Lg Electronics Alabama Jobs

A total of 73 Lg Electronics Alabama jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $44,807
Salary Range: $30,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
In House Counsel2$76k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$75kNA
Senior Manager Quality And Engineering Group2$73k
Cti Administrator Manager1$73kNA
Senior Manager Quality And Engineering1$70kNA
Production Manager1$69kNA
Finance And Planning Manager1$67kNA
Manager II Wireless Product Repair Center1$65kNA
Computer Telephony Integration1$62kNA
Manager Production Management2$62k
Manager Wireless Product Repair Center2$59k
Computer System Analyst2$59k
Manager Parts And Logistics Group1$58kNA
Manager Field Support1$58kNA
Industrial Engineer4$56k
Operations Research Analyst4$56k
Quality Analyst3$55k
Assistant Manager Logistician1$54kNA
Manager Wireless Parts Group1$54kNA
Manager Cs Planning Group2$54kNA
Management Analyst Manager1$54kNA
Managment Analyst Assistant Manager1$54kNA
Computer Programmer1$53kNA
Analytical Strategist1$52kNA
Accounting Manager1$51kNA
Manager Blue Ocean Group1$50kNA
Manager Value Innovation Group1$50kNA
Financial Manager1$50kNA
Assistant Manager2$50k
Operation Research Analyst1$49kNA
Software Quality Engineer Mobile Communication Se1$49kNA
Management Analyst10$48k
Financial System1$47kNA
Finacial Analyst1$47kNA
Software Test Engineer1$46kNA
Assistant Manager Human Resources1$45kNA
Assistant Manager Accounting Group1$45kNA
Assistant Manager Parts Planning Group1$45kNA
Assistant Manager Quality Engineering Group1$45kNA
Assistant Manager Accounting3$44k
Assistant Manager Human Resouces1$43kNA
Product Engineer4$42k
Production Management Analyst1$42kNA
Cti Administrator2$42k
Financial Analyst45$41k
Service Market Analyst2$40k
Quality Enigneer1$40kNA
Market Research Analyst8$40k
Cost Accountant1$39kNA
Logistics Specialist13$39k
Quality Engineer11$38k
Test Engineer1$38kNA
Financial Anaylst1$38kNA
Quailty Engineer1$38kNA
Financial Analyst Prm Planner1$37kNA
Business Analyst8$36k
Assistant Manager Wireless Planning1$36kNA
Data Analyst1$35kNA
Production Planner1$35kNA
Database Analyst2$35kNA
Inbound Logistics Specialist1$35kNA
Operation Analyst1$34kNA
Logistics Analyst1$34kNA
Soft Skill Trainer1$34kNA
Cell Phone Repair Technician4$34k
Cell Phone Technician2$34k
Electrical And Electronic Engineering Technician2$33kNA
Credit Analyst2$33k
Finance And Business Analyst1$30kNA