Massachusetts General Hospital Jobs

A total of 489 Massachusetts General Hospital jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $51,130
Salary Range: $25,293

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Chief Orthopedic Trauma1$400kNA
Physician Hematology Oncology1$365kNA
Assistant Radiologist Thoracic Radiology1$210kNA
Staff Radiologist1$205kNA
Assistant Radiologist2$188k
Director Of Operations Cardiology Lab Clipi1$175kNA
Musculoskeletal Staff Radiologist2$170kNA
Associate Neurologist1$170kNA
Assistant In Pathology1$167kNA
Assistant Surgeon1$167kNA
Director Radiotherapy Physics Research1$160kNA
Medical Director Child Adolescent Mental Health1$160kNA
Health Diagnosing And Treating Practitioners All Other1$156kNA
Physician Hospitalist1$155kNA
Pediatric Cardiologist Pediatric Cardiac Intensivi1$150kNA
Assistant In Radiology3$144k
Physician Pediatrician1$143kNA
Pediatric Gastroenterologist1$140kNA
Assisant In Neuroimaging1$140kNA
Assistant In Pediatrics1$140kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other2$139k
Clinical Director Gynecologic Oncology1$139kNA
Staff Psychiatrist1$135kNA
Assistant In Biology13$131k
Assistant In Anesthesia4$126k
Assistant In Medical Imaging1$125kNA
Assistant In Medicine6$119k
Internist General2$118k
Assistant Biophysicist2$117k
Staff Radiation Physicist1$116kNA
Assistant In Medicine Physician1$115kNA
Pediatric Cardiologist Pediatric Cardiac Intensiv1$113kNA
Clinical Assistant In Psychiatry4$113k
Assistant Pathologist1$110kNA
Assistant In Genetics Neurology1$110kNA
Primary Care Physician1$110kNA
Pathologist Assistant2$108k
Asistant In Pathology1$107kNA
Clin Assistant In Psychiatry1$106kNA
Assistant Immunologist7$105k
Associate Neuroscientist2$103k
Assistant Cell Biologist5$101k
Assistant Molecular Pathologist1$100kNA
Associate Physicist2$95k
Assistant Computer Scientist1$95kNA
Assistant Research Scientist2$94k
Staff Physicist1$94kNA
Web Application Architect1$94kNA
Assistant In Psychiatry1$91kNA
Computer And Information System Manager2$90kNA
Staff Scientist1$90kNA
Assistant Physicist Wellman Labs1$90kNA
Project Specialist Development Manager1$88kNA
Accelerator Senior Engineer1$88kNA
Assistant In Biostatistics3$88k
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$87kNA
Mechancial Engineer Non R D1$85kNA
Project Manager Radiology1$85kNA
Program Manager1$84kNA
Assistant In Medical Informatics1$83kNA
Assistant Geneticist1$82kNA
Management Analyst2$82k
Assistant In Imaging1$81kNA
Assistant In Neuroimaging1$80kNA
Assistant In Neuroscience Nmr Center1$80kNA
Research Fellow Radiation Physics1$80kNA
Manager Information Resource Operation Developm1$79kNA
Web Developer4$78k
Team Leader I1$78kNA
Software Engineer System Software1$78kNA
Web Developer II1$77kNA
Senior Research Scientist3$76k
Business System Consultant1$76kNA
Research Team Leader I3$75k
Assistant In Physics Martinos Lab1$75kNA
Assistant Physicist1$75kNA
Assistant Molecular Biologist1$75kNA
Senior Accelerator Engineer1$75kNA
Senior Project Specialist4$75k
Senior Radiation Therapist3$75k
Computer System Analyst Non R D1$74kNA
Assistant Biologist6$74k
Assistant In Pharmacology1$73kNA
Clinical Assistant In Psychology5$73k
Assistant In Neurology2$73k
Biomedical Engineer2$72k
Computer Software Engineer1$70kNA
Assistant To Research Radiology1$70kNA
Research Fellow Nmr Ctr1$70kNA
Research Fellow Biostatistics Center1$70kNA
Research Fellow Director1$70kNA
Advanced Laparascopic Fellow1$70kNA
Team Leader1$70kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Non R D1$68kNA
Software Engineer4$68k
Assistant In Physics3$67k
Medical And Public Health Social Worker1$66kNA
Research Fellow Infectious Diseases1$66kNA
Heart Failure Transplant Fellow1$66kNA
Heart Failure Transplant Fello1$66kNA
Radiologic Technologist1$65kNA
Radiologic Technician III1$65kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst3$65k
Research Fellow Breast Imaging1$65kNA
Program Manager Gynecol Onc1$65kNA
Assistant In Physiology1$65kNA
Research Fellow Nmr1$65kNA
Application Engineer1$65kNA
Project Director1$65kNA
Speech Language Pathologist7$65k
Medical Scientist3$65k
Clinical Counseling And School Psychologist2$64k
Bioinformatics Specialist4$64k
Clinical Research Fellow Cardiac1$63kNA
Clinical Assistant Radiology1$63kNA
Clinical Research Fellow Cardiology1$63kNA
Clinical Fellow Neurology1$63kNA
Clinical Fellow Radiation Oncology1$63kNA
Assistant In Neuroscience15$63k
Clinical Fellow Radiology7$63k
Instructor In Neurology1$62kNA
Research Technologist Radiation Oncology1$62kNA
Programmer Analyst3$62k
Clincia Fellow Geriatrics1$62kNA
Clinical Fellow In Radiology1$62kNA
Clincial Fellow1$61kNA
Clinical Fellow32$61k
Clinical And Research Fellow Infectious Disease1$61kNA
Clinical Assistant In Radiology1$60kNA
Clinical Fellow Rafiology1$60kNA
System Manager3$60k
Financial Analyst1$60kNA
Radiation Therapist1$60kNA
Research Scientist In Radiology1$60kNA
Business System Analyst1$60kNA
Assistant Biomedical Engineer1$60kNA
Assistant In Immunology4$59k
Laboratory Manager1$59kNA
Assistant In Biology Endocrine Unit1$59kNA
Assistant In Biomedical Engineering2$59k
Clinical Fellow Anesthesia1$59kNA
Clincal Fellow1$59kNA
Clinical Fellow Epilepsy1$59kNA
Bioinformatics Specialist I3$58k
Clinical Fellow Pedi Orthopaedics1$58kNA
Clinical Fellow Vascular1$58kNA
Clinical Fellow Cardiac Surgery1$58kNA
Clincial Fellow Cardiac Surgery1$58kNA
Clinical Fellow Pediatric Orthopaedics1$58kNA
Clinical Fellow Cardiology Vascular1$58kNA
Physical Therapist4$58k
Clinical Engineer1$58kNA
Social Worker1$58kNA
Genetic Counselor1$57kNA
Project Coordinator Institute Of Health Policy1$57kNA
Research Scientist4$57k
Clinical Fellow Orthopaedics1$57kNA
Medical Technologist Blood Bank1$56kNA
Medical Technologist II2$56k
Assistant In Research3$56k
Clinical Fellow Cardiac Anesthesia1$56kNA
Clinical Fellow Pathology1$56kNA
Clinical Research Administrator Mass Alzheimer S1$56kNA
Clinical Fellow Cardiology1$55kNA
Clinical Research Fellow Pediatrics1$55kNA
Clincial Fellow Neurology Epilepsy1$55kNA
Clinical Fellow Medicine Geriatrics1$55kNA
Clinical And Research Fellow Gyn Oncology1$55kNA
Clinical Fellow Anesthesiology1$55kNA
Senior Data Analyst1$55kNA
Clinical Research Fellow6$55k
Medical And Clinical Laboratory Technologist3$55k
Research Team Leader2$54k
Assistant In Biohysics1$54kNA
Radiology Technologist III1$53kNA
Research Fellow Neurodegenerative Disease1$53kNA
Assistant In Biochemistry4$53k
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists4$53k
Visiting Scientist1$53kNA
Resident Internal Medicine1$53kNA
Research Fellow Geriatrics1$53kNA
Research Fellow Cimit2$53k
Project Specialist1$52kNA
Statistician Epidemiologist1$52kNA
Project Analyst In Quality Management Safety1$52kNA
Biostatistician Bioinformatics Specialist I1$52kNA
Assistant In Genetics2$52kNA
Research And Clinical Fellow Endocrine1$52kNA
Assistant In Biology Cvrc2$52k
Clinical Research Supervisor1$51kNA
Senior Medical Technologist1$51kNA
Data Analyst I2$51k
Clincial Research Fellow Gi Unit1$51kNA
Research Fellow Anesthesia And Critical Care2$50k
Clincial Research Fellow Cardiac Ultrasound1$50kNA
Clin And Research Fellow Cardiac Ultrasound1$50kNA
Research Fellow Respiratory Critical Care1$50kNA
Research Fellow Anesthes1$50kNA
Clinic Research Fellow Cardiac Ultrasound1$50kNA
Assistant In Molecular Biology1$50kNA
Assistant In Neurobiology1$50kNA
Research Fellow Neuroscience Statistics Lab1$50kNA
Research Fellow Critical Care1$50kNA
Assistant Chemist In Radiology1$50kNA
Biostatistician Epidemiologist1$50kNA
Research Fellow Orthopaedic Biomechanics1$50kNA
Genetic Counselor Cancer Center1$50kNA
Director Small Animal Imaging Facility1$50kNA
Medical Technologist I3$50k
Director Data Mangement1$50kNA
Medical Technologist II Chemistry Lab2$49k
Sytems Manager Gcrc1$49kNA
Research Fellow Anesth Critical Care1$49kNA
Research Fellow Clin Biochem Pharmacology1$49kNA
Clinical And Research Fellow In Pathology1$49kNA
Research Laboratory Manager2$48k
Manager Hospital Cafeteria1$48kNA
Research Fellow Ciid3$48k
Research Fellow Pedi Surgery1$48kNA
Staff Chaplain2$48k
Research Associate13$48k
Research Development Officer1$48kNA
Biostatistician Statistical Geneticist1$47kNA
Research Fellow Orthopaedic Surgery1$47kNA
Research Fellow Pschiatry1$47kNA
Patient Financial Services Supervisor2$47k
Research Fellow Mallinckrodt Lab1$47kNA
Resident In Medicine Pgy I III1$47kNA
Research Fellow Radiology Nmr Ctr1$47kNA
Medical Technologist3$47k
Assistant In Cell Biology2$46k
Assistant In Electrical Engineering1$46kNA
Research Associate Develop Tl Gastroenterology1$46kNA
Research Fellow Anesth Neurosci Neurostat1$46kNA
Research Fellow Medicine3$46k
Clinical And Research Fellow Dermatology1$46kNA
Clinical Psychologist1$46kNA
Research Fellow Molecular Biology1$45kNA
Data Analyst II1$45kNA
Senior Programmer1$45kNA
Neuro Imaging Engineer1$45kNA
Research Fellow Ctr For Reproductive Biology1$45kNA
Marketing And Communications Coord1$45kNA
Research Fellow Deve Immunology1$45kNA
Senior Research Analyst1$45kNA
Research Fellow Engineering In Medicine1$45kNA
Associate In Biology1$45kNA
Research Fellow Allergy Rheumatology1$45kNA
Assistant In Engineering1$45kNA
Research Fellow Wellman Laboratories Dermatology1$45kNA
Biological Technician3$45k
Lab Technologist1$45kNA
Staff Physical Therapist1$45kNA
Research Associate Pulmonary1$44kNA
Research Fellow Immunology Inflam Disease1$44kNA
Research Fellow Ctr Biomedical Imaging1$44kNA
Research Fellow Martinos Ctr Anesthes1$44kNA
Assistant In Radiation Biology1$44kNA
Clinical And Research Fellow Oral Max Surgery1$44kNA
Research Technologist Lab Mgr1$44kNA
Research Technologist Radiology1$44kNA
Research Fellow Pediatrics1$43kNA
Research Associate Renal1$43kNA
Research Fellow Ped Surgery1$43kNA
Research Fellow Pediatric Surgery Research1$43kNA
Biostatistician Clinical1$43kNA
Senior Research Technologist11$43k
Research Laboratory Technologist2$43k
Clinical Trials Coordinator1$43kNA
Research Fellow In Medicine1$43kNA
Research Fellow Cardiovascular Pathology1$43kNA
Research Fellow Radiology Biomedical Imaging2$43k
Research Fellow Surgery8$43k
Research Associate Pulmonary Crit Care Unit2$43k
Research Associate Neurosurgery1$43kNA
Assistant In Neuroanatomy1$43kNA
Research Fellow In Psychiatry Neurodev Genetics1$43kNA
Research Technologist Gi Unit1$43kNA
Medical Interpreter1$43kNA
Research Fellow Transplantation Research Biology1$43kNA
Research Fellow Molecular Surgery Lab1$43kNA
Research Fellow Neurology Service1$43kNA
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator II1$42kNA
Research Fellow Ctr For Human Genetics Research2$42k
Research Fellow Mol Pathology3$42kNA
Research Fellow Molecular Neurogenetics Unit1$42kNA
Research Fellow Ortho Surgery1$42kNA
Project Manager1$42kNA
Research Associate Lab Manager1$42kNA
Research Fellow Radiology Cmir2$42k
Research Fellow Ctr Immunolohy Rheumatology1$42kNA
Research Fellow Wellman1$42kNA
Assistant In Cellular Molec Biology1$42kNA
Research Fellow Immunobiology1$41kNA
Research Fellow464$41k
Research Fellow Cancer Center11$41k
Research Fellow Diabetes4$41k
Research Fellow Transplantation Biology1$40kNA
Research Fellow Pathology5$40k
Research Fellow Anesthesia5$40k
Research Fellow Nmr Center6$40k
Research Fellow Cardiovascular Res Ctr1$40kNA
Market Research Analyst And Marketing Specialist1$40kNA
Research Fellow Neurosurgery4$40k
Research Fellow Wellman Labs Of Photomedicine1$40kNA
Research Fellow Molecular Surgery1$40kNA
Research Fellow Reproductive Endocrine Unit3$40kNA
Research Fellow Vascular Surgery1$40kNA
Research Fellow Pediatric Hematology1$40kNA
Clin Research Fellow Oral Maxillofacial Surgery1$40kNA
Research Fellow Neuroradiology1$40kNA
Research Fellow Oral Maxillofacial Surgery2$40kNA
Computer Programmer Radiation Oncology1$40kNA
Research Fellow Deve Neurobiology1$40kNA
Senior Research Fellow1$40kNA
Research Fellow In Neurology1$40kNA
Research Fellow Genetics Aging1$40kNA
Research Fellow Martinos Center1$40kNA
Research Fellow In Pathology1$40kNA
Pharmacy Pratice Resident1$40kNA
Research Fellow Molec Neurogenetics4$40k
Research Fellow Hematoloty Oncology1$40kNA
Research Fellow Cellular Neurobiology1$39kNA
Research Fellow Hematology Oncology2$39k
Research Associate Pulmonary And Crit Care Unit1$39kNA
Research Fellow Wellman Labs7$39k
Research Fellow Genetics And Aging2$39k
Research Fellow Neurology12$39k
Research Fellow Center For Engineering In Med2$39k
Research Fellow Mucosal Immunology2$39k
Research Fellow Lab Membrane Biology1$39kNA
Lab Manager1$38kNA
Research Fellow Cvrc8$38k
Research Fellow Radiology19$38k
Data Analyst In Neurology1$38kNA
Clinical Research Fellow Wellman Labs1$38kNA
Research Technologist Molec Neurogene1$38kNA
Research Fellow Aids Researcher1$38kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator10$38k
Research Technologist Gyn Oncology2$38k
Research Fellow Urology Lab1$38kNA
Assistant In Biochemsitry1$38kNA
Research Fellow Pediatrics Cancer Ctr1$38kNA
Reseach Fellow1$38kNA
Research Fellow Molec Surgery Lab1$38kNA
Research Technologist Alzheimer S Research Lab1$38kNA
Research Technologist Transplant Biology1$38kNA
Research Fellow Day Lab2$38k
Research Fellow Burns Surgery1$38kNA
Research Fellow Ctr Molecular Imaging Research1$37kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator II7$37k
Research Fellow Molecular Neurogenetics1$37kNA
Research Technologist Fmri1$37kNA
Research Fellow Infectious Disease1$37kNA
Research Fellow Vincent Ob Gyn2$37k
Research Associate Immunobiology1$37kNA
Research Fellow Ctr For System Biology1$37kNA
Research Fellow Lipid Metabolism1$37kNA
Research Fellow Pediatric Surgery3$37k
Research Technologist Anesthesia2$36k
Research Technologist Neurology2$36k
Research Technologist Molec Neurogenetics Unit1$36kNA
Research Fellow Molec Pathology2$36k
Research Fellow Reproductive Endocrine4$36k
Research Fellow Molec Neurobiology2$36k
Research Fellow Cmir2$36k
Researc H Fellow1$36kNA
Research Fellow Cns Signaling Lab1$36kNA
Medical Technologist Repro Endocrine1$36kNA
Research Technologist Pediatric Infectious Dis1$36kNA
Research Fellow In Surgery Transplantation Bio1$36kNA
Research Fellow In Nmr Center Biomedical Imaging1$36kNA
Life Scientist All Other1$36kNA
Research Technologist Pathology1$36kNA
Research Fellow Surgical Oncology1$36kNA
Clinical And Research Fellow3$36k
Research Fellow Radiation Oncology8$36k
Research Fellow Ctr For Engineering In Medicine2$36k
Research Technologist106$36k
Research Fellow Wellman Laboratories1$36kNA
Research Fellow Ctr For Regenerative Medicine1$36kNA
Research Fellow Regenerative Medicine2$36kNA
Senior Research Technologist Neurology1$35kNA
Research Technologist Genetics1$35kNA
Research Technologist Cancer Center3$35k
Research Technologist Infectious Disease Unit1$35kNA
Research Fellow Diabetes Research Lab1$35kNA
Research Fellow Molec Neuro Oncology1$35kNA
Research Fellow Mole Neuro Oncology1$35kNA
Research Fellow Leaf Lab1$35kNA
Research Fellow Diabetes Lab2$35kNA
Research Technologist Orthopaedics1$35kNA
Reserach Fellow In Molecular Neurosurgery1$35kNA
Research Fellow Stroke2$35kNA
Research Fellow Molec Surgery1$35kNA
Research Associate Dev Gastroenterology Lab1$35kNA
Research Technologist Surgery1$35kNA
Research Lab Technologist3$35k
Research Ffellow Infectious Diseases1$35kNA
Research Fellow Stroke And Neurovascular Reg1$35kNA
Research Technician7$35k
Research Assistant3$35k
Medical Clinical Lab Technologist1$35kNA
Research Fellow Steele Lab4$35k
Medical Records Health Info Technician1$35kNA
Research Fellow Ctr Engineering In Medicine4$35k
Research Fellow Wellman Lab14$35k
Research Coordinator Urology1$35kNA
Research Technologist Martinos Center2$35k
Research Technologist Medicine1$35kNA
Research Assistant Immunology1$35kNA
Research Fellow Pediatric Endocrinology1$34kNA
Research Associate Pedi Gi2$34k
Research Fellow Pulmonary1$34kNA
Research Technologist Mgh Cancer Center1$34kNA
Research Fellow In Wellman Laboratories Derm1$34kNA
Research Fellow Oral Maxillofacial Surg1$34kNA
Research Fellow Gi Unit6$34k
Research Associate Pediatrics1$33kNA
Image Analysis Specialist4$33k
Research Fellow Neuroprotection Research1$33kNA
Research Fellow Mgh Cancer Center1$33kNA
Research Fellow Mass Spectrometry1$33kNA
Research Fellow Ctr For Eng In Medicine1$33kNA
Research Technologist Molec Neurogenetics1$33kNA
Research Technologist Infectious Disease Divisio1$33kNA
Research Fellow Ctr Nervous System Repair1$33kNA
Clinical Research Assistant II4$33k
Research Coordinator2$33k
Research Technologist Endocrine1$32kNA
Research Technologist Steele Lab1$32kNA
Research Technologist Aids1$32kNA
Research Technologist Tbrc1$32kNA
Research Technologist Regenerative Med1$32kNA
Research Technologist Surg Oncology1$32kNA
Research Fellow In Developmentatl Neurobiology1$32kNA
Clinical Research Assistant1$32kNA
Research Associate Bioengineering1$32kNA
Research Fellow In Molecular Pathology1$32kNA
Research Technologist Radiology Nmr Center1$32kNA
Research Fellow Burn Surgery1$32kNA
Research Fellow Tbrc1$32kNA
Res Lab Technician1$31kNA
Research Fellow Renal Unit1$31kNA
Research Technologist Genetics And Aging2$31k
Research Technologist Mol Neurogenetics Unit1$30kNA
Research Technologist Transplantation Unit1$30kNA
Research Technologist Infectious Diseases1$30kNA
Research Fellow Cardiac Imaging1$30kNA
Research Fellow Anesthesiology1$30kNA
Laboratory Manager Technologist1$30kNA
Research Fellow Aids Exper Hematology1$30kNA
Research Technologist Diabetes1$30kNA
Research Technologist Molecular Pathology1$30kNA
Research Fellow Neuroprotection Res Lab1$30kNA
Research Assistant In Psychiatry Hprt1$30kNA
Research Technologist Psychiatric Neuroimaging1$30kNA
Life Science Technician All Other1$30kNA
Research Fellow Depression Clinic1$29kNA
Research Technologist Wellman Labs1$29kNA
Clinical Research Coodinator1$29kNA
Gnotobiotic Technologist3$28k
Research Technologist Wellman Lab1$28kNA
Research Fellow Pulmonary Crit Care Medicine1$28kNA
Research Technologist Pedi G I1$28kNA
Research Fellow In The Wellmen Laboratories1$28kNA
Research Technologist Cvrc1$28kNA
Research Assistant Radiation Oncology1$28kNA
Research Technologist Aids Research Center1$28kNA
Research Technologist Developmental Neurobiology1$28kNA
Research Program Coordinator1$28kNA
Research Assistant II1$27kNA
Research Fellow Depression Program1$27kNA
Data Processing Specialist1$25kNA