Irwin Salary, OH

A total of 275 real salary data found within 10 miles of Irwin, OH.

Salary Average: $64,968
Salary Range: $25,126

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
International Account ManagerAdvanced Technology Products$65kMilford Center, OH (10/2003)
Software EngineerVmoksha Technologies$60kMarysville, OH (01/2003)
Business Application DeveloperThe Scotts$86kMarysville, OH (03/2003)
Programmer AnalystFocus Software$42kMarysville, OH (03/2003)
Programmer AnalystSilyx$39kMarysville, OH (05/2003)
Brand ManagerThe Scotts$83kMarysville, OH (05/2003)
Supply Chain Consultant IManugistics$50kMarysville, OH (06/2003)
Programmer AnalystAtlas Productions$70kMarysville, OH (06/2003)
Business AnalystUnicon International$35kMarysville, OH (08/2003)
Strategic Planning ManagerThe Scotts$69kMarysville, OH (08/2003)
Application Software EngineerProficient Business Systems$45kMarysville, OH (09/2003)
Biotechnology Senior SpecialistThe Scotts$48kMarysville, OH (09/2003)
Manager Demand PlanningThe Scotts$68kMarysville, OH (10/2003)
Senior Development TechnologistNestle R D Center Ohio$69kMarysville, OH (10/2003)
Programmer AnalystTata Consultancy Services$33kMarysville, OH (01/2004)
System AnalystMc Squared$40kMarysville, OH (02/2004)
Programmer AnalystV Soft Consulting Group$35kMarysville, OH (10/2004)
Programmer AnalystTata Consultancy Services$33kMarysville, OH (11/2004)
Import Export AgentNissin International Transport Usa$48kMarysville, OH (02/2005)
Mechanical Design EngineerNestle R D Center$42kMarysville, OH (03/2005)