Markit North America Jobs

A total of 134 Markit North America jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $91,675
Salary Range: $43,534

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Executive Vp Head Of Global Sales Marketing Cl1$400kNA
Executive VP Head Of Global Sales Ma1$200kNA
Director Global Head Of Cds Development1$200kNA
Director Developer Lead1$159kNA
Compliance Director1$155kNA
Database Administrator1$140kNA
Compliance Analyst1$135kNA
VP Java Developer1$135kNA
VP Indices Technology1$130kNA
VP Senior Developer3$130kNA
Developer Lead1$126kNA
Senior Java Developer1$125kNA
VP Portfolio Valuations1$125kNA
VP Equity Index Design2$125kNA
VP Sales4$124k
Vp Developer Indices1$122kNA
VP Senior Java Developer1$120kNA
Fixed Income Structured Finance Developer1$120kNA
Assistant VP Senior Java Developer2$120k
Director Structured Finance1$120kNA
VP Developer Quotes2$120k
Director Business Analyst Credit Products1$118kNA
VP Test Lead1$115kNA
Associate Web Ui Java Developer1$115kNA
VP Developer7$112k
Associate Senior Web Developer1$110kNA
VP Compression1$110kNA
Associate Senior Developer Markit Hub1$110kNA
VP Database Administrator1$109kNA
VP Development1$106kNA
Developer Quantitative Analytics Group1$105kNA
VP Business Analyst Credit1$105kNA
Assistant VP Portfolio Valuations1$105kNA
Senior Developer3$104k
Associate Developer Quotes2$103k
Mid Level Java Developer Single Sign On1$102kNA
Assistant VP Software Developer Equit2$102k
Senior Java Engineer3$102k
Avp Product Services Analyst Portfolio Valuation1$100kNA
Associate Markit Environmental Registry1$100kNA
Associate Sales And Marketing1$100kNA
Associate Business Analyst Credit Products1$100kNA
Associate Business Analyst Api1$100kNA
VP Project Manager Business Analyst1$100kNA
VP Product Analyst1$100kNA
Avp Quality Assurance Analyst1$100kNA
Associate Credit Development1$100kNA
Senior Software Developer1$100kNA
Associate Fixed Income Pricing1$100kNA
VP Senior Bond Evaluator1$100kNA
VP Senior Business Analyst1$100kNA
Quantitative Analyst3$100k
VP Parser Engine Developer1$98kNA
Associate Software Developer2$98k
Quantitative Developer2$97k
Assistant VP Developer11$96k
Assistant VP Product Analyst1$95kNA
Financial Analyst1$95kNA
VP Data Integrity Analyst1$93kNA
Structured Finance Cashflow Modeling Analyst2$93k
Assistant VP Sql Developer1$91kNA
Dividend Research Analyst1$90kNA
Associate Developer3$90k
Associate Fair Value Developer1$90kNA
Associate Dividends Index Management Ept Tech1$90kNA
Product Analyst1$90kNA
Associate Structured Finance Cashflow Modeling1$90kNA
Assistant VP5$90k
Assistant VP Java Developer1$89kNA
Senior Quantitative Analyst1$89kNA
Assistant VP Mde Developer1$88kNA
VP Business Analyst5$88k
Associate Analyst2$88k
VP Red Lcds Credit Products1$87kNA
Cash Flow Modelling Associate Structured Finance1$85kNA
Associate Business Analyst1$85kNA
Associate Red Analyst1$84kNA
Assistant VP Net Developer1$84kNA
Portfolio Valuations Analyst3$83k
Associate C Developer1$83kNA
Software Developer2$83k
Associate Functional Analyst1$80kNA
Data Integrity Analyst1$80kNA
Assistant VP Business Analyst1$80kNA
Associate Sales1$80kNA
Associate Sales Account Management North America1$80kNA
Senior Business Analyst2$76k
Associate Senior Developer2$75k
Associate Portfolio Valuations1$75kNA
Associate Java Developer1$73kNA
Data Center Engineer1$73kNA
Assistant VP Corporate Bond Evaluatio1$73kNA
Structured Finance Modeler2$72k
Associate Otc Derivatives Portfolio Valuations1$70kNA
Associate Test Analyst1$70kNA
Associate Credit Products1$70kNA
Business Analyst Markit Distribution Desktop Fro1$70kNA
Assistant VP Quantitative Analyst2$68k
Otc Derivative Valuations Specialist1$67kNA
Associate Research Associate1$67kNA
Assistant VP Product Services Analyst2$67kNA
Associate Product Analyst1$65kNA
Associate Loan Pricing Analyst1$65kNA
Associate Syndicated Loan Pricing Analyst1$65kNA
Dividend Index Analyst3$63k
Associate Product Services Analyst4$63k
Business Analyst Markit Counterparty Manager1$63kNA
Associate Credit Data Analyst2$63k
Associate Structured Finance2$63k
Client Services Analyst1$60kNA
Assistant VP Client Data Manager1$60kNA
Credit Data Analyst1$60kNA
Associate VP1$60kNA
Associate Us Rmbs Evaluated Bond Pricing2$60kNA
Associate Credit Product Services1$60kNA
Analytics And Operations Analyst1$60kNA
Associate Equities Global Product Services1$60kNA
Associate Index Analyst Operations1$60kNA
Associate Network System Administrator1$60kNA
Associate Dividend Analyst2$57kNA
Us Dividend And Index Analyst2$56k
Associate Indices1$55kNA
Structured Finance Abcds Analyst1$55kNA
Associate Client Services And Client Communicati1$55kNA
Data Analyst1$55kNA
Associate Quantitative Analyst4$54k
Assistant Project Manager1$51kNA
Assistant VP Product Manager1$45kNA