Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions Jobs

A total of 195 Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $47,324
Salary Range: $21,250

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Visiting Professor1$230kNA
Associate Professor Surgeon1$180kNA
Deputy Project Director1$134kNA
Staff Clinical Ophthalmologist1$126kNA
Assistant Professor Of Medicine2$120kNA
Instructor Of Medicine1$120kNA
Associate Professor3$109k
Clinical Associate Nocturnist1$100kNA
Regional Director1$100kNA
Industrial Liaison Associate1$95kNA
Assistant Professor40$88k
Assistant Professor Director Of Pediatric Res1$85kNA
Senior Research Program Manager1$81kNA
Instructor Transplant Fellow1$78kNA
Senior Database Administrator Researchdata System Mgr1$76kNA
Instructor Assistant Chief Of Surgery1$75kNA
Assistant Scientist5$75k
Senior Database Manager Research Data System Manager2$74k
Statistical Analyst1$72kNA
Senior Program Officer3$71k
Proteomics Specialist1$71kNA
Senior Domestic Qa Quality Control Coordinator1$71kNA
Senior Programmer Data Analyst3$70kNA
Assistant Professor Co Director1$70kNA
Research Assistant Professor3$70k
Assistant Research Professor1$70kNA
Program Officer III1$69kNA
Research Associate Dir Wilmer Biostat Ctr1$67kNA
Microarray Manager1$65kNA
Senior Biostatistician1$65kNA
Program Officer III Public Health Educator1$65kNA
Senior Research Staff1$65kNA
Software Engineer1$64kNA
Qa Quality Control Coordinator1$60kNA
Education Coordinator1$60kNA
Instructor Dol Title Biomedical Engineer2$59kNA
Senior Statistical Programmer Data Analyst1$59kNA
Clinical Fellow7$58k
Center Administrator1$58kNA
Program Officer II1$58kNA
Astp Clinical Associate1$58kNA
Clinic Operations Manager1$57kNA
Instructional Designer5$57k
Clinical And Research Fellow3$57k
Research Programmer Stat Analyst1$57kNA
Senior Database Programmer1$55kNA
Associate Director Development1$55kNA
Proteomic Specialist1$55kNA
Assistant In Medicine1$55kNA
Clinical Research Fellow1$55kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst6$54k
Project Administrator1$54kNA
Histology Technician1$53kNA
Senior Application Programmer1$53kNA
Statstical Programmer Data Analyst1$53kNA
Research Assistant Programmer Analyst1$52kNA
Senior Program Analyst4$52k
Senior Research Data Coordinator1$51kNA
Clinician Educator Fellow1$51kNA
Orthopaedic Surgery Resident1$51kNA
Clinical Educator Fellow1$51kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$51kNA
Senior Assistant Resident1$51kNA
Resident Physician Clinical Fellow1$51kNA
Program Officer2$51k
Senior Project Analyst1$51kNA
Program Officer Public Health Educator2$50k
Financial Analyst1$50kNA
Communications Associate1$50kNA
Clinical Icu Fellow1$50kNA
Assistant Advanced Specialty Training Participant1$50kNA
Research Associate Biochemist3$50k
Research Associate Dol Title Biochemist1$50kNA
Data Analyst2$49k
Statistical Programmer Data Analyst2$49k
Housestaff Medical Resident1$49kNA
Clinical Research Program Manager1$49kNA
Research Associate104$49k
Research Data Manager1$49kNA
Research Associate Microbiologist2$48k
Research Fellow76$48k
International Project Analyst1$48kNA
Research Fellow Dol Title Biochemist1$48kNA
Stat Programmer Analyst2$47k
Project Coordinator1$47kNA
Programmer Analyst6$47k
Assistant Resident Pgy II1$47kNA
Pathologist Assistant Surgical Pathology Fellow1$47kNA
Senior Statistical Programmer Analyst1$47kNA
Statistical Programmer Analyst1$47kNA
Senior Research Program Coordinator II4$46k
Programmer Data Analyst1$46kNA
Web Developer Analyst1$46kNA
Research Scientist2$46k
Senior Research Specialist3$46k
Research Fellow Pathologist1$46kNA
Surgical Intern Resident1$45kNA
Postdoctoral Clinical Research Fellow1$45kNA
Surgical Pgy I Intern1$45kNA
Assistant Resident2$45k
Staff Internal Auditor1$45kNA
Research Postdoctoral Fellow1$45kNA
Senior Research Program Coord2$45k
Information System Support Specialist1$45kNA
Resident Physician Physician In Training3$44k
System Administrator Data Base Admin1$44kNA
Program Officer Program Manager1$44kNA
Medicine House Staff1$43kNA
Research Fellow Biochemist Dol Title1$43kNA
Medicine Housestaff Physician In Training3$43k
Senior Research Program Coordinator10$43k
Senior Research Technician II1$43kNA
Research Data Coordinator2$43k
Resident House Officer1$43kNA
Medical Technologist3$43k
Postdoctoral Fellow Dol Title Virologist2$43k
Research Analyst2$43k
Senior Research Prgm Coord Health Educator1$43kNA
Research Fellow Life Scientist1$42kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow40$42k
Postdoctoral Fellow284$41k
Senior Research Assistant5$41k
Resident Anesthesiology1$41kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Microbiologist4$41k
Research Program Coordinator II1$41kNA
Research Coordinator II1$40kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Histopathologist1$40kNA
Research Tech Lab Coordinator1$40kNA
Clinical Lab Scientist II1$40kNA
Research Tech Software Engineer1$39kNA
Resident House Staff1$39kNA
Intern Resident Physician In Training1$39kNA
Research Technician II Biochemist1$39kNA
Research Technician II5$39k
Research Fellow Biologist1$39kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Biophysicist2$39k
Postdoctoral Fellow Dol Title Biochemist1$38kNA
Research Programmer1$38kNA
Clinical Chemistry Fellow1$37kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Dol Title Biologist1$37kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Biochemist6$37k
Veterinary Laboratory Technician1$37kNA
Assistant Research Program Coordinator1$37kNA
Research Specialist14$37k
Research Program Coordinator16$36k
Postdoctoral Fellow Biologist5$36k
Research Fellow Microbiologist1$36kNA
Research Technician Microbiologist1$36kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Physiologist5$36k
Research Trainee1$36kNA
Senior Research Technician4$35k
Senior Lab Technician Research Technologist2$35kNA
Research Assistant II1$35kNA
Senior Research Technician Biologist1$35kNA
Research Associate Biologist1$35kNA
Lab Tech Biochemist1$35kNA
Research Fellow Biochemist1$35kNA
Research Assistant Statistician Applied1$35kNA
Research Fellow Physiologist1$34kNA
Research Technician15$34k
Research Assistant13$34k
Research Lab Technician1$33kNA
Research Therapist Clinician1$33kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Geneticist2$32k
Senior Lab Technician II Biologist1$32kNA
Laboratory Technician2$32k
Research Assoctiate1$32kNA
Senior Laboratory Technician Zoologist1$31kNA
Research Technologist12$31k
Dna Core Facility Technician1$31kNA
Senior Lab Technician II3$31k
Senior Laboratory Technician II12$30k
Research Technician Biologist3$30k
Biomedical Engineering Technician1$30kNA
Research Study Coordinator1$29kNA
Lab Technician1$29kNA
Senior Laboratory Techncian II Biochemist1$29kNA
Senior Lab Technician10$28k
Research Program Assistant II1$28kNA
Laboratory Technician I1$28kNA
Senior Laboratory Technician11$28k
Lab Tech II Dol Title Biochemist1$27kNA
Senior Laboratory Technician Physiologist1$27kNA
Senior Lab Tech II Microbiologist1$27kNA
Senior Lab Tech II Geneticist1$25kNA
Senior Laboratory Technician II Biochemist1$25kNA
Senior Laboratory Technician Cytologist1$25kNA