Menlo Park Salary, CA

A total of 95,875 real salary data found within 10 miles of Menlo Park, CA.

Salary Average: $94,341
Salary Range: $10,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Software Design EngineerHewlett Packard$93kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Software DesignerHewlett Packard$95kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Software Design EngineerHewlett Packard$95kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Hardware Design Engineer Emc EngineerHewlett Packard$81kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Software EngineerLuminous Networks$72kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Senior Quality Assurance EngineerOblix$95kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Asic Design DirectorBaleen Systems$90kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Supervisor HrisSymantec$90kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Civil EngineerCraftsman S Guild$65kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Senior Software EngineerWave Systems$77kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Network AdministratorE Commerce Technology$40kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Database AdministratorNetmanage$92kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Software EngineerGenus Software$45kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Software Development EngineerHewlett Packard$52kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Software EngineerEpairs$62kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Vp Business DevelopmentVyyo$135kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Software EngineerApple Computer$90kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Computer System AnalystApple Computer$70kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystTechquest International$44kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
Network EngineerEmbedded Software Development Systems$60kCupertino, CA (01/2003)