Librarian Salary

A total of 346 real librarian salary data listed.

Salary Average: $48,890
Salary Range: $24,835

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
LibrarianStanford University$119kStanford, CA (09/2004)
LibrarianColumbia University$114kNew York, NY (03/2007)
LibrarianThe University Of Chicago$90kChicago, IL (03/2012)
LibrarianEx Libris$90kDes Plaines, IL (03/2010)
LibrarianUniversity Of Massachusetts Dartmouth$88kNorth Dartmouth, MA (07/2007)
LibrarianUniversity Of California Los Angeles$86kLos Angeles, CA (05/2007)
LibrarianStanford University$84kStanford, CA (11/2004)
LibrarianHarvard University$81kCambridge, MA (03/2012)
LibrarianUniversity Of Massachusetts Dartmouth$81kNorth Dartmouth, MA (10/2013)
LibrarianNelinet$80kSouthborough, MA (06/2004)
LibrarianUniversity Of Illinois$79kChampaign, IL (05/2009)
LibrarianUniversity Of Minnesota$79kMinneapolis, MN (08/2008)
LibrarianFrench Cultural Center$79kBoston, MA (03/2014)
LibrarianUniversity Of Connecticut$78kStorrs Mansfield, CT (05/2010)
LibrarianUniversity Of Illinois Urbana Champaign$76kUrbana, IL (09/2006)
LibrarianBrooklyn College Of Cuny$76kBrooklyn, NY (12/2007)
LibrarianInternational Education Services$75kCollege Park, MD (04/2007)
LibrarianInternational Education Services$75kCollege Park, MD (08/2006)
LibrarianLam Research$75kFremont, CA (07/2007)
LibrarianFox News Channel$75kNew York, NY (10/2006)