International Rectifier Jobs

A total of 128 International Rectifier jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $91,438
Salary Range: $43,742

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
VP Global Distribution Sales1$218kNA
VP Engineering Assembly Operations1$180kNA
Director Of Engineering3$159k
Finance Manager1$140kNA
Director Module Products Development Esp1$140kNA
Managing Accountant Worldwide Inventory Accountin1$140kNA
Ic Test Development Engineer3$132k
Product Line Manager1$130kNA
Manager Of Gan Device Characterization2$130kNA
Engineering Manager6$126k
Senior Finance Manager Global Costing1$125kNA
Managing Accountant1$125kNA
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst2$125kNA
Senior Manager Application Development1$123kNA
Business System Analyst1$123kNA
Senior Operations Manager1$121kNA
Senior Sap Solution Architect2$120kNA
Power System Design Engineer1$120kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager2$118k
Senior Sap Pi Lead1$115kNA
Software Developer System Software1$114kNA
Software Developer Application4$111k
Program Manager4$111k
Computer System Analyst2$110k
Electronics Engineer Except Compute1$110kNA
Senior Sap Security Specialist1$110kNA
Igbt Product Marketing Engineer1$110kNA
Systmes Analyst1$110kNA
Sap Business Objects Analyst1$110kNA
Senior Design Engineer2$110kNA
Ic Design Engineer1$110kNA
Functional Analyst3$109k
Switch Product Manager1$107kNA
Senior Staff Engineer1$105kNA
Gan Device Design Intrinsic Reliability Engineer1$105kNA
Igbt Application Engineer1$105kNA
Gan Device Design Engineer2$105kNA
Senior Device Engineer1$105kNA
R D Packaging Engineer1$104kNA
Igbt Development Engineer2$101k
Device And Material Characterization Engineer2$101k
Quality Manager Global Dcc4$101k
Abap Developer1$100kNA
Diffusion Cvp Module Manager1$100kNA
Test Development Engineer1$100kNA
Diffusion Cvd Module Manager1$100kNA
Device Design Engineer3$100k
Sales Engineer4$100k
Senior Application Engineer5$99k
Technical Marketing Manager1$99kNA
Sales Finance Manager1$98kNA
Senior System Engineer2$98k
Gan Device Engineer2$98k
Senior Technical Marketing And Application Engineer1$98kNA
Igbt Device Design Engineer2$98k
Devices And Materials Characterization Engineer1$97kNA
Senior Electrical Engineer1$97kNA
Product Marketing Engineer4$97k
Gan Characterization And Reliability Engineer2$96k
Market Research Manager1$96kNA
Gan Device Design Characterization Engineer1$95kNA
Ic Technology Development Engineer1$95kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer42$94k
Silicon Device And Package System Modeling Engineer1$94kNA
Electrical Engineer2$94k
System Analyst7$93k
Gan Technology Development Engineer1$93kNA
Package Development Engineer2$92kNA
Senior System Application Engineer1$92kNA
Credit Analyst1$92kNA
System Administrator1$92kNA
Worldwide Assembly Capacity Planning Manager1$91kNA
Process Engineer2$90k
Product Development Engineer1$89kNA
Manufacturing Manager2$89k
Power System Engineer2$88kNA
Yield Integration Engineer1$88kNA
Digital Ic Designer1$88kNA
System Engineer3$87k
Industrial Production Manager1$87kNA
Power Device Product Development Engineer1$87kNA
Electronic Design Engineer2$87k
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer1$87kNA
Global Rotation Engineer7$87k
Device Engineer2$87k
Financial Analyst7$86k
Test Engineer2$85k
Fnancial Analyst1$85kNA
Automotive Product Management Engineer1$85kNA
Electronics Engineer23$85k
Failure Analysis Engineer3$84k
Design Engineer7$84k
Ic Electronics Design Engineer1$83kNA
Epi Engineer1$83kNA
Senior Test Engineer2$83k
Senior Financial Analyst7$83k
Supply Chain Engineer3$82k
Application Engineer34$81k
Business Development Engineer1$81kNA
Electronic Engineer3$80k
Ic Electronic Design Engineer1$80kNA
Senior Yield Enhancement Engineer1$80kNA
Industrial Engineer6$79k
Application Design Engineer1$78kNA
Development Engineer4$77k
Rotation Engineer36$77k
Characterization Engineer1$75kNA
Human Resources Analyst1$75kNA
Product Quality Engineer2$75kNA
Network Engineer1$75kNA
Product Engineer1$74kNA
Field Application Engineer1$73kNA
Software Application Engineer1$72kNA
Photolithography Process Engineer1$71kNA
Market Research Analyst1$70kNA
Layout Design Engineer2$69k
Diffusion Cvd Engineer1$68kNA
Product Yield Enhancement Engineer1$68kNA
Manufacturing Engineer Reliability1$68kNA
Business Analyst5$65k
Software Development Engineer1$64kNA
Eservice Market Executive2$61kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$59kNA
Electronics Engineering Technician1$58kNA
Programmer Analyst2$53k
First Line Supervisor Manager Production Operations Worker1$52kNA
Pc Specialists1$52kNA
Automotive Busis Operations Marketing Specialist1$44kNA