Mattel Jobs

A total of 127 Mattel jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $88,997
Salary Range: $42,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Director Corporate Strategic Planning1$210kNA
VP Product Design3$191k
Director Creative2$161k
Director Tax1$158kNA
Director Corporate Strategic Planning1$150kNA
Corporate Securities Counsel1$150kNA
Industrial Designer1$149kNA
Director Creative Design2$146k
Director Strategic Planning1$144kNA
Director Product Design1$142kNA
Principal Solution Architect1$140kNA
Principal Solutions Architect Agile Plm1$130kNA
Lead Integration Architect1$125kNA
Senior Manager International Strategic Planning2$124k
Senior Marketing Manager1$117kNA
IT Manager1$115kNA
Data Warehouse Lead Analyst1$113kNA
Lead Business Analyst1$112kNA
Manager Digital Marketing1$110kNA
Management Analyst1$110kNA
Lead System Development Analyst1$108kNA
Staff Project Manager1$108kNA
Lead Database Administrator2$107kNA
Manager Marketing2$107k
Manager Strategic Planning2$106k
Strategic Planning Manager1$103kNA
Product Design Manager2$102k
Manager Hot Wheels Design1$102kNA
Senior Associate5$102k
Lead Sql Dba1$102kNA
Division Manufacturing Cost Manager1$100kNA
Senior Associate Strategy1$100kNA
Manager Strategic Planning Business Development1$100kNA
Marketing Manager6$100k
Manager Matchbox Design1$99kNA
Manager Finance1$99kNA
Lead Application System2$99k
Staff Designer1$97kNA
Computer System Analyst2$96k
Associate Manager Global Brand Marketing1$95kNA
Global IT Senior Business Analyst Legal1$95kNA
Lead Data Warehouse Specialist1$95kNA
Senior Analyst Human Resources1$95kNA
Brand Manager1$95kNA
Marketing Manager Girls Intl Mktg1$95kNA
Manager Import Export Transportation1$94kNA
Finance Manager Analyst1$94kNA
Business Analysis Spec IT1$94kNA
Business Intelligence Specialist1$94kNA
Dw Business Intelligence Specialist1$94kNA
Cognos Bi System Analyst Specialist1$93kNA
System Analyst Data Warehouse Specialist1$93kNA
Staff Engineer Rc Electronics1$93kNA
Accountant And Auditor1$93kNA
System Development Specialist1$93kNA
Data Warehouse Specialist Etl Developer1$90kNA
Business Intelligence Analyst Specialist1$90kNA
Senior Supply Chain Analyst1$90kNA
Human Resources Manager1$90kNA
Staff Engineer1$90kNA
Senior Analyst2$90kNA
Senior Business Analyst IT2$90k
Network And Computer System Administrator1$90kNA
Specialist Database Administrator2$89k
Data Warehouse Specialist4$89k
Lead Data Warehouse Dba1$88kNA
Associate Marketing Manager4$88k
Specialist Application Development1$87kNA
Industrial Engineer3$86k
Senior Project Engineer Worldwide Environmental A1$86kNA
Associate Marketing Manager Boys Ip Global Brand1$85kNA
Cognos Developer Data Warehouse Specialist1$85kNA
Manager Sourcing1$84kNA
Senior Financial Analyst31$84k
Senior Application Dev Analyst1$83kNA
Electrical Engineer Product Design1$83kNA
Specialist Programmer Analyst1$83kNA
Senior Financial Analyst Accountant1$82kNA
Project Engineer Worldwide Environmental Affairs1$82kNA
System Analyst Specialist1$81kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$81kNA
Senior Consumer Insights Anlyst1$80kNA
Project Engineer4$78k
Senior Business Analyst1$78kNA
Senior Chemist2$78k
Associate Brand Manager5$77k
Senior Programmer Analyst1$77kNA
Senior Associate Strategic Planning3$77k
Senior Web Developer2$77k
Senior System Developer1$75kNA
Associate Producer Website Projects3$75k
Senior Application Development Analyst2$74k
Assistant Brand Manager Hot Wheels1$73kNA
Project Designer9$72k
Commercial And Industrial Designer3$72k
Senior Digital Product Developer1$72kNA
Senior Category Sales Analyst1$72kNA
Project Engineer Industrial2$72k
Senior Designer2$71k
Planning Specialist1$70kNA
Demand Planning Manager1$70kNA
Project Industrial Engineer1$68kNA
Financial Analyst5$68k
Programmer Analyst3$66k
Senior Designer Industrial Designer2$66k
Senior Tax Analyst1$65kNA
Logistics Analyst1$65kNA
Senior Industrial Engineer2$63k
Senior Project Designer2$60k
Cost Engineer2$59k
Database Specialist1$59kNA
Associate Brand Mktg Specialist1$57kNA
Git Compliance Analyst1$55kNA
Specialist Dba1$55kNA
Database Analyst1$55kNA
Global Engineer1$53kNA
Business System Analyst1$52kNA
Associate Designer6$51k
Application Programmer1$48kNA
Economist Benefits Analyst1$42kNA