Mcafee Salary

A total of 636 real salary data listed for Mcafee.

Salary Average: $90,749
Salary Range: $25,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Senior Director Of Corporate StrategyMcafee$190kSanta Clara, CA (05/2012)
Director Of ConsultingMcafee$190kSanta Clara, CA (07/2005)
Sales ManagerMcafee$190kSanta Clara, CA (04/2010)
V P Global Business Development Strategic SalesMcafee$181kPlano, TX (02/2009)
Director Of ConsultingMcafee$180kWestborough, MA (11/2004)
Senior Director Of EngineeringMcafee$175kSanta Clara, CA (09/2012)
Director Service Level ManagementMcafee$175kSanta Clara, CA (08/2012)
Director Of ConsultingMcafee$170kSanta Clara, CA (06/2005)
Network Computer System AdministMcafee$170kSanta Clara, CA (11/2006)
Marketing ManagerMcafee$164kBeaverton, OR (06/2011)
Computer And Information System MangersMcafee$160kSanta Clara, CA (03/2012)
Seniro Software EngineerMcafee$157kPlano, TX (07/2007)
Sales EngineerMcafee$140kSanta Clara, CA (06/2011)
Autonomy Interwoven Teamsite ArchitectMcafee$140kSanta Clara, CA (03/2012)
Product Manager Director Of Partner MarketingMcafee$138kPhoenix, AZ (01/2005)
Software Engineer Software Development ManagerMcafee$137kPlano, TX (11/2006)
Software EngineerMcafee$134kSunnyvale, CA (06/2005)
Senior Manager Marketing And Product EducationMcafee$134kSanta Clara, CA (01/2008)
Software EngineerMcafee$133kSanta Clara, CA (10/2012)
Software Developer ApplicationMcafee$133kSanta Clara, CA (04/2013)