Medical University Of South Carolina Jobs

A total of 73 Medical University Of South Carolina jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $64,570
Salary Range: $29,994

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Assistant Professor Radiologist2$336k
Assistant Professor Academic Anesthesiologist1$250kNA
Physician Assistant Professor1$200kNA
Physician Pathologist2$160kNA
Cardiologist Assistant Professor Of Medicine1$155kNA
Gastroenterologist Assistant Professor1$153kNA
Associate Professor2$150k
Instructor Of Medicine2$145k
Instructor Of Medicine Endocrinologist1$133kNA
Assistant Professor Neurologist1$129kNA
Attending Physician Ass T Prof Div Of Endo Dept1$129kNA
Health Specialties Teacher Postsecondary1$120kNA
Physician Staff Anatomical Clinical Pathologist2$115kNA
Assistant Professor21$101k
Clinical Instructor5$96k
Pgy VII Neurotology Fellow1$77kNA
Data Base System Manager Biostatistican1$76kNA
Biomedical Engineer1$70kNA
Nuclear Magnetic Residence Manager1$63kNA
Research Associate8$62k
Staff Scientist II2$60k
Research Assistant Professor17$60k
Resident Physician Pgy VII1$60kNA
Clinical Fellow1$59kNA
Interventional Cardiology Fellow1$57kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists1$57kNA
Pgy VI Neurotology Fellow1$56kNA
Neuroradiology Fellow1$56kNA
Pgy5 Fellow1$55kNA
Medical Resident Pgy VI2$55kNA
Post Graduate Year VI Medical Fellow2$55kNA
Infectious Disease Fellow2$54k
Information Resource Consultant II3$53k
Pgy4 Resident Physician1$53kNA
Subspecialty Resident Fellow Pgy51$53kNA
Resident Physician Fellow Pgy5 Infectious Diseas1$53kNA
Pgy IV Fellow Hematology Oncology1$52kNA
System Analyst II1$52kNA
Medical Resident Pgy V1$52kNA
Research Instructor11$52k
Pgy III Clinical Fellow1$51kNA
Hematology Oncology Medical Resident Pgy43$51k
Resident Physician Pgy IV1$51kNA
Medical Resident Pgy42$51kNA
Resident Physician Pgy III1$50kNA
Medical Resident Pgy IV2$50k
Staff Scientist4$50k
Resident Physician Fellow1$50kNA
System Developer I1$49kNA
Resident Pgy21$49kNA
Cardiology Fellow1$48kNA
Resident Physician Pgy II1$48kNA
Physician Resident Pgy II1$48kNA
Research Fellow1$47kNA
Medical Resident Pgy II1$46kNA
General Surgery Urology Resident Pgy I1$46kNA
Psychiatry Resident Pgy11$46kNA
Post Graduate Year I Psychiatry Resident1$46kNA
Program Coordinator I1$46kNA
Clinical Chemistry Fellow1$46kNA
Postgraduate Year I Medical Resident1$46kNA
Information Resources Consultant II2$45kNA
Information Resources Consulatant II1$45kNA
Staff Scientist I13$45k
Postdoctoral Fellow33$43k
Research Specialist III2$42k
Postdoctoral Scholar58$42k
Postdoctoral Research Associate1$41kNA
Research Sepcialist II1$38kNA
Research Specialist II13$36k
Medical Secretaries1$30kNA