Kelly Services Jobs

A total of 131 Kelly Services jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $61,855
Salary Range: $10,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior System Engineer Architect2$129k
System Engineer Architect1$120kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$120kNA
Senior Reservoir Engineer1$114kNA
Director Ptsa Japan1$110kNA
Business Intelligence Analyst Software Engineerin1$109kNA
Software Application Engineer1$105kNA
Analytical Scientist1$104kNA
Product Manager1$100kNA
Project Engineer1$99kNA
Software Engineer Business Intelligence1$99kNA
Energize Process Engineer1$94kNA
Senior Component Design Engineer1$94kNA
Sfdc Senior Software Engineer1$93kNA
Finance Manager International Projects1$92kNA
Software Developer Application2$91k
Research Engineer Diesel Control System1$87kNA
Software Build Engineer1$87kNA
IT Specialist Developer2$86kNA
Malaria Researcher1$82kNA
Senior Analyst Programmer2$82k
Junior Reservoir Engineer1$80kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$77kNA
Mr Physicist1$77kNA
Mechanical Material Engineer1$75kNA
Technology Transfer Specialist1$75kNA
Software Engineer III1$75kNA
Market Research Project Manager1$75kNA
Software Analyst1$75kNA
Mathematical Statistician1$74kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator1$73kNA
Lead Web Developer1$73kNA
Engineering Technician1$73kNA
Manufacturing Engineer1$73kNA
Research Scientist Electrical Engineering2$73k
Software Quality Assurance Analyst4$72k
Computational Analyst1$72kNA
System Administrator And Database Administrator1$71kNA
Senior Research Scientist1$70kNA
Scientific Program Analyst1$70kNA
Molecular Allergist Immunologist1$70kNA
Financial Analyst1$70kNA
Design Engineer3$69k
Protocol Clinical Coordinator1$69kNA
Java Programmer1$68kNA
Research Engineer2$68k
Financial Analyst II1$68kNA
Senior Sas Programmer Analyst1$65kNA
System Engineer1$65kNA
Senior Tax Analyst1$65kNA
Software Developer3$65k
Software Engineer5$64k
Research Scientist15$64k
Media Program Analyst1$64kNA
Digital Build Team Leader1$63kNA
Senior System Analyst1$63kNA
Software Engineer II1$63kNA
Software Consultant3$63k
Test Engineer1$62kNA
System Analyst1$62kNA
Programmer Analyst10$62k
System Specialist1$61kNA
System Specialist System Analyst1$61kNA
Lead Biologist1$61kNA
Software Quality Analyst II1$61kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst1$60kNA
Web Developer Instructional Technologist1$60kNA
R D Chemist1$60kNA
Computer Scientific Analyst1$60kNA
Senior Synthesis Specialist1$60kNA
Legal Recruiter2$60kNA
Accountant Senior International Tax Analyst1$60kNA
Computer System Analyst2$60kNA
Accountant Senior Tax Analyst1$60kNA
Medical Technologist1$59kNA
Business Development Manager1$57kNA
Packaging Research Engineer1$56kNA
Investment Analyst2$56kNA
Research Associate Visiting Fellow1$56kNA
Lab Technician Research Assistant1$55kNA
Reliability Validation Engineer1$55kNA
Research Associate4$55k
Research Fellow4$53k
Research Technician1$53kNA
Research Analyst2$53kNA
Lab Technician5$52k
Polymer Chemist5$52k
Product Analyst1$52kNA
Procurement Analyst1$52kNA
Mechanical Engineer12$52k
Laboratory Technician3$51k
Scientific Researcher2$50k
Program Coordinator1$50kNA
Scientific Programmer Analyst1$50kNA
Electronics Engineer1$50kNA
Laboratory Technician Laboratory Tester1$50kNA
Product Development Control Engineer1$50kNA
Electrical Engineer2$50k
Software Test Engineer1$49kNA
Electrical Design Engineer1$48kNA
Computer Programmer1$47kNA
Platform Specialist Product Development Engineer1$46kNA
Fmri Data Analyst1$45kNA
Industrial Engineer2$44k
Lab Technician Biologist5$43k
Product Engineer1$41kNA
Lab Technician Chemist1$40kNA
Itm Administrator1$39kNA
Lab Technician Research Analyst2$38k
Scientist Research Associate1$38kNA
System Control Technical Specialist1$38kNA
Laboratory Technician Biologist1$37kNA
Database Administrator1$34kNA
Data Migration Analyst2$32k
French Consumer Relations Two Era Associate1$31kNA
Senior Scientific Program Modeler1$10kNA