Math Teacher High School Employers

A total of 15 math teacher high school employers with salary information listed.

Salary Average: $50,700
Salary Range: $28,510

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EmployerCountAverageSalary Range
Fontana Unified School District6$72k
Connelly School Of The Holy Child1$56kNA
Prince George S County Public Schools2$55k
Leadership Public Schools1$53kNA
Christel House Academy1$52kNA
Vallejo City Unified School District1$50kNA
Ridgefield Memorial High School1$50kNA
Coachella Valley Unified School District1$45kNA
Baltimore City Public School System2$38kNA
Cobb County School District1$37kNA
Taliaferro County School1$34kNA
Darryl John Penner1$31kNA
Victory High School1$30kNA
Satsuma High School1$30kNA
Pitt County Schools1$29kNA