Mercer Human Resource Consulting Jobs

A total of 114 Mercer Human Resource Consulting jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $73,752
Salary Range: $28,460

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Practice Leader1$158kNA
Senior Retirement Consultant1$140kNA
International Actuarial Associate1$123kNA
Senior International Consultant23$119k
Senior International Benefits Consultant1$117kNA
Global Collaborative Solutions Program Manager1$117kNA
Senior Associate Defined Benefit Consultant1$108kNA
International Actuary1$107kNA
International Actuary Associate1$107kNA
Healthcare Consultant1$106kNA
Compensation And Benefits Manager1$103kNA
Senior Developer1$103kNA
Actuarial Associate1$102kNA
Health Care Consultant3$101k
Compensation Consultant1$100kNA
Erisa Attorney1$100kNA
Senior Defined Benefits Consultant3$99k
Lead Software Developer E Business Web Solutions1$97kNA
Associate Hr Effectiveness1$95kNA
Lead Developer Software Architect1$95kNA
Peoplesoft Business Analyst3$95k
Investment Actuary1$93kNA
Project Manager5$92k
Management Consultant1$92kNA
Compensation Rewards Consultant1$90kNA
Senior Associate Health Benefits1$90kNA
Retirement Actuarial Consultant2$88k
Senior Associate2$88k
Senior Consultant4$88k
International Actuarial Consultant2$88k
Management Consultant Peoplesoft Business Analyst1$85kNA
Management Consultant Peoplesoft Business Analys1$85kNA
Defined Benefits Actuarial Consultant1$84kNA
International Consultant9$84k
Implementation Consultant Specialist2$82kNA
Unix System Administrator3$82k
Defined Benefits Consultant5$82k
Application Developer Knowledge Manager1$81kNA
Consultant Healthcare Group Benefits1$81kNA
Actuarial Consultant10$80k
Executive Compensation Consultant1$80kNA
Business System Analyst1$80kNA
Implementation Consulting Specialist1$80kNA
Retirement Actuarial Analyst2$79k
Financial Analyst2$79k
Consulting Associate3$78k
Implentation Consulting Specialist1$78kNA
Technical Analyst1$75kNA
Senior Net Programmer2$75k
Application Development Specialist1$74kNA
Senior Investment Consultant2$74k
Consulting Actuary2$74k
Senior Info Management Cord Web Data App Prog4$74k
Human Capital Consultant1$73kNA
Web Database Application Programmer2$71k
Consultant Technical Writer2$71k
Computer Software Engineer Application1$70kNA
Financial Specialist1$70kNA
Senior Actuarial Analyst9$70k
Senior Actuarial Consultant1$69kNA
Senior Software Developer1$67kNA
Health Care Group Benefits Analyst1$67kNA
Investment Consultant2$66k
Data Specialist1$65kNA
Consulting Analyst Workforce Stategies1$65kNA
Defined Benefit Analyst1$64kNA
Defined Benefits Consulting Analyst3$64k
Health Care Data Analyst1$63kNA
Application Programmer2$63k
Defined Benefits Analyst3$63k
Informatics Sas Analyst2$63k
Actuarial Analyst80$62k
International Consulting Analyst4$62k
Sas Health Care Statistician1$60kNA
Retirement Service Center Team Leader2$60kNA
Communications Analyst1$60kNA
Senior Analyst2$60k
Executive Compensation Analyst2$58k
Government Actuarial Associate2$58k
Benefit Valuation Consultant1$58kNA
Consulting Analyst11$56k
Defined Benefit Consulting Analyst3$56k
Investment Consulting Analyst4$56k
Senior Defined Benefits Consulting Analyst1$55kNA
Retirement Associate Actuary3$55k
Implementation Analyst1$54kNA
Employee Research Analyst1$54kNA
Consulting Compensation Analyst1$54kNA
Enterprise Analyst1$52kNA
Programmer Analyst2$52k
Marketing Coordinator2$51k
Retirement Analyst1$50kNA
Compensation Analyst1$50kNA
Computer System Analyst1$49kNA
Programming Analyst1$48kNA
Actuarial Consulting Analyst3$47k
Compensation Benefits And Job Analysis Specialists1$46kNA
Client Services Analyst3$45k
Client Services Business Analyst1$45kNA
Retirement Administrator1$45kNA
Business Analyst1$45kNA
Benefits Analyst1$45kNA
Staff Accountant1$44kNA
Consulting Actuarial Analyst1$43kNA
Benefit Consulting Analyst1$42kNA
Knowledge Administrator1$40kNA
Benefit Communication Specialist1$30kNA