Magma Design Automation Jobs

A total of 55 Magma Design Automation jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $96,062
Salary Range: $42,765

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Software Architect1$180kNA
Engineering Manager5$135k
Director Product Development2$132kNA
Director Research Development1$128kNA
Manager Product Development3$124k
Engineer Member Of Consulting Staff5$124k
Member Of Technical Staff Engineer1$123kNA
Senior Member Of Consulting Staff4$123k
Manager Customer Support2$121k
Senior Product Marketing Manager1$120kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer3$120k
Electrical Engineer1$120kNA
Software Engineer System5$117k
Software System Engineer3$116k
Computer Software Engineer System Software6$115k
Computer Software Engineer System3$115k
S W System Engineer1$113kNA
Member Of Techinical Staff Engineer1$113kNA
Electronics Engineer2$109k
Software Engr Member Of Tech Staff1$108kNA
Engineer Mts3$108k
Computer Software Engineer Application12$107k
Member Of Consulting Staff22$107k
Computer Sw Engineer System1$105kNA
Computer Sw Engineer Application1$105kNA
Staff Application Engineer3$105k
Senior Product Specialist2$105k
Engineer Member Of Tech Staff2$104k
Sw System Engineer7$102k
Member Of The Consulting Staff1$100kNA
Engineer Member Of Technical Staff20$100k
Software Architect2$100k
Senior Member Of Technical Staff10$100k
Software Application Engineer2$99k
Computer S W Engineer System S W1$98kNA
Technical Account Manager1$96kNA
Principal Product Engineer1$96kNA
Sw Application Engineer1$95kNA
Sales Engineer4$95k
Member Of Technical Staff41$94k
Technical Marketing Engineer2$92k
Software Engineer Mts2$92k
Product Engineer13$91k
Field Application Engineer7$90k
Senior Application Engineer14$88k
S W Application Engineer1$85kNA
Financial Analyst1$85kNA
Electronic Engineer1$82kNA
Product Specialist1$80kNA
Application Engineer73$79k
Computer System Analyst2$78k
Market Research Analyst1$74kNA
Associate Application Engineer12$70k
Market Analyst1$51kNA