director Alumni Relations1$75kNA
Assistant Professor134$72k
Research Assistant Professor6$72k
Environmental Engineer1$72kNA
Principle Lecturer1$71kNA
Economics Teacher Postsecondary1$69kNA
Communications Teacher Postsecondary1$69kNA
Principal Lecturer2$68k
Psychology Teacher Postsecondary1$67kNA
25 10431$67kNA
Physics Teacher Postsecondary1$66kNA
Asssitant Professor1$65kNA
Associate Professor1$65kNA
Chemistry Teacher Postsecondary1$64kNA
Senior Academic Consultant2$64k
Mathematical Science Teacher Postsecondary3$63k
Recreation And Fitness Studies Teacher Postsecondary1$62kNA
Research Engineer2$61k
Teacher And Instructor1$60kNA
Senior IT Support Specialist1$60kNA
Computer And Information Research Scientist1$60kNA
Senior Lecturer1$60kNA
Foreign Language And Literature Teacher Postsecondary1$60kNA
Programmer Analyst2$59k
Research Assistant Professsor1$57kNA
Vst Associate Professor1$52kNA
Postdoctoral Physicist1$50kNA
Computer Programmer1$49kNA
Civil Engineer2$49k
Assistant Hockey Coach2$48k
Visiting Assistant Professor17$47k
Postdoctoral Research Associate13$46k
Postdoctoral Associate2$46k
Postdoctoral Research Assistant7$45k
Assistant Research Scientist Research Engineering1$45kNA
Senior System Administrator Programmer1$45kNA
Associate Research Scientist1$45kNA
Laboratory Safety Scientist1$42kNA
Research Associate2$42kNA
Research Scientist4$41k
System Administrator I1$40kNA
Assistant Research Scientist2$39k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow6$38k
Postdoctoral Researcher2$35kNA
Strength And Conditioning Coach2$34k
Postdoctoral Research Scientist15$33k
Visiting Scientist1$32kNA
Catering Manager2$32k