Merck Salary

A total of 952 real salary data listed for Merck.

Salary Average: $77,982
Salary Range: $38,293

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Senior Vp Global ProcurementMerck$300kWhitehouse Station, NJ (01/2008)
Global Commercial Leader VaccinesMerck$225kWest Point, PA (10/2011)
Executive Director Business Information ResearcMerck$222kWhitehouse Station, NJ (08/2006)
Executive Director Business Information ResearcMerck$222kWhitehouse Station, NJ (11/2005)
Senior Executive Director Marketing Research OMerck$200kWhitehouse Station, NJ (03/2006)
VP OncologyMerck$189kWhitehouse Station, NJ (07/2005)
VP Indirect SpendMerck$189kWhitehouse Station, NJ (03/2005)
Global Franchise Leader Therapeutic Skincare AndMerck$178kSummit, NJ (07/2011)
Director Senior StaffMerck$167kBlue Bell, PA (01/2005)
Associate Director Clinical PharmacologyMerck$157kBlue Bell, PA (03/2006)
Director Scientific StaffMerck$157kBlue Bell, PA (02/2006)
Central Chemistry Team LeadMerck$147kWhitehouse Station, NJ (10/2009)
LawyerMerck$147kHialeah, FL (11/2006)
Director Clinical ResearchMerck$144kWhitehouse Station, NJ (04/2007)
Senior AttorneyMerck$142kWhitehouse Station, NJ (03/2007)
Director OncologyMerck$141kWhitehouse Station, NJ (12/2005)
Exec Director Business Information ResearchMerck$141kWhitehouse Station, NJ (05/2005)
Senior Director Epidemiology Scientific StaffMerck$141kNorth Wales, PA (12/2007)
Associate Director Clinical PharmacologyMerck$138kRahway, NJ (08/2004)
Director Clinical ResearchMerck$138kRahway, NJ (08/2004)