Invensys Systems Salary

A total of 348 real salary data listed for Invensys Systems.

Salary Average: $85,925
Salary Range: $31,500

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
VP DevelopmentInvensys Systems$240kFoxboro, MA (03/2010)
VP DevelopmentInvensys Systems$240kFoxboro, MA (12/2009)
Chief ExecutiveInvensys Systems$240kEl Toro, CA (04/2011)
VP DevelopmentInvensys Systems$173kFoxboro, MA (12/2009)
Manager Project Delivery EngineeringInvensys Systems$160kFoxboro, MA (08/2011)
VP Global Partner EcosystemInvensys Systems$155kEl Toro, CA (04/2011)
VP Global Partner EcosystemInvensys Systems$155kEl Toro, CA (05/2011)
VP Sales North AmericaInvensys Systems$147kEl Toro, CA (05/2014)
VP Global Partner EcosystemInvensys Systems$147kEl Toro, CA (05/2014)
Development Manager Software EngineeringInvensys Systems$146kEl Toro, CA (02/2013)
Director Enterprise Controls SystemInvensys Systems$146kFoxboro, MA (03/2010)
Principal Application EngineerInvensys Systems$140kFoxboro, MA (09/2011)
Chief Software Solutions OfficerInvensys Systems$135kFoxboro, MA (08/2007)
Principal Application EngineerInvensys Systems$130kFoxboro, MA (04/2012)
Sales EngineerInvensys Systems$130kPlano, TX (05/2010)
Software Developer System SoftwareInvensys Systems$123kFoxboro, MA (04/2014)
Director Asia Pacific Solutions ManagementInvensys Systems$120kLake Forest, CA (03/2008)
Sap AnalystInvensys Systems$118kFoxboro, MA (06/2011)
Software Application EngineerInvensys Systems$116kLake Forest, CA (04/2008)
Principal Software Development EngineerInvensys Systems$115kEl Toro, CA (09/2012)