Lore City Salary, OH

A total of 22 real salary data found within 10 miles of Lore City, OH.

Salary Average: $84,434
Salary Range: $30,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Structural Civil EngineerThe Ohio Bridge$48kCambridge, OH (01/2009)
Pediatric PhysicianGuernsey Health Systems$160kCambridge, OH (02/2010)
Computer System AnalystAmjad Rass$44kCambridge, OH (09/2010)
Pediatrician GeneralGuernsey Health Systems$160kCambridge, OH (10/2011)
Pediatrician GeneralGuernsey Health Systems$160kCambridge, OH (09/2011)
Business Development AnalystPranaey International$55kCambridge, OH (03/2013)
PhysicianGuernsey Health Systems$175kCambridge, OH (06/2012)
PhysicianSuperior Med$160kCambridge, OH (11/2010)
Design EngineerUs Bridge$54kCambridge, OH (04/2011)
Design EngineerOhio Bridge$54kCambridge, OH (04/2011)
International Sales EngineerThe Ohio Bridge$130kCambridge, OH (03/2014)
Occupational TherapistKindred Nursing Centers East$40kCambridge, OH (10/2003)
International Marketing SpecialistEdgetech Ig$30kCambridge, OH (11/2003)
Occupational TherapistKindred Rehab Services$60kCambridge, OH (09/2004)
Anesthesiologist Pain SpecialistAmjad Rass$155kCambridge, OH (09/2005)
Structural Civil EngineerThe Ohio Bridge$39kCambridge, OH (10/2005)
Technical ManagerMetallurg Vanadium$80kCambridge, OH (08/2006)
International Market SpecialistEdgetech$53kCambridge, OH (11/2005)
Civil EngineerBridge Construction$56kCambridge, OH (02/2007)
Business System AnalystDsi Ground Support$53kCambridge, OH (03/2008)
Mechanical EngineerApi Heat Transfer$56kBuffalo, OH (05/2008)
System AnalystBasic Systems$35kDerwent, OH (01/2004)