Kent Salary, OH

A total of 1,333 real salary data found within 10 miles of Kent, OH.

Salary Average: $63,227
Salary Range: $18,600

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Biomedical EngineerTheken Disc$67kAkron, OH (02/2009)
Project EngineerAmerican Engineering Group$51kAkron, OH (03/2009)
Project Research Associate ChemicalAmerican Engineering Group$65kAkron, OH (04/2009)
Assistant Account ExecutiveMalone Advertising$29kAkron, OH (06/2009)
Biomedical EngineerTheken Spine$67kAkron, OH (12/2009)
Software Quality Assurance EngineerSummit Data Communications$45kAkron, OH (03/2010)
Web Application DeveloperKnotice$58kAkron, OH (04/2010)
Materials ScientistAdap Nanotech$78kAkron, OH (08/2010)
Materials ScientistAdap Nanotech$78kAkron, OH (08/2010)
Computer ProgrammerKnotice$66kAkron, OH (06/2012)
Software DeveloperMy1hr$65kAkron, OH (03/2013)
Plasma EngineerEp Technologies$82kAkron, OH (03/2013)
Team Leader Software Developer ApplicationInnovative Communication Solutions$95kAkron, OH (11/2011)
PresidentInnovative Communication Solutions$140kAkron, OH (11/2011)
Integration EngineerSummit Data Communications$41kAkron, OH (12/2010)
Database DeveloperKnotice$67kAkron, OH (08/2011)
System EngineerEchogen Power Systems$63kAkron, OH (09/2011)
Lead CompounderThe Goodyear Tire Rubber$86kAkron, OH (04/2009)
Physician And Surgeon All OtherSumma Health System$148kAkron, OH (01/2009)
AccountantThe Goodyear Tire Rubber$43kAkron, OH (05/2009)