Madison Salary, MS

A total of 266 real salary data found within 10 miles of Madison, MS.

Salary Average: $49,967
Salary Range: $18,366

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
English And French TeacherClinton Public School District$38kClinton, MS (04/2009)
Lodging ManagerAmar Enterprises$33kJackson, MS (05/2009)
Human Resources ManagerLas Margaritas$45kJackson, MS (03/2009)
Lodging ManagerAmar Enterprises$33kJackson, MS (03/2011)
Client Service Support ManagerSmartsynch$60kJackson, MS (03/2012)
Software EngineerPhi Theta Kappa$65kJackson, MS (04/2012)
Software EngineerPhi Theta Kappa$65kJackson, MS (04/2012)
Chef And Head CookOmsree$29kJackson, MS (04/2009)
Urban Design PlannerM3a Architecure$32kJackson, MS (03/2009)
Engineer ISouthern Consultants$45kJackson, MS (03/2009)
Project DesignerM3 Architecture$70kJackson, MS (03/2010)
Project DesignerM3a Architects$70kJackson, MS (03/2010)
Architect InternM3a Architecture$52kJackson, MS (04/2010)
Urban And Regional PlannerMcelroy 3 And Associates Architects$100kJackson, MS (10/2010)
Architectural DrafterM3a Architecture$39kJackson, MS (12/2010)
Architect Except Landscape And NavalM3a Architecture$60kJackson, MS (08/2011)
Cook RestaurantOmsree$18kJackson, MS (09/2011)
Environmental Compliance InspectorAdvanced Environmental Consultants$40kJackson, MS (08/2011)
Obstetrician GynecologistCentral Miss Civic Improvement Assn$185kTougaloo, MS (01/2003)
Assistant ProfessorTougaloo College$37kTougaloo, MS (03/2004)