Leprino Foods Jobs

A total of 80 Leprino Foods jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $87,653
Salary Range: $45,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Director Technical Services Cheese Production1$170kNA
Sap Integration Architect1$131kNA
Sap Security Manager1$127kNA
Integration Architect1$125kNA
Abap Solution Architect1$121kNA
Information Technology Business Solution Architect1$120kNA
Sap Basis Solution Architect1$120kNA
Manager Sap Configuration Pi1$118kNA
Sap Configuration Analyst Crm1$116kNA
Sap Solution Architect2$113k
Sap Basis Lead1$110kNA
Corporate Accounting Manager1$110kNA
Ssi Sap Configuration Analyst Hcm1$110kNA
Ssi Sap Configuration Analyst Materials Manageme2$110kNA
Ssi Sap Basis Administrator2$106kNA
Sap Workflow Developer2$105k
Industrial Production Manager1$103kNA
Sap Configuration Analyst8$103k
Ssi Sap Configuration Analyst5$102k
Senior Process Engineer Technical Services2$102k
Computer Software Engineer Application12$101k
Lead Developer1$100kNA
Maintenance Manager2$100kNA
Sap Basis Administrator1$100kNA
Software Developer Application4$98k
Sap Security Analyst3$97k
Sap Business Intelligence Analyst3$97k
Computer Software Engineer System Software4$97k
Abap Developer12$96k
Lead Report Developer1$95kNA
Ssi Process Integration Developer2$95kNA
Director Of Technical Services Block Cheese3$95k
Sap Abap Developer1$95kNA
Hcm Abap Developer1$94kNA
Sap Bi Analyst2$94kNA
Plant Production Manager2$93kNA
Abap Developer Software Engineer1$93kNA
Ssi Sap Business Intelligence Analyst2$90kNA
Ssi Abap Lead Developer1$90kNA
Production Manager1$89kNA
Computer System Analyst7$88k
Senior Production Specialist Production Manager1$88kNA
First Line Supervisor Of Mechanics Installers And Repairers1$87kNA
Web Developer Analyst1$87kNA
Senior Production Specialist Cheese Production1$83kNA
Web Analyst Developer2$80kNA
Lead Research Scientist Advanced Research Cheese1$80kNA
Whey Senior Supervisor1$79kNA
Maintenance Supervisor1$78kNA
Supply Chain Coordinator2$78kNA
Ssi Abap Developer1$77kNA
Food Scientist And Technologist2$76k
Production Planner Coordinator1$72kNA
Production Supervisor Whey Dim1$71kNA
Industrial Engineer3$70k
Project Microbiologist1$70kNA
Vendor Quality Auditor1$70kNA
Sanitation Supervisor1$68kNA
Quality Execution Supervisor6$66k
Production Evaluations Supervisor1$65kNA
Senior Product Development Specialist1$64kNA
Research Scientist4$62k
Associate Scientist Cheese Production Planning1$62kNA
Product Evaluations Supervisor1$60kNA
Cheese Supervisor1$59kNA
Sap Configuration Associate1$59kNA
Support Control System Engineer1$59kNA
Data Analyst1$57kNA
Senior Research Scientist1$57kNA
Production Management Trainee4$56k
Product Evaluation Supervisor1$55kNA
Food Scientist1$55kNA
Associate Scientist Global Quality1$54kNA
Associate Scientist Product Development1$53kNA
Food Scientist Production Management Trainee Pr2$52kNA
Ssi Data Governance Associate1$51kNA
Food Scientist Product Mgnmt Trn Production Sprv1$50kNA
Food Scientist Product Mngmnt Trn Prdct Spvr1$50kNA
Food Scientist Product Development2$48k
Lab Chemist R D3$47k