Metlife Group Jobs

A total of 260 Metlife Group jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $83,852
Salary Range: $27,200

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Vp Reg Chief Information Officer Asia Pacific2$320kNA
Svp Enterprise Infrast Architecture1$315kNA
Chief Communications Officer1$315kNA
VP International Controller1$250kNA
Chief Talent Officer And Senior VP1$250kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$230kNA
VP Enterprise Strategy1$205kNA
Actuarial Process Development VP1$187kNA
VP And Actuary1$171kNA
VP And Actuary Actuarial Process Deve1$171kNA
Vp Finance1$165kNA
VP Investment Controller1$149kNA
Assistant VP Sales Enablement1$147kNA
Assistant VP Strategy Planning1$146kNA
Avp Global Employee Benefits Strategy Implementat1$139kNA
Vp Regional Chief Info Officer Asia Pacific2$135k
Avp Talent Lead Americas Core Process1$135kNA
Director Of Application Development3$134k
Assistant VP Life Business Line1$133kNA
Assistant Vp And Actuary Alm International Europ1$133kNA
Assistant VP Actuary Alm Internati1$132kNA
Financial Manager Branch Or Department2$131k
Avp International Planning And Analytics1$131kNA
IT Regional Director1$131kNA
Director Business Planning And Strategy1$131kNA
Director Program1$131kNA
Assistant VP Business Planning1$124kNA
IT Application Development Manager2$123kNA
Director Actuary3$122k
Vp International Technology Asia Region1$121kNA
Director Capital Management1$120kNA
Manager Engineering Appl Integration Middlewa1$120kNA
Senior Actuary1$120kNA
Actuarial Audit Senior Manager1$118kNA
Senior Oracle Database Administrator1$117kNA
Director Risk Management1$115kNA
Associate Director2$115k
Accountant And Auditor1$115kNA
Associate Director International Portfolio Manage1$115kNA
Lead Business Development1$115kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application5$114k
Associate Director International Portfolio Manag2$113k
Senior Technical Support Specialist1$113kNA
Asssitant VP Technical Accounting1$112kNA
Director Marketing Us Sponsored Direct1$110kNA
Websphere Infrast Arch App Sol Middleware Eng S1$109kNA
Avp Customer Experience Process Efficiency1$109kNA
Director Strategic Planning1$109kNA
Application Development Manager1$109kNA
Assistant VP3$107k
Software Developer Application3$107k
Lead Engineer App Integration1$107kNA
Senior Integration Engineer1$106kNA
Reserving Consultant1$106kNA
Regulatory Compliance Manager1$106kNA
Actuarial Audit Manager1$106kNA
Pricing Actuary2$105k
Lead Business Development Consultant1$105kNA
Senior Market Risk Quantitative Analyst1$105kNA
Director Of Project Management2$105kNA
Manager Application Development2$104k
Director Affinity Business Development1$103kNA
Corporate Financial Actuary1$102kNA
International Customer Svc Operations Director1$102kNA
Lead Architect1$102kNA
Lead Middleware Engineer2$102kNA
Lead Credit Risk Analyst1$100kNA
Senior Communications Consultant1$100kNA
Director Reinsurance Audit Controls1$100kNA
Manager Software Development Engineer2$100kNA
IT Audit Manager6$99k
IT Relationship Project Lead1$98kNA
Production Management Senior Lead II1$98kNA
Lead Application Solution Middleware Engineer1$97kNA
Senior Lead Production Management1$97kNA
Project Management Office1$97kNA
Senior Business Strategy Consultant1$97kNA
Clarity Information System Consultant1$96kNA
Managing Associate Actuary1$96kNA
Senior Quantitative Analyst1$95kNA
Human Resources Business Consultant1$95kNA
Senior Technical Software Specialist1$95kNA
Senior Market Risk Analyst1$94kNA
Senior Research Consultant1$94kNA
Investment Manager1$94kNA
Financial Services Representative1$94kNA
Assistant VP Of Financial Reporting1$93kNA
Senior Business Planning Strategy Consultant III1$93kNA
Financial Analyst12$93k
Senior Project Lead Ad2$92k
Senior Programmer Analyst2$92kNA
Financial Manager2$92k
IT Vendor Contract Analyst1$91kNA
Manager Finance2$90k
Assistant Compliance Director1$90kNA
Agency Director1$90kNA
Financial Accountant1$90kNA
Information System Specialist2$90k
Senior Software Development Engineer2$89k
Senior Software Development Engineer II2$89kNA
Senior Software Developer Engineer1$89kNA
Senior Software Development Engineer Java1$89kNA
Director Business Process Optimization2$88k
Senior Application Architect2$88kNA
Computer System Analyst9$88k
Lead Actuarial Consultant3$88k
Senior Databse Administrator1$87kNA
Senior Software Engineer1$87kNA
IT Security Consultant1$87kNA
Project Manager9$87k
Websphere Portal Developer1$87kNA
Mobile Lead Business System Analyst1$87kNA
Software Develop Engineer II1$87kNA
Senior Project Lead Sde1$87kNA
Senior Enterprise Infrastructure Engineer1$87kNA
Associate Actuary5$87k
Facilities Project Management Lead1$86kNA
Senior Business Planning Strategy Consultant2$86k
Dir Financial And Strategic Planning Intl1$86kNA
Senior Internet Engineer10$86k
Associate Portfolio Analytics Strategy Support2$86k
Senior Project Lead5$85k
Audit Manager5$85k
Director Actuarial Services1$85kNA
Director Project Management1$84kNA
IT Ad Manager1$84kNA
Technical Lead1$84kNA
Senior Software System Engineer3$84k
Manager Of Application Development1$83kNA
Lead Middleware Administrator1$83kNA
Senior Actuarial Associate22$83k
Senior System Management Engineer2$82k
Senior Network Engineer1$82kNA
System Consultant1$82kNA
Mergers Acquisitions Consultant2$82kNA
Senior Database Administrator10$81k
Capital Management Associate2$81k
Senior Internet Technical Specialist2$81k
Operations Manager1$81kNA
Senior Actuarial Consultant11$81k
Mergers And Acquisitions Consultant3$81k
Senior IT Auditor6$80k
Manager Sales Support Client Management1$80kNA
Senior Internet Business Analyst Marketing Websit1$80kNA
Senior IT Application Architect11$79k
Senior Application Solution Middleware Engineer1$79kNA
Software Development Engineer II Java1$79kNA
Senior Application Solutions Middleware Engineer1$79kNA
Information System Consultant84$79k
Senior Middleware Administrator5$79k
Project Leader3$79k
Senior Business Planning Consultant1$78kNA
Software Development Engineer5$78k
Procurement Sourcing Consultant1$77kNA
System Analyst Performance Tester2$77k
Accounting Manager1$77kNA
Business Procedures Consultant II1$77kNA
Actuarial Consultant II2$77k
Accounting Consultant2$76k
Operations Research Analyst1$76kNA
Software Development Engineer II2$75k
Database Administrator2$75k
Senior Quality Assurance Consultant1$75kNA
International Compensation And Benefits Consultant1$75kNA
International Strategy Business Analyst1$75kNA
Program Manager International Business2$75k
Strategic Planning Consultant1$75kNA
Senior Planning Business Development Consultant1$74kNA
Ebusiness Segment Manager1$74kNA
Senior IT Risk Management Consultant1$73kNA
Captial Management Associate1$72kNA
Market Research Analyst1$72kNA
Business Practice Consultant1$72kNA
Internet Engineer3$72k
Medical Network Development Specialist2$72k
Senior Business Consultant2$71k
Research Consultant3$71k
Actuarial Associate14$70k
Research Consultant Quantitative Research Mode1$70kNA
Senior Busniness Consultant1$70kNA
Software Development Engineer Mainframe1$70kNA
Investment Analyst4$70k
Underwriting Consultant1$70kNA
E Business Consultant1$69kNA
Senior Qa Consultant2$69k
System Analyst93$69k
Technology Liaison1$69kNA
Assistant Supplier Sourcing Consultant1$69kNA
Senior Account Executive1$69kNA
Senior Auditor13$69k
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$68kNA
Business System Analyst4$68k
Advertising Associate1$68kNA
Senior Unix Administrator1$68kNA
Business Project Lead1$68kNA
Senior Financial Consultant1$67kNA
Senior Marketing Consultant7$67k
Manager Proposal Unit1$67kNA
Reserving Analyst1$67kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst5$67k
Marketing Analyst1$66kNA
Prorammer Analyst1$66kNA
Financial Consultant4$65k
Pmo Analyst1$65kNA
Senior Business System Analyst1$65kNA
Supervisor II1$65kNA
Asset Liability Manager1$64kNA
Project Lead2$64k
Senior Research Assistant1$62kNA
Senior Financial Analyst4$62k
Structured Settlements Consultant1$62kNA
Credit Risk Analyst1$61kNA
Accounting Consultant Technical Accounting1$61kNA
Actuarial Consultant11$60k
Senior Qa Analyst2$60kNA
Portfolio Credit Risk Analyst1$60kNA
Associate Capacity Performance Analyst1$59kNA
Quantitative Financial Consultant1$59kNA
Actuarial Assistant7$58k
Programmer Analyst3$58k
Marketing Consultant1$58kNA
Pooling Captive Analyst1$57kNA
Quality Assurance Consultant1$56kNA
System Analsyt1$56kNA
Data Analyst1$56kNA
Market Research Consultant1$56kNA
Production Illustration Analyst1$56kNA
Senior Accountant2$55kNA
Account Executive2$55k
Junior Risk Management Analyst1$54kNA
Product Illustration Consultant1$54kNA
Forecasting Analyst1$51kNA
Illustration Product Analyst1$51kNA
Customer Reporting Analyst1$50kNA
Marketing Research Consultant1$49kNA
Associate Quality Assurance Analyst1$48kNA
Business Procedures Consultant1$48kNA
Associate Accountant2$47k
Credit Analyst1$46kNA
Product Illustration Analyst2$45k
Associate Production Management Analyst1$45kNA
Assistant Operations Manager1$44kNA
Mutual Fund And Separate Account Associate1$44kNA
Accounting Project Specialist1$42kNA
Senior Account Policy Manager1$41kNA
Data Production Analyst1$40kNA
Case Management Specialist2$40k
Associate Financial Analyst1$40kNA
Business Procedure Consultant1$40kNA
Business Analyst4$38k
Marketing Representative1$35kNA
In Langauge Supervisor1$34kNA
Customer Service Specialist1$32kNA