Intel Salary

A total of 11,993 real salary data listed for Intel.

Salary Average: $84,154
Salary Range: $34,522

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Electronics EngineerIntel$992kSanta Clara, CA (09/2007)
Marketing ManagerIntel$235kSanta Clara, CA (11/2009)
Electronics EngineerIntel$210kHillsboro, OR (04/2008)
Electronics EngineerIntel$210kKirkland, WA (05/2008)
Computer And Information System ManagerIntel$203kSanta Clara, CA (08/2013)
Computer And Information System ManagerIntel$197kSanta Clara, CA (10/2012)
Engineering ManagerIntel$191kSanta Clara, CA (11/2011)
Research ScientistIntel$185kFolsom, CA (03/2008)
Software EngineerIntel$183kSanta Clara, CA (08/2007)
Senior Vp General Manager Digital Home GroupIntel$181kSanta Clara, CA (12/2010)
Electronics EnigneerIntel$179kHillsboro, OR (03/2008)
Strategic Business Dev Head Of StrategyIntel$178kSanta Clara, CA (07/2011)
Software Engineering ManagerIntel$170kSanta Clara, CA (04/2012)
Engineering ManagerIntel$170kSanta Clara, CA (07/2012)
Senior Licensing ManagerIntel$170kSanta Clara, CA (10/2011)
Software Engineering ManagerIntel$167kSanta Clara, CA (12/2011)
Software EngineerIntel$166kHudson, MA (04/2006)
Software EngineerIntel$165kSanta Clara, CA (03/2009)
Computer Software Engineer SystemIntel$165kSanta Clara, CA (01/2010)
Research ScientistIntel$156kSanta Clara, CA (05/2009)