Marathon Oil Jobs

A total of 65 Marathon Oil jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $104,158
Salary Range: $51,400

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Vp Business Development1$300kNA
Senior Completions Engineer1$177kNA
Technology Project Development Manager1$176kNA
Driling Superintendent1$167kNA
Manager Commercial Negotiations1$165kNA
Drilling Superintendent1$158kNA
Senior Production Engineer2$151k
Reservoir Engineering Supervisor1$150kNA
Senior Hes Professional1$144kNA
Senior Geologist3$138k
Geophysicist II1$136kNA
Advanced Senior Reservoir Engineer3$134k
Advanced Geologist4$133k
Advance Process Engineer1$130kNA
Engineering Manager6$130k
Senior Health Environment Safety Professional2$127kNA
Facilities Engineer II2$123k
Senior Reservoir Engineer5$122k
Mechanical Engineer1$120kNA
Petroleum Engineer19$119k
Senior Petrophysicist1$118kNA
Upstream Petrophysicist1$116kNA
Completions Engineer II1$116kNA
Reservoir Performance Engineer2$112k
Senior Instrument Engineer1$112kNA
Advanced Reservoir Engineer5$111k
Advanced Geophysicist5$111k
Workover Supervisor1$109kNA
Coalbed Methane Engineer1$109kNA
Procurement Contracts Specialist1$108kNA
Reservoir Engineer21$102k
Process Engineer II1$101kNA
Natural Sciences Manager1$98kNA
Reservoir Engineer II3$97k
Advanced Procurement Business Representative1$97kNA
Advanced Senior IT Integrator3$96k
Drilling Engineer12$95k
Operations Supervisor1$95kNA
Geologist II2$95k
Industrial Safety And Health Engineer1$94kNA
Hes Professional9$92k
Geoscientists Except Hydrologists And Geographers6$90k
Production Engineer7$90k
Tax Accountant1$88kNA
Marketing Manager1$88kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$87kNA
Process Engineer6$87k
Advanced Business Procurement Analyst1$86kNA
Chemical Engineer2$85k
Manager All Others2$83k
Commercial Representative1$82kNA
Manager Major Projects Contracts Procurement1$78kNA
Advanced Auditor4$72k
Accounting Analyst2$71k
Facilities Engineer I1$61kNA
Team Member Geology Petrophyics1$60kNA
Development Geologist1$54kNA
Occupational Health And Safety Specialists1$54kNA
Financial Analyst1$53kNA