Maimonides Medical Center Jobs

A total of 91 Maimonides Medical Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $67,572
Salary Range: $30,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Pediatric Intensivist1$200kNA
Obstetrician Gynecologist2$180kNA
Obstetricians And Gynecologists2$169k
Physician Obgyn2$167k
Attending Physician23$162k
Internist General3$150k
Co Director Of Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit2$150kNA
Attending Psychiatrist2$149k
Hospitalist Attending Physician1$140kNA
Hospitalist Department Of Medicine1$140kNA
Attending Physician Obgyn2$131k
Physician And Surgeon All Other2$125k
Attending Physician Pediatrician1$120kNA
Physician Hospitalist2$105k
Physician Surgeon All Other1$100kNA
Physician Infectious Disease Critical Care2$100kNA
Attending Physician Pulmonary Critical Care Med1$100kNA
Physician Infectious Diseases Critical Care1$100kNA
Application System Analyst2$93k
Assistant Project Manager1$85kNA
Infection Preventionist1$82kNA
Application System Analyst II2$75kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists1$75kNA
Clinical Research Specialist2$75kNA
Registered Radiologist Assistant1$71kNA
Physician S Assistant1$70kNA
Radiologic Technologist2$66kNA
Staff Psychologist3$65k
Pathologist Assistant1$65kNA
Manager Health Care Analytics2$64k
Healthcare Practitioners And Technical Worker All Other1$63kNA
Physician In A Post Residency Training Program1$61kNA
Cardiology Fellow1$60kNA
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Progam4$60k
Clinical Fellow1$60kNA
Patient Representative Expediter1$57kNA
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Program137$57k
Research Associate10$55k
Hematology Oncology Fellow1$55kNA
Critical Care Fellow1$55kNA
Fellow Interventional Cardiology1$55kNA
Physician Interventional Cardiology Fellow1$55kNA
Physician In A Post Graduate Training7$54k
Employer Relations Expeditor Patient Representativ1$54kNA
Patient Representative Expeditor1$54kNA
Resident Physician103$54k
Interventional Cardiology Fellow2$54kNA
Physician Resident Pgy IV1$54kNA
Senior Genetic Counselor4$53k
Podiatric Surgeon1$53kNA
Fellow Critical Care Medicine1$53kNA
Medical Secretaries1$53kNA
Clinical Data Analyst In The Stroke Center1$52kNA
Pgy3 Psychiatry Resident1$52kNA
Medical And Public Health Social Worker1$52kNA
Social Worker3$51k
Pediatrics Resident2$51kNA
Nephrology Fellow1$51kNA
Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellow1$51kNA
House Officer Pediatrics1$48kNA
Medical Resident Phsician1$47kNA
Dentist In A Post Graduate Training Program3$47k
Graduate Dietitian Nutritionist1$47kNA
Pgy IV Resident Physician1$46kNA
Pediatric Endocrinology Fellow1$46kNA
Pgy IV1$46kNA
Pediatric Resident1$46kNA
Physician Resident7$45k
Medical Resident Physician22$45k
Pgy III1$45kNA
Medical Resident11$45k
Medical Resident Pgy I1$44kNA
Graduate Dietician1$44kNA
Coordinator Language Services1$43kNA
Medical Resident Pediatrics1$43kNA
Resident Physician Surgery1$43kNA
Resident Physician Pgy I3$42k
Pgy I Resident2$41k
Administrator Patient Representative1$40kNA
Internal Medicine Resident1$40kNA
Pgy I Physician In A Post Grad Training Progr1$40kNA
Resident Pgy I1$40kNA
Physician Ina Post Graduate Training Program1$40kNA
Patient Representative1$38kNA
Research Assistant7$31k