Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Jobs

A total of 101 Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $54,997
Salary Range: $20,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Assistant Professor Of Medicine1$169kNA
Associate Prof Assistant Dean Of Clinical Research1$130kNA
Associate Professor Of Comprehensive Dentistry1$120kNA
Hematologist Oncologist1$120kNA
Assistant Professor Of Surgery6$113k
Assistant Professor Of Neurology1$112kNA
Professor Of Radiology1$110kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Medicine7$107k
Assistant Professor Clinical Periodontics1$105kNA
Professor Of Clinical Radiology1$102kNA
Associate Professor Of Periodontics2$98kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pediatric Dentistry1$98kNA
Assistant Professor Comprehensive Dentistry1$94kNA
Assistant Professor Oral Medicine Gen Dentistry1$94kNA
Assistant Professor Oral Med Radiology1$94kNA
Associate Professor Of Radiology7$94k
Associate Professor Of Clinical Radiology3$92kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Otolaryngology1$90kNA
Assistant Professor Of Biostatistics1$90kNA
Associate Professor Of Prosthodontics1$90kNA
Assistant Professor Biostatistics Research2$89k
Associate Professor Of Physiology1$88kNA
Associate Professor2$86k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Pathology1$85kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Family Practice1$85kNA
Associate Professor Of Clinical Pediatrics7$85kNA
Assistant Professor Of Oral Medicine1$85kNA
Assistant Professor Of Periodontics4$84k
Assistant Professor Of General Dentistry3$83k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Radiology2$82kNA
Assistant Professor Of Epidemiology Research1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Of Biostatistics Research1$80kNA
Instructor Of Clinical Pathology1$78kNA
Professor Research2$78k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Neurology2$77k
Assistant Professor Of Prosthodontics9$77k
Assistant Professor Of Endodontics1$76kNA
Assistant Professor Public Health1$76kNA
Assistant Professor25$72k
Assistant Professor Research Biostatistics1$70kNA
Assistant Profess Research1$70kNA
Clinical Assistant Professor Of Pediatrics1$70kNA
Assistant Professor Clinical Pediatrics1$70kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Anesthesiology1$70kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Pediatrics5$70kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pathology2$70k
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Urology1$69kNA
Assistant Professor Research17$66k
Instructor Of Clinical Urology2$65k
Assistant Professor Comp Dentistry Biomaterial1$64kNA
Assistant Professor Comprehensive Dent1$64kNA
Instructor Of Clinical Family Medicine2$62k
Instructor Pharmacology1$60kNA
Instructor Of Pharmacology1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Of Research1$58kNA
Instructor Of Comprehensive Medicine1$58kNA
House Officer VI Pgy VI1$54kNA
Fellow II Pgy VI1$54kNA
Fellow III Pgy62$54kNA
Fellow III Pgy VI1$54kNA
Instructor Research8$53k
Manager Technology Development Office1$52kNA
Fellow I Ophthalmology1$51kNA
Pgy V1$51kNA
House Officer V1$51kNA
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher6$50k
House Officer III Pgy III1$48kNA
Analyst Of Administrative Research1$48kNA
Fellow I2$47kNA
Implant Fellow Pgy II1$47kNA
House Officer VIII Fellow I3$46k
House Officer II Family Medicine1$46kNA
Implant Fellow Pgy I1$45kNA
House Officer I Fellow1$44kNA
House Officer IV3$44k
House Officer I Fellow I2$43k
House Officer III5$43k
House Officer IV Training Fellow VIII1$40kNA
Research Associate III4$40k
House Officer II7$40k
Postdoctoral Researcher66$40k
House Officer I Internal Medicine2$40k
Postdoctoral Fellow50$39k
House Officer I10$39k
House Officer2$39kNA
Fiscal Analyst1$39kNA
House Officer II Emergency Medicine1$37kNA
Research Associate20$36k
Analyst Administrative Research1$34kNA
Coordinator Of Medical Service Area2$34k
Assistant Business Manager2$34k
Research Associate II13$33k
Coordinator Of Academic Area1$31kNA
Posdoctoral Researcher1$30kNA
Medical Library Associate1$30kNA
Research Associate I21$30k