Jackson State University Jobs

A total of 97 Jackson State University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $49,252
Salary Range: $21,420

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Postdoctoral Fellow1$455kNA
Assistant Professor Mathematics7$109k
Assistant Professor Of Management1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Management1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Of Management Information Syst1$80kNA
Associate Professor Social Work1$71kNA
Knowledge Management Specialist1$70kNA
IT System Administrator1$70kNA
Assitant Professor Computer Science2$67k
Assistant Professor Computer Science6$64k
Assistant Professor Of Computer Engineering7$63k
Assistant Professor Public Health Policy Management1$63kNA
Assistant Professor Social Work2$62k
Research Assistant Professor1$60kNA
Senior Research Associate1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Public Health2$59k
Sas Programmer1$58kNA
Proposal Writer2$58k
Assistant Professor Of Biology1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Epidemiology And Biostatistics1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Urban And Regional Planning1$54kNA
Assistant Professor Urban Planning2$54k
Assistant Professor Public Policy Admin1$54kNA
Assistant Professor Public Policy2$53k
Assistant Professor Of Biology Environmental Scien1$52kNA
Assistant Professor Physics2$52k
Assistant Professor Marine Science1$50kNA
Education Teacher Postsecondary3$50k
Programmer Analyst1$50kNA
Computer Programmer1$50kNA
Data Manager1$50kNA
Research Associate Bioinformatic Specialist1$50kNA
Education And Training Specialist1$50kNA
IT Programmer Analyst1$50kNA
System Analyst1$50kNA
Assistant Professor24$49k
Assistant Professor Mass Communications1$49kNA
Assistant Professor Public Administration1$49kNA
Assistant Professor Of African History1$49kNA
Agricultural And Food Science Technician1$48kNA
Operation Staff Assistant1$48kNA
Assistant Professor Biology1$48kNA
Assistant Professor Art4$48k
Assistant Professor Music2$48kNA
Professor Of Mass Communication1$46kNA
Professor Of Mass Communications1$46kNA
Assistant Professor Mathamatics1$46kNA
Assistant Professor Of Mathematics1$46kNA
Assistant Professor Interdisciplinary Studies1$45kNA
Assistant Professor Of Interdisciplinary Studies2$45kNA
Assistant Professor Instructional Design And Deve1$45kNA
Gis Specialist1$45kNA
Assistant Professor Political Science2$44k
Research Engineer Associate1$44kNA
Tenure Track Assistant Professor1$43kNA
Associate Professor English1$43kNA
Research Associate30$42k
Electronics Instructor2$40k
Data Technician1$40kNA
System Administrator I2$40kNA
Web Programmer1$40kNA
Computer Technician2$40k
Technician Nmr Laboratory Manager1$39kNA
Equipment Manager Technician1$39kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate8$39k
Visiting Professor2$39k
Energy Coordinator1$38kNA
Project Prevention Specialist1$38kNA
Research Chemist I1$38kNA
Instructor English1$38kNA
Visiting Professor Of English1$38kNA
Project Coordinator2$36k
Manufacturing Design Technology Instructor2$36kNA
Training Coordinator2$35k
Drafting Technology Instructor1$35kNA
Electron Microscopy Technician1$35kNA
English As A Second Language Teacher2$35kNA
Research Assistant2$34k
Chemist I4$33k
Laboratory Manager1$33kNA
Chemistry Technician1$32kNA
Researcher Economist1$31kNA
Research Analyst2$31k
Research Technician1$31kNA
Special Assistant To Director Of China Initiatives1$27kNA
Lab Administrator1$27kNA
Chemical Technician10$26k
Assistant Volleyball Coach1$25kNA
Accounting Clerk1$21kNA
Sis Accounting Clerk1$21kNA