Knowledge Networks Salary

A total of 25 real salary data listed for Knowledge Networks.

Salary Average: $70,337
Salary Range: $43,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Research AnalystKnowledge Networks$70kCincinnati, OH (08/2003)
Statistical AnalystKnowledge Networks$58kMenlo Park, CA (09/2003)
Senior Research AnalystKnowledge Networks$63kMenlo Park, CA (01/2004)
Marketing Science AnalystKnowledge Networks$50kNeedham, MA (02/2004)
ProgrammerKnowledge Networks$80kMenlo Park, CA (04/2004)
Senior Database AdministratorKnowledge Networks$105kMenlo Park, CA (08/2004)
Market Research AnalystKnowledge Networks$81kMenlo Park, CA (02/2005)
Survey DirectorKnowledge Networks$64kMenlo Park, CA (03/2005)
ProgrammerKnowledge Networks$82kMenlo Park, CA (04/2005)
Senior Project DirectorKnowledge Networks$88kMenlo Park, CA (07/2006)
Statistical AnalystKnowledge Networks$50kMenlo Park, CA (04/2006)
ProgrammerKnowledge Networks$84kMenlo Park, CA (05/2006)
Senior Project DirectorKnowledge Networks$85kMenlo Park, CA (12/2005)
Statistical AnalystKnowledge Networks$70kNew York, NY (07/2007)
Senior Project DirectorKnowledge Networks$80kNew York, NY (08/2007)
Project DirectorKnowledge Networks$64kNew York, NY (09/2007)
Survey Research ScientistKnowledge Networks$90kMenlo Park, CA (03/2008)
DirectorKnowledge Networks$80kNew York, NY (03/2009)
Statistical AnalystKnowledge Networks$61kNew York, NY (04/2009)
StatisticianKnowledge Networks$65kMenlo Park, CA (11/2009)
StatisticianKnowledge Networks$79kMenlo Park, CA (05/2010)
Statistical AnalystKnowledge Networks$62kMenlo Park, CA (06/2010)
Research AnalystKnowledge Networks$45kMenlo Park, CA (06/2010)
Project Director AnalyticsKnowledge Networks$61kMenlo Park, CA (06/2010)
Research AnalystKnowledge Networks$43kNew York, NY (11/2010)