International Truck And Engine Jobs

A total of 91 International Truck And Engine jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $69,827
Salary Range: $42,501

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
VP Engine Engineering1$325kNA
Purchasing Manager Global Sourcing1$120kNA
Integrator Engineering Customer Liaison1$111kNA
Enterprise Application Technical Business Analyst1$110kNA
Commodities Manager Steel1$100kNA
Sox Manager Remediation1$97kNA
Global Sourcing Manager6$93k
Audit And Consulting Manager2$92kNA
Product Manager2$91k
Lead Lean Practitioner2$88kNA
Supply Sourcing Manager1$85kNA
Product Engineer7$84k
Database Administrator1$83kNA
Engineering Integration Manager1$82kNA
Peoplesoft Technical Analyst1$82kNA
Lean Manufacturing Specialist1$81kNA
Lean Practitioner1$81kNA
Senior Nvh Project Engineer1$81kNA
Senior Ergonomics Engineer1$80kNA
Application System Analyst Programmer Senior1$79kNA
Senior Project Engineer8$77k
Senior Financial Analyst4$77k
Project Engineer Advanced Engine Controls1$75kNA
Baan Data Warehouse Analyst3$75k
Nvh Project Engineer1$74kNA
Application Software Developer Engineer2$74kNA
Senior Engineering Analyst1$74kNA
Senior Engine Development Engineer2$73k
Finance Manager Planning Analysis1$73kNA
Senior Quality Engineer1$73kNA
Senior Nvh Engineer3$73k
Sales Manager1$73kNA
Engine Business Dev Mgr Asia Pacific Region1$73kNA
Supplier Quality Engineer2$73k
Accounting Supervisor1$72kNA
Senior Development Engineer6$71k
Combustion Engineer1$71kNA
Market Intelligence Manager1$70kNA
Senior Project Engineer Aftertreatment1$70kNA
Steel Commodity Manager1$70kNA
Senior Business Analyst Application Developer1$70kNA
Project Engineer31$69k
Development Engineer3$69k
Control System Engineer3$68k
Senior Application System Analyst Programmer1$68kNA
Application Software Development Engineer1$68kNA
Project Engineer Aftertreatment Calibration1$67kNA
Supplier Quality Engineering Manager1$67kNA
Senior Manufacturing Engineer3$66kNA
Senior Engineer4$65k
Engine Devlopment Engineer1$65kNA
Financial Analyst Blue Diamond Truck1$65kNA
Application Programmer1$65kNA
System Analyst Baan Erp1$65kNA
Reliability Program Manager1$64kNA
Associate Engineer1$63kNA
Senior Auditor Consultant1$63kNA
Analyst Developer Supply System2$62kNA
Analyst Developer Mfg Parts Supply System2$62k
Financial Analyst2$62k
Application System Analyst Programmer1$61kNA
Cfd Engineer1$61kNA
Engine Engineer5$60k
Nvh Engiineer1$60kNA
Engineering Analyst9$59k
Nvh Engineer1$59kNA
Application Developer3$59k
Engine Development Engineer6$58k
Principal IT Analyst1$58kNA
Engineer Software System1$58kNA
IT System Analyst3$58k
Product Development Engineer2$57k
Ford Liaison Engineer Future Models2$56k
Mechanical Engineer1$56kNA
Engine Testing Engineer3$56k
Engine Engineer After Treatment1$55kNA
Calibration Engineer3$54k
System Engineer1$53kNA
Associate Engineering Analyst7$52k
Engine Design Engineer1$52kNA
Strategic Technology Consultant1$52kNA
Metallurgical Engineer2$51k
Hardware Component Engineer1$51kNA
Facilities Engineer1$51kNA
Mechanical System Development Engineer1$50kNA
Market Research Analyst1$50kNA
Associate Engineering Mechanical Engineer1$49kNA
Associate Aerothermal Engineer1$49kNA
Staff Accountant1$46kNA